No More Babies!

The post war world in 1947 was in the midst of a record shattering baby boom when Margaret Sanger issued her call above for no more babies for ten years in Europe.  However, it took a generation, but ultimately the dying societies of most of Europe heeded her advice, and the barren womb might as well be depicted on the EU flag.  The future belongs ultimately to those who want kids, and that leaves out much of the West.

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  1. What Stephen said. Democrats want to wallow in heat like baboons without responsibility or accountability.

  2. Margaret Sanger was jealous…of life, of joy, of innocents, of the human being’s free will and the human being’s free will right to choose. She lowered herself to the serpent.

  3. All you social justice liberals: Remember this next election. “I admire Margaret Sanger enormously . . . . I am really in awe of her.” Hillary Clitton, 2009.

    You know Adam and Eve were not Asians. If they were, they’d have eaten the serpent not the apple.

  4. Recently “Emily” filmed her own abortion and claimed victory.

    The face of evil is perpetuated down through the centuries with the common denominator being death. From Adam & Eve to Emily the budding film star.

    Ms. Sanger is only one of thousands of disobedient harlots that sell freedom at the cost off innocent life.

    Is it time to show the “positive” aspect of abortion? Say photos of abortion victims! AVP’s. Abortion victim photos.
    Monica Miller from Pro-Life Action League suggests a picture of reality in the darkness of Emily’s proud debauchery.

    Sanger Awards? Realistically any awards associated with killing the innocents should be known as the Hell Awards.
    A photo of Margaret could accompany the bronze sickle.

  5. In 1957 Mike Wallace recorded an interview with Margaret Sanger about her career in Birth Control advocacy. See,
    Wallace initially queried Mrs. Sanger about her career choice and whether it was in retaliation against the Catholic Church for unresolved antagonisms she experienced as a child. (minutes 4:30-5:30)
    Mrs. Sanger’s mother was a Catholic and her father an atheist who publicly opposed Church teachings and experienced reprisals (from an unknown source). Wallace relays to the audience that, as a youngster, Mrs. Sanger and her ten siblings were taunted by neighbors and referred to as “children of the devil”.
    Prompted by Wallace, Mrs. Sanger cooly described her primary opponents to her birth control advocacy as the “hierarchy” of the Catholic Church, not Catholic parishoners whom she claimed utilized her services together with non-Catholics.
    Wallace describes the Church’s position as “The immediate purpose and primary end of marriage is the begetting of children. When the marital relationship is so used as to render the fulfillment of its purpose impossible (that is by birth control), it is used unethically and unnaturally.” (minutes 11:50-12:06). Mrs. Sanger scoffed and suggested that the Church should’t impose its position on non-believers like herself, an Episcopalian.
    It’s interesting to note that the only moment during the interview that Mrs. Sanger actually smiled and seemed joyful was the moment when Wallace inquired about her two sons. Without missing a beat, she immediately informed Wallace that she had two sons and eight grandchildren…five boys and three girls. Without prompting from Wallace, she immediately produced photographs of her family for his inspection. (minute 26:43) For a woman who wanted no more babies, she certainly seems to have loved her own.
    Something or someone hurt Margaret Sanger very badly and she seems emotionally scarred. While this is no excuse for her bad acts, it is axiomatic that sometimes hurting people hurt other people.

  6. Correction on Monica Miller.

    Monica Miller is head of Citizens for a Pro Life Society. Please excuse my mistake.
    The following link is provided; citizensforaprolifesociety/

    The graphics are disturbing, however the filming and promoting of the positive aspects of abortion are truly gut retching. Regardless of Emily’s attempt to make abortion seem like Snow White’s first kiss.

  7. Margaret Sanger is one of the most miserable and evil people of the 20th Century.

    Kids and grandkids for her but not for you – typical elitist.

    I used to subscribe to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, which is published by Richard Mellon Scaife, a heir to the wealthy Pittsburgh industrialist families of Scaife and Mellon (founders of Mellon Bank and Gulf Oil). Scaife considers himself to be a libertarian. The editorial pages of his rag usually lampooned Rick Santorum. The editorial writers are what I call AHAs (abortionists, homosexualists, atheists). Scaife ran a front page editorial a few years back pleading for continued federal funding of Planned Parenthood. Scaife praised the “genius” of Sanger. I canceled the paper the following Monday.

    Scaife is a hypocrite. Scaife’s paper hated the construction of a new ballpark, football stadium, subway extension and convention center expansion, but Planned Parenthood is fine with him.

  8. At the turn of the century, Time-Life sponsored a TV program hosted by Dan Rather that was a countdown of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century. He was effusive about Sanger, I think he even called her a saint. I think Time magazine did a similar feature. I wrote a two plus page letter.. No response. But I hoped at least somebody there read a dose of the truth.

