PopeWatch: Blank Faced People-Part II



Hattip to Father Z.  Last week PopeWatch quoted Father Z who wrote about Bishop Nunzio Galantino who indicated that he does not stand with the blank faced people who say the rosary outside of abortion clinics.  Go here to read the post.  Canon Lawyer Ed Peters at his blog In the Light of the Law weighs in:

But it is Galantino’s gratuitous remark about “expressionless persons praying rosaries outside abortion clinics” that attracts my attention. I worry when ranking prelates disparage the simple and prayerful piety that some lay faithful show even before the Gates of Death.

I prayed my first rosary outside an abortuary in 1978. I don’t recall what my expression was, but I doubt I was smiling. I have prayed many rosaries outside of many abortion mills since then, have picketed them, side-walk witnessed at them, passed out literature around them, and even drove two women (who had showed up for abortions) to pro-life agencies where they sought assistance toward sparing their babies from abortion. I probably smiled on those two days.

At the same time—even though usually things are quiet (deathly quiet) outside an abortion chamber—I have nevertheless also been screamed at by clinic personnel, cursed at by passers-by, drenched in the rain, had a brick tossed over a wall at me, and once watched a driver gesture the ‘trigger finger’ at me. But even if I had the presence of mind to rejoice at these insults borne for the sake of the least of His children, I’m pretty sure I did not show it on my face. I wonder, does every feeling need to be shown? And what exactly should one feel outside a death chamber?

Go here to read the rest.  Sadly the Church has always been cursed with prelates eager to buy cheap popularity at the price of betraying the Gospel.  Normally, popes have stood against such prelates.  We will see what happens in the current pontificate.


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  1. I have prayed outside of abortuaries. One security guard (who looked like a black panther gangster and was similarly armed) pointed the trigger finger at me. I wonder if this prelate was ever so threatened. Likely not.

  2. Paul, this prelate doesn’t believe in praying in front of an abortuary. The former Bishop of Pittsburgh, Donald Wuerl, approved of pro abortion John Kerry receiving Communion in his diocese. Kerry married the widow of John Heinz. Otherwise, Kerry would not have the slightest connection to Pittsburgh

    I have my own sins to atone for, but these bishops had better remember the words of Saint John Chrysostom. “The road to hell is paved with the skulls of bishops.”

  3. Miss Anscombe was twice arrested, protesting outside abortion mills, despite her age and poor health.
    One newspaper actually published a photograph of her being carried off by two policeman, but did not see fit to name her, or to mention that she was Professor of Philosophy at Cambridge. Curious, that. I believe it was the newspaper magnate (and chocolate manufacturer) George Cadbury, who remarked that the power of the Press is to suppress.

  4. Imagine if there were a law allowing the execution of illegal immigrants. I suspect the hierarchy would not talk about anything else.

  5. We who pray for life are giving a voice a body and a presence that the children in the womb can not give.
    We are doing for them what they would do if they could. A solidarity a brotherhood.
    For a bishop to trivialize this calling is blasphemy!

  6. I’ve said the rosary a few times in front of our local death center. Each time one woman would be seen in tears literally being dragged into the building by her ‘significant’ other. Once the poor sobbing woman was on her knees on the sidewalk while the creep was snarling to her and pulling on her to get up. Yeah, right, freedom of choice I thought.

    Was I blank-faced at that point, or not? Nobody told me. I’m sure no one I was with was looking at my face at those moments. Would it be appropriate for me to be blank-faced, or not? Perhaps the good bishop could let me know.

  7. “We will see what happens in the current pontificate.”
    As his time as pope goes on, only 14 months now, what is happening in his pontificate seems less clear to me. It might only be in hindsight that I eventually will feel a safe distance from the events and effects of the (as it seems to me ) muddled communication of the faith that seems to characterize Francis so far.
    Looking at Samuel, I see how Eli (high priest) was reluctant to discipline his sons, also priests. though they were grown sons, and functioning in their religious call. Eli still had a responsibility to lead them and to judge in truth. As you know the lack of sticking to responsibly and morally living their call leads to a sad ending for Eli and his family and line of priests. Our pope has a moral responsibility to discipline his bishops.

  8. The dismissive “blank faces” throw-away comment and the disrespect for the Rosary are bad. Also (this naturally follows the two) problematic is the fact that he does not “stand” with us against abortion.

    It’s because of guys like him that they had to throw in the circular file the annual “bishop’s appeal” and employ some other promotional name.

  9. “It’s because of guys like him that they had to throw in the circular file the annual ‘bishop’s appeal’…”

    Same here. Send my money to causes I know well.

  10. Bishop Galantino might benefit from Servant of God Fulton J. Sheen’s words;
    “Moral principles do not depend on a majority vote. Wrong is wrong even if everybody is wrong. Right is right even if nobody is right.”

    Blank faces would agree with Bishop
    Sheen God rest his soul.

  11. Our pope has a moral responsibility to discipline his bishops.

    The man was appointed by Francis in his capacity as Primate of Italy to the post he holds just a few months ago. The Holy Father has a bishop he wants where he wants him. That’s what’s troubling.

  12. Wow! What a statement from a Bishop to his flock! Publicly criticiicizing those who say the rosary in front of the modern equivalent of the sacrificial altar of Montezuma! A place where
    Little babies are being painfully torn to pieces….ripped from the womb!

    Well, who am I to judge? However, I am free to judge his words. Clearly those are sinful words. They are a terrible affront to Our Lady’s Rosary and a heart wrenching ‘let down’
    To those pure souls who stand with blank faces, suffering for the grievous sins being
    Committed within the Neo Natal death chamber before them.

    I wonder if there were any ‘blank faces’ present upon the Martyrs of the Colliseum?

  13. To whom is his heart lifted, I wonder. Alternative acceptable behavior suggestions must be forthcoming, because that would be charitable teaching for the good of the chastised flock.

  14. Perhaps women who have been helped by those expressionless souls could send photos of their children saved by those Rosaries to the good Bishop. Perhaps those children could have the expressions of smiles on their faces.

  15. With sentiments like our bishop it’s no wonder we have liberal pro-death catholic politicians that gladly speak ( for all catholics ) and Catholic voters keep supporting them! What an uphill battle!

  16. Bishop Nunzio’s wish for the Italian Church is that
    She listen “to the arguments, without any taboos, in favor of married priests, the Eucharist for the divorced and remarried, and, homosexuality.”. Huffington Post yesterday

    Poor Bishop was educated in the early sixties, at which time, we were supposed to receive the third secret of Fatima. Unless he examines the truths of the Catholic Church, like Cardinal Newman did, darkness will envelop him further.

    Please God, send us an Army of soldiers of light. Ah, but You did. You sent Your Beautiful Mother to our earth with messages to light the way. Who listened?

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