PopeWatch: Rush

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Father Z highlighted some interesting commentary from Rush Limbaugh with comments by Father Z:

RUSH:  Well, folks, the left’s honeymoon with Pope Francis may be coming to an end.  Remember the pope went out there and released an economic encyclical or document in which I analyzed it as being almost Marxist. And this caused just… There were eruptions in voluminous amounts. In fact, there were volcanic eruptions in the media.  And all of a sudden the left, which hates the Catholic Church, fell in love with the pope!

Remember that?  Oh, if I come out criticize him, the pope’s gotta be a good guy. So they fell in love with pope. “The pope is a great guy!” But now the Vatican’s chief justice feels that President Obama’s policies have been hostile toward Christians.  “Vatican Chief Justice: Obama’s Policies ‘Have Become Progressively More Hostile Toward Christian Civilization’ — The Vatican’s chief justice feels that President Barack Obama’s policies have been hostile toward Christians.”

Now, this is the Vatican. This is an official. It doesn’t have to be coming from the pope in order for it to be official. [Wellllll…. Rush… you need some tutoring here….] “In an interview with Polonia Christiana magazine [HERE] — and transcribed by Life Site News — Cardinal Raymond Burke said that Obama ‘promotes anti-life and anti-family policies.’” So the Vatican is out defending Christianity, defending itself, and this is gonna cause a fissure between the media, which was falling in love with the pope. [Not to mention fissures in the catholic Left.  Wait until the feminists start demanding that their tame males turn on Francis because Francis will never support the ordination of women.]

They weren’t falling in love with the Catholic Church, don’t misunderstand.  They were falling in love with the pope.  They thought, they really thought… Here, again, is another classic illustration of total ignorance.  They really think that they can make the Catholic Church moderate its tone.  They think they can bring the Catholic Church into what they call the Twenty-First Century.  They think that this pope might actually legalize gay marriage, sanction it in the church.

They think this pope might actually allow women to be priests.  They think this pope might actually lighten up on its pro-life position.  They really believe that. They really think the Catholic Church is just another political organization.  [Which is why the catholic Left talks about the Church’s “policies”.] If they exert enough pressure, and if they get the right pope in there, they can work on him to bring the church forward into the Twenty-First Century.  And this from the Vatican chief justice is just a major, major slapdown.

The left is not going to be happy about this.


Go here to read the rest.  Of course Cardinal Burke is no indication of how Pope Francis will ultimately act, but Rush is absolutely correct that the left views the Catholic Church as just another political organization.  To use a Star Trek reference, the contemporary left throughout the West is like the Borg:  they can tolerate no organization, especially a powerful international one, that stands apart from it.  That is precisely why so many leftists are squealing with delight in regard to Pope Francis.  They assume that either Pope Francis will make the Church an ally of the left, or, more realistically, that his policies will neuter the Church as a foe of so many leftist polices.  Rush hits the nail on his understanding of the ambitions of the left in regard to the Church.  Would that bishops, cardinals and the Pope were as prescient.

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  1. t doesn’t have to be coming from the pope in order for it to be official.

    Depending on what they mean by official, coming from the Pope may not make it so. Who hasn’t spent time explaining that no, the Popes’ prudential views (more usually “what the press reported as the Pope’s views” but I digress) aren’t binding?

  2. It doesn’t have to be coming from the pope in order for it to be official.
    Rush is right again. It must come from the Pope only in order for it to be dogma.

  3. “….the left’s honeymoon with Pope Francis may be coming to an end ”
    That can’t happen soon enough. They can stop perpetuating their myths through him, trying to legitimize the illegitimate. Maybe something will happen with the visit between the president and the pope to somehow shine a light on the Truth.

  4. While with God all things are possible, it is too sanguine to think that the upcoming meeting between the American President and the Pope is going to “shine a light on the Truth.” Benedict XVI remarked that Pilate’s “What is truth?” was more a statement than a query, snorting disbelief in the possibility of Truth. Obama is a package of lies and deception, who has unleashed with the left all kinds of ills on America, from the destruction of marriage to lawlessness. A mere brush with a Pope, especially one who has been less than stellar in HIS enunciation of truths, is hardly likely to bring out more than inane lispings of cliches, and perhaps even mutual back-slappings of approval.

  5. Bad form to have no link to Father Z’s piece (or to have a link that is too hard for me to find).

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