Army Folly

An’ it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ anything you please;
An’ Tommy ain’t a bloomin’ fool — you bet that Tommy sees!          

Rudyard Kipling, Tommy

The Obama administration demonstrates yet again that the defense of this country is not among their priorities, and that they could care less about the men who fight our wars.



In a stunning display of callousness, the Defense Department has announced that thousands of soldiers — many serving as commanding officers in Afghanistan — will be notified in the coming weeks that their service to the country is no longer needed.

Last week, more than 1,100 Army captains — the men and women who know best how to fight this enemy because they have experienced multiple deployments — were told they’ll be retired from the Army.

The overall news is not unexpected. The Army has ended its major operations in Iraq and is winding down in Afghanistan. Budget cuts are projected to shrink the Army from its current 520,000 troops to 440,000, the smallest size since before World War II.

What is astonishing is that the Defense Department thought it would be appropriate to notify deployed soldiers — men and women risking their lives daily in combat zones — that they’ll be laid off after their current deployment.

As one Army wife posted on, “On some level I knew the drawdowns were inevitable, but I guess I never expected to be simultaneously worried about a deployment to Afghanistan and a pink slip because my husband’s service is no longer needed.”

Yet the issues go far beyond thanklessness. The nation should worry about the increased national-security risk of separating such a large pool of combat-experienced leaders. The separated soldiers are those who carry the deepest knowledge base of counterinsurgency operations.

Go here to read the rest.  We have the best trained, best equipped and by far the most experienced professional Army in our history.  At a time when the world is a powder keg just waiting for a match the Obama administration is tossing it away.  Madness, sheer madness.

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  1. Because heaven forbid they do cut-backs on the really high ranking guys. *headdesk* I know the Navy’s bad on Admiral Bloat, but I suspect the Army has it bad. It’d take a lot of very high ranked “experts” to go for this…..

  2. Kipling has a poem, “The Last of the Light Brigade.”

    There were much the same actions after Vietnam.

    N.B. No multi-billion cost over-run weapon system will be cut. And, “retiring” captains don’t get huge defense contractor jobs like the brass hats get.

    And Obama will be given another $4 billion for judges (and AFSME nurse-maids) to exhibit their firm grasps of the obvious and send illegals back to the hellholes from which they absconded into the US.

    Kennedy said, “Life isn’t fair.”

    “Gentle when stroked. Fierce when provoked.”

    Some of us may be about to be provoked.

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