Canadian Thanksgiving?

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Just When You Think the New York Times Can’t Go Any Lower

Yep, all equal as slaves of the State.

No Comment Needed

Hattip to commenter Nate Winchester.

July 18, 1969: Entering the Gravity of the Moon

Fifty years ago Apollo 11 entered the gravity well of the Moon from the gravity well of the Earth.  Three-quarters of the


  1. Well, the Canucks have something to be thankful for. Had they not won the War of 1812 they would have Obama as Head of State, rather than HM the Queen.

  2. When you say “they”, technically, you’re speaking of the British. “They” were still British subjects back then. So,”they” (the Canadians) really never beat us.

  3. Tito, so the British beat you. I can live with that. But it’s a bit paradoxical that when Americans fought the British you call them Americans, but when Canadians fought the Americans you call them British.

  4. By “win” the War of 1812 read “survive”. US invasions of Canada were conducted in that War with the same skill that the Brits showed in their New Orleans adventure. However, we had no hard feelings towards the Canadians, and some Americans even gave them some aid in 1837.

  5. Don, the 1812 “war” was marked by incompetence on both sides and was an unwelcome sideshow in a far more important conflict. The US did not achieve its war aims and was technically the loser (as well as sustaining higher casualties). Had it not given a reasonably good account of itself militarily the peace terms at Ghent would have been more punitive, but this hardly counts as a victory.

  6. So the British beat us Americans in the War of 1812. Sure they did. The British rampaged over Baltimore after burning down Washington…oh, wait.

    Cue Francis Scott Key.

    The British took control of Lake Erie…oh, wait.

    Cue the monument at Put In Bay, Ohio.

    The superior British forces marched through the New Orleans French Quarter…oh, wait.

    I’m looking at a $20 bill and the President on it.

    When Great Britain thought about recognizing the Confederacy during the Civil War (yes, I’m from the North) Abe Lincoln told the British he would turn his forces north and take Canada. This is from Ken Burns’ series. The British decided the rebels weren’t worth it.

    Per the second video…..Americans west of the Allegheny Mountains call it pop, too. It’s pop in Pittsburgh, but go to Harrisbug and they call it “soda”. As if!

  7. My calling that beverage “soda” may be due to having had a Dad who hailed from upstate New York (near Albany).

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