Marching Along

Something for the weekend.  Marching Along by William B. Bradbury.  Bradbury was a human song writing machine of the 19th century.  Of all the songs he wrote, doubtless the best known is the tune for Yes, Jesus Loves Me which I frequently sang as a child.  He wrote that tune the same year, 1862, that he wrote Marching AlongMarching Along, appropriately enough, was a favorite marching song of the Army of the Potomac, and they sang it endlessly during their marathon marches of the Civil War.

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  1. Marching! WE are marching – can’t help but think, as I watch and listen to this, of just how fun it was to be part of a marching band.
    It is no fun to march alone , at least for any length of time. But getting with other and marching. All in the same direction mind you . In tacit cooperation- that is fun.

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