Gangsters, Plain and Simple

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Obama Gangster



If there is anyone who does not think this country is currently run by a pack of gangsters, Father Z’s report on the below story will set you straight:


The U.S. military has furloughed as many as 50 Catholic chaplains due to the partial suspension of government services, banning them from celebrating weekend Mass. At least one chaplain was told that if he engaged in any ministry activity, he would be subjected to disciplinary action. [Let’s put this in the customary terms liberals always use when in a debate.  The First Gay President’s administration wants to HURT people. They are determined to increase pain for the sake of their political agenda. They are gang members in a town they have overrun.  They are mafia thugs who shakedown businesses and blackmail people.  There.  Now liberals will shout “FOUL!” and demand that we turn down the rhetoric and embrace civility, even as they incessantly use terms exactly like that for their opponents.]

“In very practical terms it means Sunday Mass won’t be offered,” Archbishop Timothy Broglio of the Archdiocese for the Military Services told me. “If someone has a baptism scheduled, it won’t be celebrated.”

Show support for chaplains and the Archdiocese for Military Services! Send a donation, even a small one.

The Archdiocese for the Military Services tells me the military installations impacted are served by non-active-duty priests who were hired as government contractors. As a result of a shortage of active duty Catholic chaplains, the government hires contract priests.

Broglio said some military bases have forbidden the contract priests from volunteering to celebrate Mass without pay. [They won’t let them even volunteer, which priests would want to do anyway. This is crazy. The Obama administration is trying to benefit from the pain people will have.  This time I am not kidding.  That’s what they are doing.  They want to make little children cry because they can’t visit the Smithsonian.  They want to disappoint elderly veterans.  They want to ruin the trips of US citizens who want to visit American military cemeteries overseas where their father is buried.   They want to ruin vacations – in a time when the economy is difficult – to national parks.  The list goes on.]

“They were told they cannot function because those are contracted services and since there’s no funding they can’t do it – even if they volunteer,” he said. [What if they said they would bring their own candles and not turn on the lights?  Is it a matter of the money it costs to open the chapel?]

John Schlageter, general counsel for the archdiocese, said any furloughed priests volunteering their services could face big trouble.

“During the shutdown, it is illegal[?!?] for them to minister on base and they risk being arrested if they attempt to do so,” he said in a written statement. [This president – according to his own whims – decides which laws he wants to enforce and which not, which interest groups receive his benefice and waivers, and which not. Through the president’s HHS MANDATE Catholics are to be forced to pay for immoral things and then be denied services. I wonder: Are any rabbis or imams being threatened? I’d like to know.]

A well-placed source told me that a furloughed Air Force chaplain was threatened after he offered to forgo pay. The chaplain was told he could not go on base or enter his chapel offices. He was also barred from engaging in any ministry activity.

The source told me the chaplain was told that if he violated those orders he and his supervisor would be subjected to disciplinary action – with the possibility of being fired.

Ron Crews, executive director of the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, called those developments disturbing.

Go here to read the infuriating rest.  The Obama administration will stop at nothing, absolutely nothing, to prevent their death grip on political power from being broken.  If that means threatening Catholic priests with jail for saying Mass so be it.  If that means turning Vietnam Vets away from the Wall in Washington, that is fine.  Gangsters is perhaps too dignified a term for what these people are.


Update:  The House has passed a resolution, 400-1, calling upon the Secretary of Defense to allow the continued performance of religious services on military bases during the government shutdown.  Go here to read about it.  The administration did this in the first place because it believes that it can safely use Catholics as a punching bag to make a political point.

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  1. The remark of Michael Kelly in 1999 reminds one of the Obama Administration.

    “We have achieved the classless society. No one has any class at all.”

  2. Thinking up bad jokes for citizens to endure, playing one up-man with each other in doing so, all for the world to see, feeling immune, and forgetting Justice is a new twist on the word – so it needs a synonym.

  3. One recalls that the last time in Britain a Catholic priest was prosecuted for performing his religious functions was the case of Bishop Hugh MacDonald (one of the MacDonalds of Morar), Apostolic Visitor of the Highland District.

    That prosecution, too, was purely political; the government had never forgiven the bishop for blessing the Jacobite standard and appointing chaplains to the Highland forces, when Prince Charles Edward raised it at Glenfinnan on 19 August 1745.

    The result was a complete débacle: he was, in terms of the statute, sentenced to be banished furth of the realm, with certification that if he ever returned, being still papist, he should be punished with death. However, he merely changed his name and went on with his work as before and the authorities in Scotland winked at it.

  4. “We have achieved the classless society. No one has any class at all.”
    No one has any civil rights at all, not to worship God,(Freedom of Religion), or speak to God, (Freedom of speech), or read the word of God (Freedom of the press), or peaceably assemble before and for God (Freedom of free association and peaceable assembly as well as to petition the government for redress, especially in these time of being tyrannized by ignorance and the lust for power.) Say, the priest at Mass petitioned almighty God for our First Amendment civil rights, could the priest be prevented from these words? Not constitutionally. The taxpayers own all public and military places. Government is the administrators. This is why the government is called the Administration. Taxes belong to the taxpayers even as they are administered by the Administration. and where is the American Civil Liberties Union. Can the ACLU read the Constitution? I think not.
    The priest is a vocation from God and cannot be employed by the state. Any money given to a priest for his ministry to God is called compensation such as is given to the Supreme Court Justices. No government can “buy” human civil rights, as civil rights are endowed by God and are unalienable. Unalienable civil rights are endowed by an infinite God. America came into being on July 4th, 1776 and died with the government denial of priests to say Mass.

