Victims of Communism Day



Today is the Feast Day of Saint Joseph the Worker and Victims of Communism Day.

Today we recall the two champions who led the charge that led to the downfall of Communism in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union:  President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II.  It is either an odd coincidence or the Hand of God, that these two men came to power at precisely the time when the edifice of Communism began to crack.  Most people viewed Communism as a permanent geopolitical feature in the world.  Neither Reagan nor the Pope shared that view.  Reagan assumed that the spirit of freedom would ultimately triumph and that Communism, sooner rather than later, would end up on the ash heap of History.  John Paul II was certain that Christianity would triumph over Communism.  John Paul II’s election as Pope, proof that God had not forgotten Poland was the inspiration for Solidarity, which Reagan vigorously supported.  Reagan embarked on an arms build up that the Soviet Union could not match, pushing their tottering economy over the brink.  John Paul II spoke out against Liberation Theology in the Third World, reminding Catholics that Marxism and Christianity were antithetical.  Together, Pope and President gave hope to all those who struggled, ultimately successfully, to overthrow their Communist regimes, which happened one after another in the Year of Miracles of 1989.

Hundreds of millions of people took part in the fight against Communism, many known only to God, their bodies lying in unmarked mass graves.  However, at the head of that list of honor two names appear:  Ronald W. Reagan and Saint Pope John Paul II.





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  1. “It’s the first of May again and … Obama, Holder, Kerry, the IRS et al are commemorating … somewhere … something.
    20 Million Kulaks starved to death by Stalin.
    A million Russians killed in the “Great Purge”.
    50,000 Mongolians killed by Stalin in 1937.
    21,000 massacred by the Soviets at Katyn Forrest.
    A million killed in Mao’s land reform.
    45 Million killed during the “Great Leap Forward”.
    15 Million murdered during the Cultural Revolution.
    20,000 Tortured to death at Tuol Sleng by the Khmer Rouge.
    2 Million killed by the Khmer Rouge in Kampuchea/Cambodia
    100,000 killed during forced collectivization in Bulgaria.
    100,000 murdered by the East German regime.
    100,000 killed during forced collectivization in Romania.
    800,000 tortured and murdered during “land reforms” in Vietnam.
    500,000 killed during the Red Terror in Ethiopia.
    250,000 Crimean Tartars forcibly deported during Stalin’s ethnic cleansing (almost half died).
    100,000 Tibetans murdered by China.
    27,000 murdered by the Communist Democratic Republic of Afghanistan at Pul-e-Charkhi prison.
    1 million murdered by the Russian Cheka during Lenin’s Red Terror.
    3 million ethnic minorities deported to Siberia by Stalin. About 45% died.
    350,000 Poles died during Stalin’s deportations after invading Poland.
    500,000 Cossacks killed by Lenin in 1919-20
    14 Million Russians who went through the Gulags and millions who died there.
    4 Million killed by the North Koreans.
    10,000 people die every year in North Korean re-education and slave labor camps.
    6,500 Catholic clergy murdered by Communists during the Spanish Red Terror in 1936.
    50,000 murdered during the Spanish Red Terror.
    Over 100 Million people have been intentionally starved to death, tortured and murdered by Communists in the last 100 years.
    Communism kills every time it’s tried.

  2. T. Shaw: “Communism kills every time it’s tried.” Without God, communism cannot raise the dead or heal the sick or praise God. Murder is all that communism has. Communism denies the individual person and substitutes the state as God…a finite God.

  3. Communism is an incoherent cobbling of nonsense written by a man who led a disgusting personal life. Marx treated his wife and kids like garbage and sponged off of others all of his adult life. His theories are the grossest failure in the history of man and only brain dead slugs would look upon them for inspiration.

    Man, without God, is full of himself and falls for garbage like Hitler, Robespierre and Marx.

  4. “Reagan assumed that the spirit of freedom would ultimately triumph and that Communism, sooner rather than later, would end up on the ash heap of History. John Paul II was certain that Christianity would triumph over Communism.”
    Christianity IS Freedom. Everything else is slavery to sin, with death and decay being the consequence. Communism along with its close cousins Nazism and Fascism, is the epitome of that slavery.

  5. PS, do not forget about the contribution of Lady Thatcher to the defeat of the USSR. It took the three of them – JPII, President Reagan and Prime Minister Thatcher – to bring the USSR to its knees.

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