Mary Jo Would Be Seventy-Three Now




Today is the forty-fifth anniversary of the Chappaquiddick incident, where Ted Kennedy left Mary Jo  Kopechne to die a slow death of asphyxiation in his submerged vehicle.

Here is Ted Kennedy’s non-mea culpa, notable for how little of the details of the incident he could recall, and an example of how to appear to take responsibility while not taking responsibility.

Any other American who failed to report a lethal accident such as this for such a lengthy period would probably have served some jail time, county or prison.  Any other politician would have had his career destroyed.  When Kennedy died he was referred to as “The Lion of the Senate” and Cardinal O’Malley presided over his canonization funeral mass.  I hope Ms. Kopechne received justice in the next world because she certainly received none in this.  I make the same statement in regard to Mr. Kennedy, who in later years liked to joke about Chappaquiddick.  I trust that in the world beyond he no longer finds those jokes quite as funny.



Update: Brian Cates has a series of tweets, go here to read them,which pull together the facts of Chappaquiddick.

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  1. The Democrat Party is organized crime. It has been since the Depression. Joe Kennedy was a crook and was a Nazi sympathizer in the 1930s while he was the US ambassador to Great Britain. The incredibly stupid people of Massachusetts reelected Ted Kennedy over and over and over again. they bear some of the blame for Kennedy’s term in office.

    Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Washington, DC city government, et., etc. Places Democrats run end up stinking like sewage treatment plants and they have to buy votes from minorities and import minorities to get themselves elected.

  2. “The party that robs Peter to pay Paul can always count on the support of Paul.” George Bernard Shaw

  3. Penguins Fan:
    The term Kennedy Country was used after the organization’s importing and ensuing transformation began. Tonight’s local news was big on the possibility of Westover Air Force Base being used in a federal plan to place undocumented children to relieve the buzzword ‘humanitarian crisis’ with politicians saying that these children will remain on base in a federal program, not to be enrolled in the public schools to alleviate fears of what ? – disease or violence etc. maybe. Cardinal O’Malley was recognized as he was clapping at the news conference.

  4. From B/G Thomas F.Meagher court statement upon his sentencing to be hanged for his role in the Young Ireland Movement, 1848. THe sentence was commuted to transportation to the prison colony in Australia.

    “I shall go, I think, with a light heart before a higher tribunal – a tribunal where a Judge of infinite goodness, as well as infinite justice, will preside, and where many of the judgments of this world will be reversed.”

    Sen. Kennedy has long since faced that infinite justice.

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