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  1. I have read it somewhere, perhaps, here at The American Catholic, that the Mafia only kills members of rival gangs, not civilians. So the mafia is one up from the abortionist who murders our constitutional posterity, the only innocent gift to our nation to establish Justice, the compelling interest of the state in fulfilling its duty to protect the unborn and deliver Justice to the people.
    Not the any homicide is acceptable.
    The Mafia is feared more than admired. If its members realize that they operate on fear more than good will and the common good of mankind, then they will forego belonging…and there is more money to be made with Divine Providence, than without God.
    I wonder what the atheist will do with the Mafia in the hereafter.

  2. This Pope gets some things very, very right, such as this public albeit informal excommunication of the Mafiosi.

    Yet he simultaneously gets some things very, very wrong, especially when he talks about history or economics or politics. And for the orthodoxy of this present action, his opposition to all things traditional is so very, very odd. I await with trepidation the day when he talks about energy.

  3. it’s very easy for Pope Francis to condemn a group outside the Church. When will he do something about the Gay Mafia inside the Church?

  4. He could do something like that with these so called “Catholics” who have driven our beliefs right into the ground. However they had to learn this from some one somewhere. Someone who defends their “belief” in the church, their loyalty to God but rationalizes our beliefs to the point where these people really think they ccan have their own Catholic belief system. Is the killing by the mafia any worse than millions of babies a day, and infanticide and euthanasia? All in the name of social justice of course. A little good example and not so much fence sitting by our shepherds would be in order.

  5. I wonder if he will ever publicly acclaim that ‘those physicians who perform abortions, they have taken an
    Evil road. They are not in communion with God. They are excommunicated.’ ?

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