Joe Biden Explains It All

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I, and doubtless other fans of Veep and beloved National Clown Joe Biden, have been waiting breathlessly for Joe’s take on the ObamaCare rollout debacle.  He explained that neither he nor the President are technology geeks.  Say it ain’t so Joe!  A hall mark of this administration has been its appeal to tech loving young, and now to have revealed that the men at the head of the administration are so technologically clueless that they took three years and half a billion dollars to construct a website that would have been a disgrace circa 1995 is a crushing blow.  I know Joe!  Call upon one of your predecessors Al Gore.  Since he invented the internet, I am sure that he will be able to lead the repairs on the website so that it performs at a 1999, heck maybe even a 2000, level.  Then perhaps it will be able to enroll 12 people on its first day of operation rather than the 6 people the current web site did during its first day. Everything is going to be fine once Joe puts his mind to it and gets Gore on the job!



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  1. Obama is nothing but an S.O.B. who only cares about himself and the killing of innocent babies…whoever voted for this moron I hope is very happy…God help us all…

  2. ObamaCare was not meant to help America, or to heal the sick, or to lower healthcare costs, or to lower the debt, or to expand the economy.

    It’s not a mistake, not an accident, not a titanic failure. It’s a massive, cynical act to wreck the evil, unjust economy, kill jobs, and tear down capitalism. It’s Obama’s national IED. He wants to hurt us, to bring us to our knees, make us give all to the state.

    Obamacare is meant to wipe out the middle class.

    Schadenfreude Department:

    Instapundit quotes L.A. Times and comments: “Most young, middle-class Americans I know are happy that millions of previously uninsured people will receive free or heavily subsidized insurance under the Affordable Care Act. We just didn’t realize that, unless we had health insurance at work, we’d be the ones paying for it.” Shoulda inquired a bit more before voting for Obama. . . .

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