Plan Like a Chipmunk!

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  1. “I would put on my notepad a New Year’s Resolution to be more organized and plan better, but I can’t seem to find the notepad.

    Now is that the common garden variety electronic (Steve Jobs) style notepad – or is it the rapidly disappearing, rarely found pencil and paper type notepad?

    Our world today has become very complex, but I don’t have that trouble – I’m too simple to do “complex”, so I just KISS ( keep it simple, stupid) and commit only ONE resolution to memory. 🙂

  2. “I can’t seem to find the notepad.”

    I have the same problem with my completely-useless, hand-held GPS.

    I can’t find it!

    Here’s my every-year resolution: pray more.

  3. My resolution: clean the house.

    This is a much bigger challenge than it sounds like, because we’re now up to three roving dis organizers, plus the cats. *grin*

  4. When the wife and I had three little kids Foxfier we reached the determination that three small children and a clean house were incompatible concepts!

    As a father of three small children, I heartily concur. The refrain “didn’t we just clean that?” is frequently on our lips.

  5. We had three small boys and a clean house. No, wait, I take that back. We had two small engineers, a boy, and a clean, neatly organized house. Then we started homeschooling. Now we have two mid-sized engineers, a Minecraft junkie and a mess. The two engineers and Minecraft junkie can’t keep mom’s preference for entropy at bay.

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