  5. “I am mad as hell, and I won’t take it anymore” out of socket.
    The will to live is an act of the free will of the sovereign person. The human being’s rational, immortal soul is endowed with free will and sovereign personhood from the very first moment of existence. From the very first moment of existence, the human being is endowed with a human soul and the individual is a child of God bearing the name “I AM”.
    Some would say that the child of God has no soul or is a clump of cells who has no features. This newly conceived child of God has free will and sovereign personhood to grow into an adult human being and has been lied to in Roe v. Wade and discriminated against because of his size and shape. His civil rights, to exercise his act of religion in living, to speak to God, to relate to God, to peaceably assembly under God are being denied to him. His civil rights have been miscarried by the Supreme Court.

  6. Mary de Voe wrote, “Any money given to a priest for his ministry to God is called compensation…”

    The two terms commonly used are “benefice” and “stipend.” In the case of a benefice or prebend, the priest is entitled to the whole income of an endowment (usually rents, feu-duties or the like and, formerly, the teind); a stipend is a fixed amount, equivalent to a salary. A mass stipend is the sum given to a priest to offer one or more masses, as distinct from the stole-fee payable for baptisms, marriages &c.

  7. I think this is one of the most appalling things I have ever read, all the more as it is juxtaposed with the unforgettable image of Fr Suver’s Mass on Iwo Jima. During the Great War Catholic padres were more likely to be in the front line than their Anglican counterparts (although there were notable exceptions) and as a result many soldiers were converted. One of these was Roland Leighton who was engaged to Vera Brittain (later feminist and authoress of ‘Testament of Youth’). He was killed just before Christmas 1915 and the family were shocked when the War Office returned his personal effects, which included his torn and bloodstained uniform. But that was nothing to the shock when it emerged that he had converted to Catholicism, literally on the battlefield.

  8. Michael Paterson-Seymour: “The two terms commonly used are “benefice” and “stipend.” Thank you for these, the names given to recompense the priest. My point being is that no government can “pay” or “employ” a priest. The government must see to the priest’s physical needs for the priest to perform his duties, first, for God then, for man. This support for the priest to do his priestly duties is what is rankling in the atheist’s craw. If one man died without a priest and the Sacraments, the government is liable, not only for denying this man his civil rights and the priest his civil rights, but for all time to be known as criminal, for having criminalized the citizen’s civil rights. False arrest, police brutality and all the rest that accompanies denying a person his civil rights.

  9. Rudyard Kipling, The Irish Guards in the Great War – the First Battalion, Introduction:

    “ . . . and their Catholic priest, ever in waiting upon Death or pain, should learn to magnify his office . . . That Commanding Officers, to keep peace and save important pillars of their little society, should first advise and finally order the Padre not to expose himself wantonly in forward posts or attacks, was equally of a piece with human nature; and that the priests, to the huge content of the men, should disregard the order (“What’s a casualty compared to a soul?”) was most natural of all.”

    Zeal for the salvation of souls . . .

  10. Instapundit: “The people must be punished until the regime gets it way. The House keeps passing bills to fund this stuff, bills with nothing about defunding ObamaCare in them, and the Democratic Senate keeps killing them.”

  11. “The people must be punished until the regime gets it way.”

    Then it’s time to change the regime. Can we wait until next November?

  12. “Can we wait until next November?”

    We cannot be sure just what will be left by next November.

    Plan accordingly.

  13. Mary De Voe said “tyrannized by ignorance and the lust for power”
    great point! twin terrors- very hard to combat

  14. Guess who cast the single “no” vote? A Democrat, but not one of the usual far-leftist suspects — Rep. Bill Enyart of Belleville, IL, Congresscritter for the 12th District which includes the Metro East area near St. Louis:

    Enyart said he voted no because he considered the measure a “phony” political stunt that did nothing to solve real problems caused by the shutdown.

    “It is phony,” he says. “It is designed to do nothing but make these people feel good and to give them a political point that they’re doing something. They didn’t do anything.”

    “A retired two-star general, Enyart insists he’s more concerned about putting the government back to work.

    “You can pray anywhere,” he says. “You can’t just dump your kid anywhere; you can’t just not go to the commissaries to buy groceries to feed your family.”

  15. Cry me a river Enyart. Other than his military service the man is a fairly conventional liberal.

    The Republicans have been passing bills in the House to fund the essential parts of government especially the military. It is Enyart’s buddies in the Senate who have been bottling such bills up, with Reid refusing to allow most of them to be voted on in the Senate because he knows they would pass.

  16. “You can pray anywhere,” he says.

    No, General, you can’t “pray anywhere.” Thanks to fascist @h0!3z like you, prayer on military bases isn’t possible.

    And if you knew anything – anything at all – about Christianity, you’d know there’s a big difference between “prayer” and “Church,” especially the Mass.

    How this guy got to be a 2-star says much that I don’t want to know abot the current state of the US military.

  17. “And if you knew anything – anything at all – about Christianity, you’d know there’s a big difference between “prayer” and “Church,” especially the Mass.”

    Excellent response. Excellent response to the atheist.

  18. Sovereign immunity is that shield from the state’s penetrating into one’s immortal soul and taking God-given freedom from a person, sucking the marrow from his constitutional bones. The Catholic Church has been compliant with rules and regulations to help the state serve the people who constitute the state. Threatening arrest, incarceration and penalties not deserved by priests for saying the Mass is corruption, totalitarianism, and brigandry.
    You see, the problem with Tienemen Square was that the communists thought they could hide their treachery, but it was laid bare, worldwide, within 8 minutes by the Internet.
    Obama needs to take note: Denying other persons their civil rights forfeits one’s own civil rights. Inflicting undeserved penalties (including the threats thereof) on priests for practicing their religion and for patriotism is treason. It is time for impeachment of the tyrannical despot in the White House.

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