Internet Hitler Dismayed by ObamaCare Rollout

I can understand why Internet Hitler is so upset.  Control of medicine is so essential for any group seeking to reshape a nation, as the historical Hitler’s reign so amply demonstrated.  Ah well, as Karl Marx noted, in one of his few on target observations:  History does tend to repeat itself:  the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.


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  1. The latest news is that if the exchange snafus continue they will be going to a paper based application process. Wouldn’t that be the perfect cap to this saga? In a digital age the government is moving at the speed of analog. Can’t make this stuff up.

  2. Paul D.

    “Change we can believe in.”

    Your right! You can’t make this tripe up.
    Narcissism is Obama’s defining trait.

  3. Obama needs to go….NOW… many times has everybody been told not to send personal information on the net or on the phone especially to someone you don’t know….anyone who enrolls is a complete moron….this is one president you really and honestly can not trust….

  4. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Fool me for five years . . . I’m an Obama voter.

    Here’s what Plato said about public opinion. “Opinion ain’t truth.”

    None of the central planners, control economy geniuses saw the housing bubble before it burst and caused the Great Recession in 2007/8.

    In fact, in the 100 years since they invented the income tax and the Federal Reserve, the (academic with no real-life banking or corporate experience) dude in the green suit, behind the green curtain feverishly pulling/pushing 68 green, bone ivory levers has never gotten it right.

    Yeah! Give them more power over everything . . . imbeciles!

  5. So Obama’s latest political cover is that he’s more frustrated than anybody and people can apply for Obamacare by mail or by phone. Yes, that sounds like a great idea: apply for your Obamacare by mail and try tracking that down when it gets to D.C.! I’m sure Obama himself will ensure each and every application gets opened and processed.

    This rabbit hole gets deeper each day. We need more Heritage Foundation videos tracking the central planning Rube Goldberg machine as it feeds on itself!

  6. The attachment humorously compares one form of modern idiocy with another, the grandiosity of Hitler’s failed plan with Obama’s. Hitler’s dilemma derived of an immoral plan to change Europe into his conception of Utopia. Both the means and ends were unjust. It failed due to unintended consequences of Hitler’s actions. Obama’s plan seems at least partially amoral and regardless of many consequences, some good, some evil, and some which may bring failure in their train.

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