PopeWatch: Ferret Feet


From the only reliable source of Catholic news on the net, Eye of the Tiber:

VATICAN–Pope Francis visited the Don Gnocchi Center in Rome today to wash the feet of 12 residents for the Holy Week ritual.

According to the Catholic Information Service, those 12 included  one woman, a Muslim, a pet ferret named Wilbur, and a double amputee, which falls in line with Pope Francis’ actions during last year’s Maundy Thursday.

The ceremony, which is rooted in the story of the Last Supper, made headlines last year when the pope visited a youth detention center and washed the feet of several young anyone who happened to be in his proximity.

Alessandria Stefanoni, the Deputy CEO and Director of Policy and Programs at Good Works Incorporated, told Vatican Radio the pope has shown a commitment to bring attention to those most often forgotten in society, including the disabled, four-legged mammals, and nearly anything else that was created by God. “It is giving a voice,” Stefanoni said. “It’s showing respect for their dignity.”

In November, Pope Francis critiqued society’s tendency to “hide physical fragility,” which he rejected by greeting hundreds of people in wheelchairs and encouraging them to become “protagonists” in the Catholic church. He also critiqued society’s tendency to discriminate against mammals belonging to the weasel genus of the family Mustelidae.



PopeWatch attempted to contact Pope Francis for comment but was told by Father Lombardi that  there would be no comment from the Vatican on the Pope washing feet unless the Pope decided to wash  feet ex cathedra.


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  1. Jesus Christ washed the feet of His apostles. It was forbidden to enter the Holy City with foreign dust clinging to one’s feet and therefore the washing of feet became necessary for all people entering the Holy City. As Jesus was about to institute the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist, the foundation of His Catholic Church, His apostles needed to be cleansed of foreign dust to enter into Christ’s mystery.
    Compare the washing of feet to the Sacrament of Penance before Holy Communion.

    .This post is pure funny.

  2. Pope Francis’ ditching of the red shoes may have more than one reason. Watch hs feet carefully, and his gait: he obviously has medical problems with his feet. His black shoes appear comfortable enough, perhaps they are the best fit. As for the foot-washing debacle, perhaps it is time to say like Peter, Lord, not just my feet, but my whole self!!

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