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Although it seems that it is almost impossible for a modern pope to escape canonization, Pope Francis does appear to make one exception:  Pius XII.

Without a miracle on his record, the beatification of Second World War-era pontiff Pius XII is stalled, says Pope Francis.
         During a news conference held as Francis returned Monday from a three-day trip to the Holy Land, the pope said that the file on Pius XII is still open.
         “There is still no miracle,” said Francis.      “If there are no miracles we cannot go forward”.



Go here to read the rest.  Well, PopeWatch supports the miracle requirement for non-martyr canonizations and if anything wishes that it were far more stringent.  However, over the years numerous miracles have been attributed to the intercession of Pius XII.  Considering the somewhat sketchy nature of some miracles that have been accepted for sainthood, PopeWatch wonders if it is truly a lack of miracles that is keeping the hero Pope of World War II, who clandestinely personally saved thousands of lives during World War II and sponsored efforts that saved hundreds of thousands of lives, from canonization or other factors.  This is in a saint making environment where Pope Francis waived the second miracle normally required for canonization for Pope John XXIII.


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  1. I can think of one miracle Pius XII did. He never made stupid, off the cuff statements during his entire papacy!

  2. Well, the canonisation process seems to have been rendered quite flexible since John Paul II. I don’t see anything to stop a canonisation by Papal pronouncement.

    JP II’s declaration of St Maximilian Kolbe as a “martyr to charity” rather than “odium fideii” was certainly an innovation.

  3. If it is miracles that are needed, then why was Teresa Higginson not beatified and sanctified. The unintelligent for the non pedire on her case is utter rubbish. Her Archbishop had ste it in motion but it was stopped by a group of theologians who said the the cult of the Sacred head was just too much. The cult was a very ancient British Custom of praying for Wisdom right back to St Bede

  4. I found the Holy Father’s “no miracles yet” excuse for not beatifying Pius XII pretty hollow, given that just last year, he waived the requirement and canonized a fellow Jesuit from the counter-reformation era.

  5. Pope Pius was my pope when I was a child in Catholic School. He came to NYC, too.

    Brings back memories. A six-year-old, red-haired yahoo singing in the courtyard of St. Eugene’s Annex Chapel/school.. “O, May we crown thee with flowers today . . . Queen of the Angels . . . . Queen of the May!”

    Today, too, is the real Memorial Day. I have “Last Post/Tattoo” ringing in my head.

  6. He is Venerable. A year ago I think pope Francis was considering his elevation. I wonder of Pope Francis wants to shelve it temporarily because he wants to smooth Jewish/Arab efforts, and some Jews do protest.

  7. No miracles attributed to Pius XII? I don’t believe that for a second.

    thanks to the wretched play The Deputy and Soviet anti-Catholic propaganda, Pius XII has been smeared for decades. He was a pontiff of heroic virtue. Pope Francis ought to be looking at Pius XII as an example of a pope.

  8. I am astounded that Pope Pius XII does not have any miracles. I certainly believe he was saintly as both a Christian and a successor of Peter. We all better get praying 🙂

    The Soviet propaganda machine to which so many fell hook line and sinker was a terrible travesty. While faithful Catholics did not and believe the ‘stuff’ coming from ‘the Deputy’, it did horrendous harm to such a faithful servant of the Lord and the Church.

    I always found that the name which the head rabbi of the Roman Jewish Ghetto took when he converted to Catholicism in the later 1940’s was an extremely helpful ‘weapon’ gainst the lies of “the Deputy”. The head rabbi was baptized as “Eugenio”, Pope Pius XII’s own baptismal name.

  9. “There is still no miracle,” said P. Francis. “If there are no miracles we cannot go forward”.
    That’s right: Those are the rules. And PF would NEVER change the rules. Heaven forbid.

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