I find it bleakly amusing that the UN has had so many enthusiastic advocates at the Vatican over the years:


The Vatican was called before a two-day hearing in Geneva so a UN committee could question whether its handling of the child sex abuse scandal violated the charter.

However, one of the two committee’s two chosen spokespeople turned the questioning to the topic of abortion-on-demand.

Felice Gaer, the director of the American Jewish Committee’s Jacob Blaustein Institute for the Advancement of Human Rights, said the Catholic Church’s 2,000-year-old doctrinal teaching on abortion may be responsible for nine-year-old rape victims giving birth.

“This committee has found repeatedly that laws that criminalize the termination of pregnancy in all circumstances can violate the terms of the convention” on torture, she said.

This marked the Vatican’s first hearing before the CAT committee since it signed the Convention.

Papal Nuncio Silvano Tomasi, the Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations, anticipated the question and said it was the Christian church’s pro-life position that protected human rights.

“The Holy See’s goal is to prevent children from being tortured or killed before birth, as is stipulated in the Convention,” he said in an outline drawn up before the hearings. “For example, in Canada, 622 living babies were delivered after failed abortion attempts, between 2000 and 2001. 66 such cases were registered in the UK in 2005. Some methods of late-term abortions constitute forms of torture, particularly in the case of dilation and evacuation, where ‘the fetus, still alive, is dismembered to be pulled out of the womb in pieces.’”

U.S. pro-life observers criticized Gaer’s interpretation of the global document.

“From what I am reading, this is no more than UN propaganda trying to make the Catholic Church seem ‘extreme’ for not advocating for abortion in the case of rape or sexual assault,” abstinence speaker Pam Stenzel, who was conceived in rape, told LifeSiteNews. “It is not news that some members of the UN want abortion access for all women, including minors, and when access is denied they consider that a violation of ‘women’s rights.’”

Go here to LifeSite News to read the rest.  The UN has devolved into an instrument hostile to all true human freedom, and especially freedom of religion.  The Vatican can look forward to being a favored whipping boy of this would-be-world-government so long as it remains in existence.

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  1. “What do you mean, I ‘have fleas’?!? Impossible! All I do is hang around these wonderful dogs all day!”

  2. Ironic, all them right-wing extremist nuts that opposed to the UN were correct after all.

    Go figure.

  3. I would eject the United nations from the United States about five seconds after I become Benevolent Dictator.

    Five seconds after that I would exile Mark Shea and all libertarians.

  4. “It is not news that some members of the UN want abortion access for all women, including minors, and when access is denied they consider that a violation of ‘women’s rights.’”
    Would that be a violation of the rights of women inside or outside the womb or both?
    Life, starting at conception and ending with natural death, is the most fundamental human right which the UN refuses to recognize.

  5. The patriarch of my father’s family was conceived of rape. I would not be here if the father of the girl raped did not adopt the child. You see, every person has a soul and this soul impacts the human race. The Guardian Angel assigned to guide the individual soul, too, tries to indemnify those transgressed by his charge.
    The United Nations ignores The Supreme Sovereign Being, the human soul and the metaphysical life of angels and demons. The Declaration on Human Rights of the United Nations implies that human rights are conferred on the newly begotten by the community. A finite community bestowing finite rights makes of the human person a finite being bereft of an imperishable destiny; acknowledgement of his unalienable rights unnecessary. World without end, just ended.
    Atheism by any other name is Godless.

  6. The UN is another sign of proof of the “spread of the errors of Russia” according to the Blessed Virgin Mary. We need everyone, as one intention of their Rosaries, to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart. In the meantime there is a good book called: Freedom from the Altar by William Norman Grigg. It is a good look at the UN and its attempt to implant itself as the god of nations.
    In addition to praying for the pope, we should be yelling at and offering rosaries for the intention of congress to get us out of the UN. UN policies are becoming our policies. EU, UN, NAFTA, Tri-Lateral Commission; everything of that nature has communism written all over it. Look at the trade partnership proposals ( Pacific and Atlantic) that are currently circulating through congress that would mimic the EU and NAFTA. We will surely lose our sovereignty if those trade proposals go through.

  7. “Five seconds after that I would exile Mark Shea and all libertarians.”
    Well, Mark Shea, maybe, but if you’d been BD in 1776 with that philosophy, we’d all still be subjects of the Crown.

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