Wesley Smith at National Review Online tells us of someone who I think we can safely call a pro-abort:

So, an abortion clinic counselor doesn’t use birth control and gets pregnant. It’s termination time! And she filmed it.

It was, like you know, such a positive experience! From, “Why I Filmed My Abortion,” in (where else?) Cosmopolitan:

I remember breathing and humming through it like I was giving birth. I know that sounds weird, but to me, this was as birth-like as it could be.

Except, the “birth” was to end life, not bring it to fruition. Otherwise, I see it. No diff.

It will always be a special memory for me. I still have my sonogram, and if my apartment were to catch fire, it would be the first thing I’d grab…

Every time I watch the video, I love it. I love how positive it is. 

Ah. good times. Becoming irresponsibly pregnant and then having a birth-like experience of destroying a fetus–complete with pictures! 

Go here to read the rest.  The conflict over abortion is an odd one, where pro-lifers are doing their best to save the kids of their pro-abort adversaries, and their pro-abort adversaries are celebrating their sacred rite right to slay their own kids.  Euripides reminds us that there is nothing new under the sun:  Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.

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  1. Unbelievable. These people will soon witness God’s mercy for the unborn and it won’t be pretty.

  2. We all know Obumbler lies when his lips move. Even his supporter know that.

    Abortionists continue to get crazier.

  3. Coming soon from Abortion Clinic Counselor;

    Why I filmed my total hysterectomy
    Why I filmed my mastectomy
    and due in the Spring of 2016
    Why I filmed my frontal lobotomy.

    Every time you watch it you too will “love it” because its so “positive.”

    Prayers for the crazed counselor.
    Watch out…she is in line to become one of the next appointees in the “ship of fools” administration. You watch!

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