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Hilarious!  Spirit of Vatican II types outraged that a Newman Chapel becomes Catholic again:

Parishioners at Aquinas Newman Center said they were stunned Sunday when they arrived for Mass and found the altar relocated, their artwork removed, and books culled from the library.

At least for now, lay members who had served as ministers of Holy Communion and other roles during Mass are not permitted to serve, several parishioners said this week.

Newman Center’s new pastor said the changes were intended to make the church more appealing to a broad spectrum of Catholics, including students, by making the church “more familiar or traditional,” both in its design and in the style of Mass.

The Rev. Michael DePalma, who started this month as pastor at Newman Center, acknowledged that many longtime parishioners have found the changes wrenching.

“Everybody that came on Sunday was kind of in shock,” said Gale Flack, 60, a longtime Newman Center parishioner. The altar, which for years had been located in the middle of the church with pews arranged in a U-shape around it, had been relocated to the east end of the church, she said.

“If you are in the middle or the back, you really can’t see up front,” she said. “The feeling of community was totally removed.”

The altar, chalices, hand-sewn altar linens and artwork were among items removed or replaced, she and others said.

Go here to read the rest.  As a member of the generation of Catholics who suffered through all the changes in the Church, celebrated no doubt by the shocked individuals interviewed, I would suggest that they go with a milder toothpaste so that when they are grinding their teeth that the enamel is not worn down.

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  1. It is difficult for the longtime members who have been conditioned now for more than 50 years, who have been reinforced in fuzzy theology…cold water or a light slap to the cheek is not enough 🙂
    The very fibers of these people are dyed in the wool. At the Newman Center where we culled the library, removed artworks, added stations and divine mercy, revamped rcia etc., people left. Most were University faculty members who had been on the board for years. It had been like their own chapel. They were very sad and there were many tears shed. We can only pray for the grace of God to help them bring their understanding around to submission to the Church.
    Being liberal is so unconstrained! and that is pretty hard to give up.

  2. Kind of funny, but definitely sad. And very angering when I find my cradle catholic Dad agreeing with this kind of nonsense.

  3. A Newman Center should be the spiritual home of students, not of adults in their 60s and 70s. Time to grow up. Reminds me of the pain 50 years ago when the liturgy was summarily reworked overnight without consulting the laity. Many broken hearts at that time. What goes around comes around.

  4. Marriage makes a husband of a man and a wife of a woman through the informed consent of the adults and a consummated marital act. Sodomy and lesbianism cannot constitute the marital act and therefore the man does not become a husband, nor does his partner become a wife.
    A man and a woman now pronounced husband and wife who do not consummate the marital act are given an annulment by the Catholic Church. An annulment means that there never was a Sacramental marriage or marriage of any sort.
    God loves marriage. “Gay marriage” does not exist in all of creation.
    “Praying with your feet”? A person prays with his whole body and soul, his whole being. One votes with one’s feet. The space between the big toe and the second toe is called the veto.
    We have the Catholic Church with Christ as its Head. The devil has wanted to change that before all time in eternity. The devil’s minions are making signs. They will stand up to be condemned.

  5. Students are transient. After four years or so, they will have graduated and
    moved away from the parish. And, while they are attending the parish, they
    are likely pretty broke, being students. I can see how older, more stable and
    affluent parishioners could gradually take over all positions of influence in a
    parish meant for a student population. Eventually, the old-timers would remake
    the parish to suit themselves, and the needs and desires of the students would
    come in second. I suspect this dynamic happens at most parishes set up to
    serve students– it certainly did at the parish of my college days.
    Bravo for this bishop and this pastor for re-committing this Newman Center
    to its stated purpose of serving the student population at that university. I only
    hope they don’t lose their nerve when the collection baskets are lighter
    (students are usually broke) and the pews are, for a time, less full.

  6. Well, how about that. I just knew Fr. DePalma was going to have a lot of fun when the Archbishop told us of his new assignment. I’m glad he made the interior changes, that was a stupid place for the altar.

    I don’t think that the Newman Center there (or here, rather) ever really got much money. People like this, I believe, tend to pay their charity in their words and marvelous ideas than in any meaningful medium.

    Wonder what’ll happen to the Brothers who used to be there. Time will tell I suppose.

  7. Good news.
    I recall when all this re-vamping went on in our churches here as well – trendy liberal priests and a gaggle of liberals – mainly women – who saw their role in the Church increasing and claiming some of the “power” of a male-dominated Church and clergy. Much of it was inane and near sacriligeous, and led to what i considered to be protestantisation of our Church.

    One of our priests who i know very well, and could well be announced as our new bishop in the coming months, whenever he moved to a new parish, replaces the tabernacle in the central place in the sanctuary, instead of off to one side. He also taught himself Latin so he could celebrate the TLM to those who want it.

    I say good on that priest – this is how we start to regain and recover much of our beautiful traditions which have been vandalised by the trendy bunch.

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