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The Pope made a statement yesterday at daily mass which will no doubt not endear him to many on the left who might as well have as their slogan “Blessed are the barren”.

“These marriages, in which the spouses do not want children, in which the spouses want to remain without fertility. This culture of well-being from ten years ago convinced us: ‘It’s better not to have children! It’s better! You can go explore the world, go on holiday, you can have a villa in the countryside, you can be care-free…it might be better – more comfortable – to have a dog, two cats, and the love goes to the two cats and the dog. Is this true or is this not? Have you seen it? Then, in the end this marriage comes to old age in solitude, with the bitterness of loneliness. It is not fruitful, it does not do what Jesus does with his Church: He makes His Church fruitful.”

Go here to read the rest at Vatican Radio.  Almost all of the West has embraced a culture of death that is completely inimical to children.   They are slain in the womb, made the chief victims of divorce on demand, medicated, especially boys, to “cure” fairly normal childhood behaviors, exposed to rancid pornography at tender ages, brought up in a hyper sexualized environment, taught at schools that specialize in indoctrination rather than education and often given neither love nor discipline.  If only most people treated their kids as well as they treat their cats and dogs.  Bravo Pope Francis!


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  1. “These marriages, in which the spouses do not want children, in which the spouses want to remain without fertility…are not marriages”
    Donald McClarey you give a very apt description of the environment into which children are born and abused. The child in the womb learns about pornography if and when he is exposed to it on tv, in magazines, in conversation. Some of the tranquilizers being fed to boys are causing them to grow female breasts. Our children in public school are forbidden to use toilet facilities, while others are forced to share with transgendered people.
    It is the duty of the state to protect the innocence, moral and legal innocence and virginity of the newly begotten sovereign person. The civil rights of minor children are held in trust for them by God, by their parents and finally by the state. It is incumbent on each and every citizen to protect and insure the civil rights of every person starting in the womb to natural death. The culture of death needs to die.

  2. Getting what you think you want is not all it is cracked up to be! How sad it is when people who just wanted to be alone find out that they are! This is chastisement.

  3. I’ve posted this analysis before, and, if correct (as I think it may be), it says much more interesting things to me about marriage than all the “beauty” talk that surrounds much of the discussion on NFP, marriage, children, family life, coming out of the Vatican and many apologists. I’ve also seen references that state that public schools are also related to fertility decline (There’s No Place Like Work, by Brian Robertson). By promoting “social programs” the Church leadership may very well be acting against the best interests of families.
    Families have a real, practical, earthly reason to exist, but these days, if we need help, (or even just to do our job as parents–like making our kids’ lunch for the day) we are more apt to turn to some government program for help, not our brothers or sisters or cousins, etc.
    Making Kids Worthless: https://mises.org/daily/2451

  4. Ehhh, do most married couples who never have kids regret it? I have heard this anecdote all the time, but never seen any figures.

  5. Caregivers try to step-in and fill the void where children are absent, or nonexistent. It is a privilege to share our love with them, however nothing can take the place of a visiting child when the parents are living in the “depot.” For some, the wait to board the last train is painfully long. All the longer if no family members break up the endless days by a visit a stroll outside or a drive through the country.
    Loneliness is a chastisement!

  6. In the US we spend $50 billion per year on pets. That’s wrong. I’m an animal nut, but that’s wrong.

  7. In the US we spend $50 billion per year on pets. That’s wrong. I’m an animal nut, but that’s wrong.

    That amounts to about $450 a year per household. My pets are worth it even if yours are not.

  8. This statement reminded me of Francis’ earlier comment in the Scalfari interview that
    “The most serious of the evils that afflict the world these days are youth unemployment and the loneliness of the old. The old need care and companionship; the young need work and hope but have neither one nor the other, and the problem is they don’t even look for them any more. They have been crushed by the present. You tell me: can you live crashed under the weight of the present? Without a memory of the past and without the desire to look ahead to the future by building something, a future, a family? Can you go on like this? This, to me, is the most urgent problem that the Church is facing.”

  9. This Pope just gets it. He criticizes the liberal yuppie DINK(dual income no kids) lifestyle while giving absolutely no quarter to libertarian style capitalism that treats human labor as a commodity no different then buying or selling a car. There was an article recently about a Walmart store opening where over 23,000! people applied for just 600 positions. I asked a “conservative” acquaintance of mine what the “market clearing” wage would be in such a situation. He admitted that it would probably be in the 2-3/hr range but that we shouldn’t do anything about it. Then, when I read him some passages from the encyclicals of Pope Leo XIII and Pius XI he actually said, “Well the Pope’s not an economist.” Crazy! Anyway, thank God for such a wise pope we have in His Holiness.

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