What, They Didn’t Need Lampshades?

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  1. Headline at Drudge report: “Aborted babies incinerated to heat hospitals.”

    Keep voting for them Social Justice mass murderers!

  2. What did it take to defeat the Nazis?

    What did God have to do to King Manasseh to stop him from doing this?

    2nd Chronicles 33:11

    Therefore the Lord brought upon them the commanders of the army of the king of Assyria, who took Manas′seh with hooks and bound him with fetters of bronze and brought him to Babylon.

  3. In Scotland, still births have to be registered within 42 days, under Section 56(1) of the Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages (Scotland) Act 1965, as amended by the Stillbirth Definition Act 1992 and the laws governing burial and cremation of human remains apply.
    Unfortunately, the Act only applies to “Any child expelled or issued forth from its mother after the 24th week of pregnancy that did not breathe or show any other signs of life.”
    Earlier miscarriages do not require registration and are not covered by the burial acts and are typically treated as clinical waste, which is scandalous.

  4. Human sacrifice. The sovereign personhood of the individual substance of a rational nature, the definition of a person, is the individual substance of the rational, immortal human soul.
    “Where did we go wrong?”, “When you murderer the first innocent person.” from the Trial at Nuremberg.
    4,200 innocent souls are murdered every day in the USA. One person can own another person in the USA, no matter what Abraham Lincoln said: “One person cannot own another person.”
    Innocence and Justice scraped from the womb. Truth thrown into the garbage. In the concentration camps, wallets and lampshades were made from their human skin. Soap was made from their fat. In Britain, these innocent human beings are utilized as fuel for the furnace. In China, the aborted children are eaten as aphrodisiacs. Cannibalism.

    Civilization in the twentieth century.
    Who is next?

  5. “…Parents who lose children in early pregnancy were often treated without compassion and were not consulted about what they wanted to happen to the remains.”
    In the much-maligned funeral industry, one is never to refer to a deceased person, ranging from still-born or pre-born, to mature adult, EVER, as “the remains of Mr/Mrs XYZ”, or even just “the deceased”: so doing fails to acknowledge this is a person.
    The family should be asked the name of the individual, and the arranger, director, cemetery representative, embalmer/preparation expert—everyone is to refer to the person as “Mr. William Smith, your father”/”Mrs.Evelyn Smith, your mother”, or if a child, as “Baby Jane Smith”, “Baby John Smith.” When one enters a room where the deceased person is lying in state, they are to act as though the person is present and conscious. It is appropriate to bow to the person.
    The point here: we see the logical progression and consequence of denying the personhood of a child in the womb. They were never born; they never existed; they never even have the dignity of services due one at death.

  6. The depths to which the West has sunk since my lifetime amaze me. It is really a facet of so called progressive politics, which has Great Britain and Canada by the throat and is in the process of choking the USA.

  7. “The depths to which the West has sunk since my lifetime amaze me. It is really a facet of so called progressive politics, which has Great Britain and Canada by the throat and is in the process of choking the USA.”

  8. Mary wrote “ignorance” to explain the depths to which the West has sunk. Imagine that! We have instant access to all of mankind’s accumulated knowledge over the past 5 thousand years by using these small smart phones on one of which I am typing this message, and we are ignorant! I can find and read Cicero’s De Officiis, or Plato’s Republic or Lao Tsu’s Tao Te Ching, or Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity or Maxwell’s Equations or any innumerable other things. They can be found in any of a myriad of languages, with and without illustrations, with and without animations. And we are ignorant! IGNORANT!

    As St Paul wrote so long ago, ever learning and never coming to the knowledge of the Truth.

    Invincible, purposeful, willful, deliberate ignorance. God will not have to judge us. When the books are opened at the end of time, as Revelation says, then our judgement is manifested. My Dad, a devout Pentecostal to his death, maintained those books were our own brains, our minds accusing us with a record of the abysmal ignorance we had deliberately chosen for ourselves. God doesn’t send us to hell. We choose hell because we want the concealing blackness of ignorance to hide our sins instead of the revealing light of day where they can be burned away by Truth.

  9. When he entered the concentrations camps, General Eisenhower ordered as many pictures as possible to be taken for posterity. He said that no one would believe what the Allies had found there. Indeed, now there are people who are holocaust deniers.
    Father Frank Pavone, founder of Priests for Life, said that unless people could see abortion, people would not believe abortion.

    I hope Pelosi gets to see her handiwork.
    Thank you, Paul: I prayed that my comment might be taken as it was intended and you clarified it better than I could have. Thanks again.

  10. “The depths to which the West has sunk….. progressive politics, indeed! This is actually progressive in name only. It is regressive. We have regressed back to the worldview of the Philistines. The West has enshrined Moloch, modified only by the self-deception of modern arrogance. The smoke rises from the chimneys of corruption crying out to Heaven for justice.

  11. re:Paul W Primavera commenting…….

    Paul; do you have a ghostwriter? No? Perhaps you should become one.

    meaning: Outstanding, strong, purposeful writing Mr. P. (even by TAC standards)
    I read it several times. I’ll bet I’m not alone.

  12. …and another thing, if I may…
    It’s a shame that many young Americans today will not understand the title of this post, (What, they didn’t need lampshades?). And, when it is explained, they will accuse Mr. Don M of callous insensitivity. But, I found this title to be perfect. Perfect, Don M.

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