Bishop of Buffalo Responds to Governor Cuomo’s Anti-Life Rant

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  1. Sadly, the Diocese of Buffalo cannot emigrate to America.

    However, next Fall (election cycle), the Diocese CAN set straight the remnant faithful concerning subverted social justifice which actually aids and abets abortion, artificial contraception, class hate, and racial racketeering (not to mention dependency, gender and sexual orientation/gay privileges); and tell them that it is not okay to vote for the 100% abortion faux-candidate no matter how many lies the Dems tell them.

  2. We need Bishops and above Bishop figures to speak of eternal damnation in regard to both abortion and terrorism on microphones of the media. It’s a long journey from John the Baptist’s ” brood of vipers” to Bishop Malone’s softness. It’s a long journey from Christ’s “whited sepulchers” to any Church moment on the microphones. Abortion is infallibly condemned in section 62 of Evangelium Vitae ( Pope with Bishops via worldwide polling) which means it passes canon 749-3…” §3. No doctrine is understood as defined infallibly unless this is manifestly evident.” The immunity of Catholic politicians like Cuomo from some type of Church censure is simply beyond comprehension and helps the abortion side. Since the advent of TV, Church speech is overly polite speech from Bishops upward while Corapi and Fr. Enteneuer at a lower level talked tougher but blew it in the long run. But the tough eternal talk should come from the hierarchy anyway not from the lower priest level where it can be promotional of egos or products like audio tapes.

  3. . “Extreme conservative” Our labels are failing us . How conservative are you? Can you be a little bit conservative?

  4. I am glad the bishop spoke up. As T Shaw and Bill Bannon say, more can be said. To strengthen the Remnant Faithful and to boldly go against the opposition it would be great to have bishops speak in a concerted effort.. Not just a one time joint statement, but strong rapid fire attention getting efforts to not only teach, but also Defend the Faith Op eds public speeches internet tonight show. Whatever.

  5. Religion may be nothing more than consoling a recent widow and orphan, expressing compassion, or feeding the hungry, practicing the virtue of Charity or saving a life. Any law may be broken to save a life. The unborn are alive. Even after abortion, their life may be saved. Cuomo is not obsessed with saving life. The prevaricateurs (French spelling) in Albany do not have a broom handle to fly on. They need to fly to Washington where the really big broom handle flyers gather.
    Instead of sweeping the floor, the broom handle flyers think that they are above us, flying over Washington, D.C. and the nation, as they do. I remember when Mussolini and his wife were dragged through the streets by their feet, hung upside down in the public square and beaten with sticks, just like partial birth abortion. They were already dead. Mussolini and his wife did not need a pain threshold, did not have their head punctured with scissors and their brains sucked out. But then again, Mussolini and his wife were not innocent of the bloodguilt of treason and genocide. History repeats itself.

    Roe versus Wade emasculates every man, denying a man’s constitutionally begotten posterity. Roe v. Wade is unconstitutional in that Roe versus Wade makes every man’s genes and his seed of life a ward of the court and finding against them. Roe versus Wade vacated man’s possession of his own offspring. Cuomo and Obama included.
    Cuomo and Obama make every man’s citizenship predicated on his willingness to accept legal castration.
    Obamacare is the medium through which legal castration is applied.

  6. Sadly, the Diocese of Buffalo cannot emigrate to America.
    However, next Fall (election cycle)…

    Next fall? The 2014 election cycle is already underway. In some jurisdictions–(California, for example–opening dates for some petitions have already passed and deadlines to file for candidacy are less than a month away. Virtually everybody whose name you’ll see on your November ballot has already begun building a campaign, marshalling activists, and soliciting funds.

    Those who believe the fall of an election year is time for our bishops to perk up and get active teaching what is required of us as citizen voters are mistaken. By then, partisan allegiances are activated, the hearts of partisans–like Pharaoh’s–are hardened, and the temptation to dismiss the Word of God as another partisan play is strong upon them. Bishops and priests who are silent for 22 of every 24 month election cycle are leading some brethren into temptation.

    From my personal experiences in the heat of politics I believe, rather, that our bishops would most effectively evangelize from the pulpit during the quiet periods before campaigning heats up and becomes very noisily public. It’s much easier to be heard when campaigns are not shouting. Also when the noisy climactic two months of the years-long campaign cycle arrives, our Church’s teachings are much harder to dismiss when bishops can point out that they have been saying these truths all along, long before they became a focus of any partisan struggle.

    Finally, a word to those who don’t like politicking but wish to be a positive influence on Election Day. In the quiet months ahead of Election Day, invite the unchurched to Jesus and call home those who have been away. My personal belief is that even if those you meet can’t yet come in to the fullness of the Christian faith, even if they remain separated brethren, you have done a spiritual work of mercy by nudging them closer to Jesus and His Body. The more someone is within the Body of Christ, the more likely that person will be a voter and a better voter.

  7. With all due respect, I get the idea from the video that as long as NY does not become the abortion Capitol of the country that the Bishop will be satisfied. Politics 101 is that you pick your message, put in one or 2 sentences in a form that gives u the moral high ground, & repeat it as often & as loudly as possible in order to get it thru to the people u want to reach (thru media bias, hype, spin, agenda, etc). I don’t see that happening in the American church. Now –granted, Bushops were not trained to be politicians.

  8. Rudy Giuliani is pro-choice and Republican, he is the kind of Catholic welcomed in New York. He is not an extreme Catholic. He is moderate about his faith. IMO being a pro-choice Catholic is no Catholic at all. I imagine Giuliani will eventually come to a point where push comes to shove and there is just some line he is not willing to cross for politics. I don’t mean to talk about him personally, I know little about him, but just to suggest that some of the the problem lies within the Church, not from the ogres outside, but the division and decline within our ranks.
    The bishops would have a lot of excommunication to do on both sides of the aisle. Doesn’t it seem a great part of the responsibility for the continuing dominance of pro choice Catholic politicians lies with the Catholics who vote for them.

    Ex-communication is self chosen by many of these people who don’t communicate on a regular weekly basis. ( I know there are exceptions to that)

  9. Fisking myself here: “moderate about his faith “
    I have no idea about his Feelings about his faith, or how he and other pro-choice Catholics explain all this to themselves. There is no scale of gray about the being Catholic. You either are Catholic, accepting what the Church teaches and trying to live by it or not. If you reject the Authority of the Church on the non-negotiables and if you are a politician, you may be moderate in your politics, but you are not a moderate Catholic. A Catholic is Catholic.

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