  9. Penguins Fan

    We tend to forget how strong the eugenics movement was at the beginning of the last century. The first President of the Eugenics Education Society was Francis Galton, a half-cousin of Charles Darwin. Its Eugenics Review was first published in 1909, the year Galton was knighted. He had published his “Hereditary Genius” in 1869, having coined the term “eugenics” in 1863.

    They were concerned about the late marriages and paucity of children among the upper echelons of society, whilst the lower orders were “breeding like lice.”

    Such ideas also gained a foothold in the United States.

    Two Prime Ministers, Arthur Balfour and Neville Chamberlain were members, as was the economist John Maynard Keynes, the crank and breakfast cereal manufacturer, John Harvey Kellogg.

    It changed its name to the Galton Institute in 1989.

  10. Anzlyne: Is TIME still around?
    Hitler adopted our eugenics for his final solution.
    Sanger called her opinion “intelligent”. Sanger thinks that she and her opinion are intelligent. Does Sanger know anything about the Person, the individual human being? Humane?

  11. T. Shaw: “You know Adam and Eve were not Asians. If they were, they’d have eaten the serpent not the apple.” Best line yet.
    Thank you, Michael Paterson-Seymour for all your information. It is very helpful when encountering individuals in the public arena.

  12. The Eugenics Society’s notions of racial hygiene and the sterilisation of the disgenic fell into disfavour in the aftermath of WWII, especially in the former occupied countries.

    France, for example, enacted Art 214-1 of the Code Pénal – “The implementing of any eugenic practice aimed at organising the selection of persons is punished by thirty years’ criminal imprisonment and a fine of €7,500,000.” Art 214-3 increases the penalty to criminal imprisonment for life and a fine of €7,500,000 if they are committed by an organised gang [bande organisée]
    Art 214-4 makes “Participation in a group formed or in an agreement established with a view to the preparation, as demonstrated by one or more material actions, of any of the felonies defined by articles 214-1…is punished by criminal imprisonment for life and a fine of €7,500,000.”
    Art 215 adds “Natural persons guilty of the offences set out under the present sub-title also incur the following penalties:
    1° forfeiture of civic, civil and family rights, pursuant to the conditions set out under article 131-26; 2° prohibition to hold public office, pursuant to the conditions set out under article 131-27; 3° area banishment, pursuant to the conditions set out under Article 131-31;4° confiscation of any or all of their property, moveable or immoveable, whether held jointly or severally; 5° confiscation of the material that has been used to commit the offence.”

    Reproductive human cloning has been added to the Article by Art 214-2
    Similar laws exist in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and numerous other countries

  13. Thanks Mary De Voe! Time magazine is NOT around anymore and people of this century are seeing the Truth, despite all the efforts if the devil. Christ Jesus Victor! I would be interested to know the comparative readerships and demographics of conservative vs liberal blogs.

  14. Michael P-S thank you for mentioning cloning – also a eugenic manipulative effort lurking and looking for opportunity to grow.

  15. Anzlyne

    France and Germany have been leading efforts at the UN to have reproductive human cloning declared a crime against humanity, with universal jurisdiction &c.

    It would, at least, send a message, if nothing more.

  16. I hope we are not all sleepy and we are awake enough to receive the message!
    And act on it!
    Not just the message about Life, cloning eugenics euthanasia etc. but all the disorder and dissembling all around us. “If today you hear my voice…” I think some have heard and are responsible now to act.

  17. I always find eugenicists curiously vague about the goal to be achieved.

    The stock-breeder knows what sort of cattle and sheep the market wants and produces beasts to satisfy this demand. But who decides the sort of people we want and why?

    Do we really want a world peopled with clones of Galton, or Kellogg, or Keynes? It’s the stuff of nightmares

  18. Anzlyne.

    Divine Mercy indeed before divine justice. The hearts of many are hardened and the country will know without a doubt when His justice arrives.

    The birth pangs have been evident. Soon an event will strike our land that will be undeniably a “wake up call.”

  19. Anzlyne and Michael Paterson-Seymour: Human cloning is a violation of human rights and a crime against humanity because every person must give informed consent to be cloned or genetically manipulated. A person of eighteen years of age who is mentally able may give informed consent to be genetically manipulated but there is no consent that he or she may give for an offspring, or the next generation. A future generation because of cloning or genetic manipulation without informed consent is a crime against humanity. The change may then infect all of the human race…a crime against humanity…enslavement to the principle that man has no free will.
    Even abortion is a crime against humanity because the recipient of the abortion claims that she had no choice in getting pregnant, no free will to choose. Abortion is a nation of lobotomized zombies enslaved to the principle that man has no free will.

  20. Michael Paterson-Seymour: “The stock-breeder knows what sort of cattle and sheep the market wants and produces beasts to satisfy this demand.”
    One third of the stock were still-born or deformed. Some were dwarfs. No they cannot produce “beasts to satisfy this demand.” Consideration for the person cloned would take preference to the megalomania needed to implement such horror…Frankenstein.

