Venezuela Rations Drinking Water

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Socialism summed up

During the Cold War there was  a joke that made the rounds:  What would happen if the Soviet Union took over the Sahara Desert?  Nothing for fifty years and then there would be a shortage of sand.  The Venezuelan government is  underlining the punch line in that joke:



Venezuela has already run short of milk, sugar, and even toilet paper, and now supplies of drinking water have fallen dangerously low. Drought and poor infrastructure are the usual culprits, but the socialist paradise also owed tens of billions to international bondholders, and the Chávistas couldn’t afford to finance their debts and also import bottled water. So which did they choose? Venezuela, fearful that foreign creditors would seize its oil shipments, elected to pay $2.8 billion dollars in interest on foreign debt.

Blaming a drought caused by El Niño, the state-owned water company, Hidrocapital, began rationing tap water in Caracas in May. The Table of Democratic Unity (MUD) opposition party was having none of it, noting “the lack of responsibility and improvisation with which the government acts, postponing investments, maintenance, and opportune decisions.”

Go here to The American Interest to read the rest.  Socialism is based upon an attitude of willful ignorance and indifference to economic reality.  Imaginary worlds are great for kids to play in, they do not work at all as government policy.

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  1. Venezuela has been a basket case ever since Chavez took power. Chavez led this nation down the path to self destruction. Only a completely irrational person would look at Castro and see an example to follow.

    My wife is from Colombia, Venezuela’s neighbor to the west. The Venezuelan government has been caught by Colombia giving aid, comfort and sanctuary to the FARC. Colombian commandos found a high ranking FARC member in Caracas and kidnapped him to return him to Colombia.

    I can go on and on about Latin America. I don’t follow events there as closely as I used to, but there is a good explanation for the typical basket case those nations tend to find themselves in.

  2. What Penguins Fan said. Thankfully, while Colombia is not out of the woods yet, they’ve made lots of headway repudiating the dead philosophies of Chavez and the FARC and have managed to slash drug production and violence significantly.

    Check out a book, Out of Captivity, Surviving 1967 Days in the Colombian Jungle by Marc Gonsalves, Keith Stansell, and Thomas Howes

  3. These unnecessary Hells happen everywhere they try it.

    Three cheers for
    Liberation Theology!

  4. Read “The Mystery Of Capital” by Herman De Soto to understand why Central and South America is in such an economic mess.

  5. From Instapundit, “Meanwhile, ‘friend of the poor’ Hugo Chavez left an estate worth two billion dollars.”

  6. T. Shaw, your comment puts me in mind of Ebenezer Elliott’s
    poem “On Communism”:
    “What is a Communist? One who has yearnings
    For equal division of unequal earnings;
    Idler or bungler, or both, he is willing
    To fork out his penny and pocket your shilling.”
    Since Mr. Elliott died in 1849, it’s safe to say that it’s been apparent
    from communism’s earliest days just what sort of people it attracts…

  7. Venezuela, it appears is run by the most inept kind of socialists – the ones who cannot deliver anything but rhetoric. Now if these were East German Communists, they would have been able to secure the water and electricity supplies.

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