Poll: Obama Is the Worst President Since World War II

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  1. In assessing the ‘worst president’, you have to have a set of goals in mind (some of which will be nearly consensual and others not) and a sense of how presidential decisions affected certain contingencies. Admirers of Clinton neglect that he inherited a more agreeable economic and international situation than any of his 10 or 11 immediate predecessors and that some of his salient successes were a function of his tangles with the political opposition. Politicians are also wont to take credit for the economic situation that prevailed during their term of office, as if there were no business cycles and as if long-term trends in joint-factor productivity were readily manipulable and highly responsive to policies enacted within four-year time scales.

    So far, Obama has yet to generate or give succor to misbegotten enterprises on the scale of World War I, the economic implosion of the early 1930s, or the VietNam War. We have not yet seen social disasters to which federal officials have a more tenuous connection (e.g. the riot cycle of 1964-71). Given time, little doubt we’ll see messes on the order of the monetary policy debacle of 1977-81 and the national humiliation in Iran registered in 1978-81. We’re seeing the latter sort now.

    What’s gets you about Obama is the great smallness of the man. He cannot bargain with the opposition and even his allies find him tedious. He knows nothing to speak of about any area of policy. It is nearly impossible to recall a discrete decision he’s made (and certainly not a decision in a crisis) that led demonstrably to an improved (or even agreeable) outcome. He relies heavily for counsel on Valerie Jarrett of all people. He accepts responsibility for nothing and throws chaff in everyone’s face when something goes wrong. He has no demonstrable comprehension of wide swaths of the social landscape, much less an appreciation of it. It is difficult to imagine Walter Mondale ginning up something as suffused with petty malice as the HHS mandate. It is difficult to imagine any post-war president other than Kennedy or Johnson generating the IRS scandal. (Richard Nixon wanted about two-dozen parties audited; most of them were not). Then there’s the brazen lying by the president an a cavalcade of his subordinates (H. Clinton, Douglas Shulman, John Koskinen, &c) and the flagrant silliness (Jen Psaki).

    He may not be the ‘worst’ President of the post-Reconstruction era, but he’s certainly the most embarrassing.

  2. I don’t doubt that so many people have a low opinion of this president (count me
    in there too), but where were they when he was being re-elected in 2012?

  3. The narcissist, self-absorbed President reflects a narcissist, self-absorbed people, addicted to selfies on Facebook, internet games of violence and gambling, reality TV, American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. This generation fully merits the evil that is Barack Hussein Obama and his wife Jezebel.

  4. Bryan Preston asks, “Which product was more dishonestly marketed: Amazing Live Sea Monkeys or Barack Obama?

    In other news: one-in-four Americans (including two-in-four Dem voters) unaware that the Earth circles the Sun.

  5. This generation fully merits the evil that is Barack Hussein Obama and his wife Jezebel.

    Give it a rest. The dame spends money hand-over-fist, has a considerable history as a grafteuse (which, of course implicates him), and by what accounts have appeared in the papers is given to being moody and difficult; she’s not a butcher. He’s hollow and truncated in various ways as one might guess of a man who got a great deal of positive feedback detached from actual accomplishment atop a foundation of being borne of a woman who was nothing if not self-centered. Their marriage has social utility – they spend their lives irritating two people instead of four.

  6. “…they spend their lives irritating two people instead of four.”

    They spend their lives despoiling the morals of an entire nation. They support abortion which makes them both butchers. They support homosexual marriage which makes them both perverts. Giving evil a rest allows evil to win.

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