Human trafficking in the USA: Where’s the Catholic left’s outrage?


Judging solely from the amount of time international organizations—like the United Nations and the Holy See—have been devoting to it, human trafficking appears to be an another example of the old observation “their hearts in the right place, but their minds are in the wrong place.”

Consider the United Nations. Recently, it declared the moral equivalent of a global war against human trafficking. Yet, this is nothing new, despite the mainstream media’s interest in promoting it:

Even the Holy See appears to be smitten with this misguided notion. For example, the Holy Father met with the Archbishop of Canterbury a couple of weeks back. According to the Independent, the two agreed to:

  • a joint project that will utilize the global reach of their churches to combat the global trade in human trafficking;
  • pressure 50 top multinational companies to free their supply chains of forced labor by 2020; and,
  • “slavery proof” investments as well as the purchases of churches.

With more than one century’s worth of white papers, jetting here and there to convene high-level conferences, international agreement after international agreement, the question is: What’s there to show for the effort? The evil has grown into a $150B+ global industry that Kevin Bales in his 2004 book, Disposable People, estimated to involve 27M human slaves. Today, some believe it’s 35M.

So much for caring. It doesn’t win global wars.

Given these facts, when it comes to global trafficking in human beings, the left’s outrage de jour and #hashtag diplomacy isn’t just mindless. It’s also insincere. Sincere people would have been marching on the White House as far back as 2012 when President Obama bypassed Congress and stopped the certain deportation of illegal aliens. Instead, the President granted work permits to ~800k younger illegal aliens.

That policy opened the floodgates for an unprecedented number of illegal alien children to be imported into the United States. The facts:

  • In FY 2013, Health and Human Services’ Office of Refugee Resettlement (HHS-ORR) served ~24.7k children, almost double the ~13.63k from the previous year.
  • In FY 2014, ~60k children are expected to come to the United States. Most will be from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. That’s a 243% increase!

This iteration of the global war on human trafficking is doomed to failure. Fueled by their hearts and not by their minds, the very people who decry human trafficking can’t seem to figure out whose policies sent an open invitation for human traffickers to practice their trade in the left’s own front yard…at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.




To read the Independent article, click on the following link:

To read the International Labour Office’s 2014 statistics “Profits and Poverty,” click on the following link:—ed_norm/—declaration/documents/publication/wcms_243391.pdf

To read the Boston Globe article about President Obama’s policy, click on the following link:

To read The Motley Monk’s daily blog, Omnibus, click on the following link:


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  1. “This iteration of the global war on human trafficking is doomed to failure. Fueled by their hearts and not by their minds, the very people who decry human trafficking can’t seem to figure out whose policies sent an open invitation for human traffickers to practice their trade in the left’s own front yard…at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”

    Human trafficking takes a decided backseat in the minds of the left in this country, along with depressing wage levels by having hundreds of thousands of desperately poor people taking any job they can get, to the prospect of future Democrat voters down the line. When it comes to illegal aliens, racial identity politics and crass political considerations, rather than a rational policy on immigration, rules the day.

  2. Effectively countering human trafficking is going to be nasty.

    For starters, it might involve noticing and acting on how many of the young girls hitting our borders have been basically sold as sex slaves.

  3. My wife and I have helped a victim of human trafficking, providing our place to stay and what little else that our situation allows us to do. I cannot say more than that at a public forum.

    The current government and the left-wing-nut Katholycks are useless for they simply reject such a person in need. They are too good to get their hands dirty by “condescending” to a poor person’s level. I have nothing but disgust, disdain and contempt for the lot of them. They expand the size of government for their damnable social justice programs that help no one and through taxation they remove the private citizen’s ability to actually do something positive to help someone in need.

    I hate – absolutely, totally and completely hate – the gospel of social justice, the common good and peace at any price dispensed by an omnipotent, omniscient government. Let them leave my wife and me alone so that we can do some good for a person in need, and so that maybe we can save a few pennies for ourselves. Oh, but we are so selfish for that. Strange. Things like this don’t bother my wife. She could care less what left-wing-nuts think and she can’t be bothered to waste emotional energy on hating. Of course, she is sane and I am not.

  4. Let me say this again. It is incumbent for a citizen to protect a minor child, to give her food and shelter and an education if possible, even when she throws herself at a man for sexual gratification, or any other human need. This is why “We, the people” have constituted government, and why “We, the people,”need our guns to preserve our government, liberty and peace.

    Young boys and girls will be fed into the prostitution trade.

  5. “But don’t overlook their right to freely choose their own sexual lifestyle” many a liberal would deplorably say.

  6. tamsin: “Human trafficking is not illegal when the president does it.”
    Don’t look now, but the “president”, Obama, and the HHS Mandate has made prostitutes of us all.

  7. Silly people! Don’t you know that to a liberal (of any religious persuasion or none,) it is not the actoual results from their actions or lack thereof that are important–it is that they “care,” “give lip service to” & “mean well.”

  8. Thank you, Paul W. Primavera for – “Of course, she is sane and I am not.” May I put the phrase to domestic use, without the need to ascribe? I remember Bob Dole asking during the 1996 campaign, “Where’s the outrage?” Tell him it’s right here in my heart and soul. By the Grace of God, I try to “use my temper, not lose my temper” a phrase I hereby ascribe to Father Rutler.

  9. In 2006, by Loi n° 2006-399 du 4 avril 2006, France introduced some important measures to address human trafficking.
    Firstly, the age of marriage for girls was raised from 15 to 18 (Art 144) although the Procurator of the Republic can grant a dispensation for grave reasons (Art 145)
    Secondly, the law on coercion was clarified, making it clear that « crainte révérencielle envers un ascendant » [reverential fear towards an ascendant] nullifies a marriage. « crainte révérencielle » a phrase borrowed from the Canonists, means fear of giving offence to a parent or grandparent, out of filial piety, as opposed to fear of consequences for oneself or another. The public prosecutor can bring an action for a declarator of nullity on the grounds of want of free consent at his own instance (Art 180)
    These laws apply to French citizens anywhere in the world, as well as to all marriages celebrated in France.

  10. Just read a fantastic book on this subject. Philip Cameron wrote They Call Me Dad, all about his work with orphans in Romania and other places. Most of them are used in human trafficking. It’s a global epidemic and it’s men like him who are doing their part to help these kids., this is his site, worth a look, his story will change you.

  11. In our 2013 Arkansas General Assembly a law was passed to assist in fighting human trafficking here in our state & across our country. Please note that the 2013 legislative session is the first general assembly in my life time (48 years) where the Republicans had control of both the state house & the state senate. The main sponsor, & driving force behind the bill, was Rep. David Meeks who is a fundamentalist Protestant Christian preacher and lay leader in his church. I know David and his grief over the suffering of those suffering in this slavery was evident in the precedings of the passage of the law & also since then. David is arguably the most conservative member of the entire state legislator in every sense of the word. It is interesting that I cannot ever recall the issue of human trafficking even coming up in a legislative session where the Dimocrats were in charge.

  12. Good news in Minnesota regarding human trafficking: US 3rd Congressional District Minnesota Representative Erik Paulsen (R) got important ‘safe harbor’ legislation passed recently that prevents communities from treating young girls who have been forced into prostitution from being prosecuted. Communities are now required to treat them as victims, giving them hope for a way out of abusive situations and a promise for better futures. God bless Representative Paulsen.

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