  21. I hope we are not all sleepy and we are awake enough to receive the message!

    “A large crowd of people followed Jesus, including many women who mourned and lamented him. Jesus turned to them and said, ‘Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me, weep instead for yourselves and for your children, for indeed, the days are coming when people will say “Blessed are the barren, the wombs that never bore and the breasts that never nursed.” At that time people will say to the mountains, “Fall upon us!” and to the hills, “Cover us!” for if these things are done when the wood is green what will happen when the wood is dry?'”

    That’s the message I think about when I see stories like this.

  22. Mary de Voe

    When I said “The stock-breeder knows what sort of cattle and sheep the market wants and produces beasts to satisfy this demand” I was referring to conventional breeding, not genetic engineering. One has only to consider breeds of horses as various as the Clydesdale, the Irish Draught or the English Thoroughbred to see what can be achieved – providing one knows what one wants in the first place.

    It was an application of these methods that Galton and his colleagues favoured.

  23. While Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Alice Paul and other women were being starved, beaten, jailed and hung by their wrists in a jail cell for the temerity to insist that women were sovereign persons equal to men in the political sphere deserving of the vote, Margaret Sanger, founder of the Birth Control League, later known as Planned Parenthood, was being hailed as the liberator of women from their natural and very human desire to bring forth our constitutional posterity, their husband’s offspring, their family of children.
    While Susan B. Anthony was preaching that men must respect women to be real men, support the women carrying their child and stand by their families for their own happiness and the common good, Margaret Sanger was drawing the map for men to be cowardly traitors to their manhood, abandon the women who are carrying their seed and totally deny their responsibility toward the next generation who will be carrying their family name and their genes.
    Fifty seven million children have been denied by their fathers. Three generations of young men have not been taught how to become a grown man to father the next generation.
    Total disaster and disintegration have been sown by Margaret Sanger and she calls herself “humane” and “intelligent”. While Susan B. Anthony and her followers are still being hauled into court for demanding that women, those born and the future of our nation, our constitutional posterity, those women to be born, be treated with respect and equal Justice.
    Roe v. Wade admitted the right of privacy and the right to choose, but Roe v. Wade never sanctioned the slaughter of the innocent infant in the womb. It is not the job of the Supreme Court for the United States of America to execute fifty seven million moral and legal innocents.

  24. Michael Paterson-Seymour: “When I said “The stock-breeder knows what sort of cattle and sheep the market wants and produces beasts to satisfy this demand” I was referring to conventional breeding, not genetic engineering.”
    I too, was referring to conventional breeding, not genetic engineering. Natural breeding OK, but artificial insemination with frozen semen, which is now how most cattle are brought into the world has miserably failed.

  25. WHAT does it take for some people to be insulted, offended and have their integrity impugned. Obama, Sebelius, Holder, John Roberts, William Brennan, Harry Reid, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Pelosi and all are second generation constitutional posterity of Margaret Sanger. Margaret Sanger wanted us all to be aborted.
    We, the people, you and I, every human being with the breath of life in his body, this day, are Margaret Sanger’s constitutional posterity. Margaret Sanger hated us. Margaret Sanger called us “useless eaters”, “human weeds”, the better to be scratched from the womb, unborn. Yes, you and I were in Margaret Sanger’s gun sights for eradication as a burden to her enlightenment, to her “intelligent and humane” way of life.
    Each and every one of us alive today are the second generation constitutional posterity who have escaped the hatred and jealousy spewed by Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood and human sacrifice.
    Why did not Margaret Sanger pick up where Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton had the work started of demanding equal Justice for women, the vote and respect? Well, Why not? Could it be that Margaret Sanger was a devil worshipper offering human sacrifice to Satan?
    Just remember it might have been you, Obama or Pelosi. You are a second generation constitutional posterity escapee from the bloodlust of Margaret Sanger.

  26. Michael Paterson-Seymour. I am happy for you. My comparison was made in the interest of comparing it to human cloning. Dolly, the cloned sheep, required, I believe it to be over 60 tries and these people are still messing around. It cannot be better for humans, although some people have claimed that some foreign nations have cloned the human being and with their soul.
    I am still railing about the adulation given that infamous creature who lied, and cheated human nature. Margaret Sanger was educated and professional but she betrayed both.
    Susan B. Anthony was beaten, starved and handcuffed to the iron bars of the jail cell for days.
    To honor Susan B. Anthony for her staunch support and fight for suffrage, equal Justice for women and the recognition of women as equal citizens, persons, as created by our Creator, a dollar coin was struck. It is now not used in circulation because people were mistaking the Susan B. Anthony dollar for a quarter dollar. The Susan B. Anthony dollar is the size of a twenty-five cent piece.
    Yes, girls, your dollar is worth twenty-five cents of the boy’s dollar.
    And to help emasculate males and deny the humanity of their souls, Margaret Sanger gave us birth control, sex without love.
    If the government does not like you, you will be handcuffed and hung from the prison bars without food and water between beatings unless you accept Margaret Sanger’s lies, Margaret Sanger’s intelligent, humane lies.

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