PopeWatch: Chocolate Pope Francis


Popes are often confronted with fairly surreal situations.  Pope Francis had such a moment yesterday when he was presented with a life size chocolate statue of himself made from 1.5 tons of cocoa:


I am sure that many Popes have thought to themselves:  how bizarre my life has become!  As we examine actions taken by a Pope, let us recall the unimaginably odd experience of being Pope for the man who stands in the shoes of the fisherman.

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  1. Some possible reactions:

    “That is the second most chocolaty me I’ve ever seen!”

    “I assume this is a surprise for the local orphanage, because otherwise I’m not sure where you’re going with this.”

    “Now, if you’ll step this way, your Holiness, we also have a meatloaf shaped like your face…”

    “What did the sisters put in my coffee?”

  2. Pretty awesome! Chocolate gets me through the day. And, I would like to point out, nobody will ever make a chocolate statue of Mohammed.

  3. “Amazing – now if I had been born in Nigeria instead of Argentina, this is what I’d look like.”

  4. So you have a catholic friend that supports abortion! Well then, they will want to place their orders for chocopope now so it arrives in time for Easter. So long chocolate Easter bunnies, make room for Pope Francis!

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