Father Z On the Silencing of Sister Jane

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Sister Jane Silenced

Father Z comments on the silencing of Sister Jane and his conclusions are sobering:

You probably saw my post Sister explains the situation. Spittle-flecked nutty, bullying, intimidation ensue.

Sr. Jane Laurel, OP, gave a talk at a Catholic High School.  Hell broke loose.

If you want to sample her talks, go HERE. Her talk at the High School was “Masculinity & Femininity: Difference & Gift”.  Presentations with that title are on that website. Listen to a few.  At the High School, Sister included comments about homosexuality, divorce and single parents. Some people lost their minds. Read more here.

I suspect that what happened, to build this up into such a thing, is that parents heard vague reports – I say vague because teens are such great sources of accuracy in reporting – about her remarks from their politically-correctly conditioned children and, stung in conscience, got out the pitchforks and torches.

The nutty built up into grand mal nutty in the form of the increasingly inevitable “town hall” meeting.

Am I entirely off base here?  Did Sister actually say things that were so outrageous, so unacceptable, so lacking in truth and in charity, that the resulting furor was appropriate, proportionate and justified?  Really?  Go listen to some of her talks using that link, above.  Does it seem likely?

Now I read that Sister is going to have a sabbatical.  HERE

It looks as if Alinsky’s Rules were at work here. “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself. … Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

Look.  This is just the starting line for some observations.

It seems to me that this sad episode is one of many which reveal the building in our midst of a mob mentality akin to that which drove the Salem Witch Trials. If you speak in public now with any clarity about the Church’s teachings on sexuality, marriage, etc., or avert to conclusions which rational people reach about the same derived from the Natural Law, you will be met with fury. “I saw Lizzie Procter speaking with the devil!” Well… bad example, since most of the people who will join the snarling pack likely don’t believe in the devil.

There is a new and twisted “normal” coalescing. This new “normal”, violating the dictates of reason, will prompt the more aggressive and ideologically driven to impose iron norms, which, when violated, will spark vicious attacks from the now easily manipulated mob.

Watching episode in Charlotte build, I had the image of one of those mobs protests a G8 meeting. In these mobs there are professional instigators, anarchists and so forth, who are dedicated to getting the crowd of the curious, the young, the dumb, the enthusiastic, etc., whipped up into a frenzy. Then, as the frenzy rises, someone pitches a garbage can through a shop window and the havoc begins.

What is happening in our society that accepts so readily the hounding to ruin of the head of some business because he says that he supports true, natural marriage and does not endorse homosexual unions?

Surely there is something of a mob mentality building, and swiftly. The speed is driven by the new phenomenon of social media arriving in your hand 24/7. It is also driven by the erosion of the ability of many to reason (thanks to decades of poor education) and incessant mass media exaltation of self-satisfaction and base carnality, which also switches off higher functions.

But there is also something of the demonic in this present movement.

Go here to read the rest.  The left in this country, with honorable exceptions, hates freedom of speech.  They want to control what we say and punish all of us who do not shut up if we disagree with them.  Believing Catholics and political conservatives are both high on their list of targets.  The Catholic Church is to be neutered and controlled and conservatives are to be silenced.  Individuals from both groups are to be specifically targeted if they dare to speak out against the new order in this country.  My paternal ancestor Major Andrew McClary, New Hampshire militia, died at Bunker Hill for this country and for freedom.  My sainted mother gave to me the Faith that had been passed down to her from countless generations of her Catholic ancestors.  I will never stop fighting against the enemies of freedom and of the Church that have arisen in this country in my time.  What we see in the silencing of Sister Jane and in other recent incidents is an attempt by a morally bankrupt group of would be totalitarians to intimidate and cow their adversaries.  I am neither intimated nor cowed, and I will be heard.

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  1. A demonstration of episcopal spine here would be most welcome. The trouble is, an indeterminate fraction of the school’s clientele is just hopeless. If you do not have the revenue to cover fixed costs, you’re going to have to close the school and to be willing to close the school if the adipose hydrogen sulfide emitting orifices among the parents walk and cannot be replaced with parents more congenial to the school’s educational mission. For now, the task at hand should be a diocesan review of the syllabi and personnel files of the religious education faculty and examinations administered to students in religious education. The social studies and biology faculty bear could some examination, and the guidance staff. It’s a reasonable wager that most of the disagreeableness finds its origins outside the school’s walls, of course.

    Oh, and identify the parental ring-leaders and expel their children.

  2. Art Deco: I agree completely with the cleansing of the school through the identification of the faculty and pruning away the ignorant fat assets. Put the Catholic High School on a diet of Catholic teaching. Put their feet to the fire.

  3. “The left in this country, with honorable exceptions, hates freedom of speech.” –

    Progressivism is built upon envy masked as economic fairness, and hate hiding behind “tolerance”. It leaves little room for the exercise of God’s extraordinary gift to humankind—our free will, and thus our gift in return to God—our obedience to His will.

  4. “The speed is driven by the new phenomenon of social media arriving in your hand 24/7.
    Until not qute a hundred years ago, informtion was passed in ways that were organically filtered and accountable. A newspaper that printed what it did, printed for the permanent record. Word of mouth ensured that any real idiocy usually ran out of steam by having to be pased through enough rational minds to eventully fail to launch.
    There are, of course, exceptions (The French Revolution, e.g., or The “Maine” incident) but they are definable in their exceptionality.
    For the most part, though, real lunacy (or worse) has visited itself on us with a directly proportional ability to skip that filtering and place evil in the minds of sufficient numbers of folkks that the accountability then becomes irrelevant.
    Sergei Eisenstein, Reni Liefenstahl, Josef Goebbels, et al. perfected the art. Now their descentants in Hollywood, 30 Rock & Madison Avenue are masters at planting whatever is desired instantly into the minds of perpetually herded emotional wrecks. Contradiction, absence of principle and psychological buffeting by bringing the worst of the world into the living rooms and computers has deprived people of their reason and rational sensibilities.
    This could be a book (and probably is), so I apologize for the rambling tone. There’s a beach 100 yards out the door of the Ormond Beach condo where my family and I are on Spring Break. Nonetheless, my degree was in Broadcast Media and I worked in that cesspool long enough to know intimately the motivations behind what is produced.
    It is good that our Church is built upon a Rock. We’ll need it.

  5. The diabolical has gained a stronghold on the thinking of the populace and especially on the media. Today to defend God and His Church is becoming a fearful task. Ridicule and loss of community status or reputation is on everybody’s watch list, due to the fact we are a faithless people today. I was taught to defend the church and God at all cost, because your soul is important not what the world
    has to say about you.
    In regards to what happened at Charlotte Catholic and Sister Jane, it is a disgrace that so many people got duped. Here was a Catholic Theologian, a well learned Nun espousing on the great sins of the day and she is run out on a broomstick,
    called to give up her ministry, because of the truth.
    Pardon me you idiots in Charlotte, but the devil won.

  6. Regarding my comments and if you want to debate me here is my address.

    Edited to remove personal contact information. Folks, please do not post your personal contact information in the comboxes.

    Donald R. McClarey

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