The Original Klingon

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Well we haven’t had a Star Trek post in a while and my Chief Geek credentials for the blog need refreshing.  The idea of the Klingons being Shakespeare fans never struck me as far fetched.  The Bard after all has his admirers in all cultures here on Earth and the Germans often refer to him as unser (our) Shakespeare.  Granted that even Shakespeare has his moments of tedium but for those reared on the form of endless torture known as Klingon opera, that would be of no moment.

In spite of the formidable brows some of them possess, I think it is a mistake to make the Klingon’s high brow.  They are a warrior species after all.  Best to have snatches of Shakespeare with lots of action.  Christopher Plummer showed us the way:



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  1. Bah, Shakespeare in the Original Klingon has nothing on the Catholic Cardassians and Vulcan Pope I envision from a less ideological Star Trek! (Probably transmitted by the many half-breeds, since they’re so under-represented in the Federation.)

  2. The obvious question, for those braver than I, is: “Can Klingons?”

    It really is impressive how utterly alien cultures can still grab on to aspects of other cultures

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