Fortnight For Freedom: Revolution, Independence and Schoolhouse Rock

Fortnight For Freedom 2014


Something for the weekend.  I loved these schoolhouse rock videos when they were first broadcast back in the Seventies right before the bicentennial.  Among a fair number of kids I knew they sparked an interest in history.  Of the videos, I believe No More Kings has the catchiest tune.  For a cartoon, The Shot Heard Round the World does a fairly good job of conveying information about the Revolution in a very short span of time:  it manages to include the opening battles of the war, Washington as the central figure of the war, the role of the militia, the endurance of the Continentals, the battle of Trenton, Valley Forge, the frequent defeats of the Americans, the importance of diplomacy and foreign intervention, and the decisive victory at Yorktown.  Fireworks is a nice opening view of the Declaration for kids.  If readers have kids, or if, like me, part of them has never really grown up, watching these cartoons can be a good way to get into the Fourth of July spirit!

Passing on the history of this country and what liberty means is all important, as the below clip from Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) asserts:

We Americans have done a poor job of doing this overall the past few decades and it is time for us to become much better at it.  As President Reagan said, freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.


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  1. “Shot heard round the world” is still my favorite– main reason I got the DVD of School House Rock. (Which now lives with the Daffy Duck Mathamagic Land DVD in my computer bag, for somewhat educational child distraction.)

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