Lee Harvey Oswald Was a Commie! Live With It!




There exists a cottage industry among leftists to attempt to blame the assassination of JFK on “right wing hate”.  The latest, and I would say most delusional, example of this historical revisionism run amok is a Salon piece by Heather Digby Parton in which she never gets around to mentioning the fact that Kennedy was gunned down by self-proclaimed Communist Lee Harvey Oswald:

Three weeks before the assassination of John F. Kennedy, a concerned citizen from Dallas named Mrs. Nelle M. Doyle wrote a letter to White House press secretary Pierre Salinger. She was worried about the president’s visit. This is what she wrote:

Although I do not consider myself an ‘alarmist’, I do fervently hope that President kennedy can be dissuaded from appearing in the city of Dallas, Texas as much as I would enjoy hearing and seeing him.

This ‘hoodlum mob’ in Dallas is frenzied and infuriated that their attack on Ambassador Adlai Stephenson on the 24th, backfired on them. I have heard that some of them have said they “have just started.”

No number of policemen, plainclothes men or militia can control the “air” Mr Salinger — it is a dreadful thought but all remember the fate of President McKinley.

These people are crazy, or crazed, and I’m sure that we must realize that their actions in the future are unpredictable.

Unfortunately, her prediction wasn’t alarmist enough as it turned out.

The right-wing hatred for John F. Kennedy was in some ways as extreme as the hatred for Barack Obama and nowhere was it more energized than Dallas in 1963. Three years earlier, right-wingers in the city had signaled their anti-Kennedy zeal by turning on its native son, Lyndon Johnson, after he accepted the nomination for vice president. He and his wife, Lady Bird, were accosted by a shrieking mob of conservative women in front of their hotel armed with signs saying he’d sold out to “Yankee Socialists.” It was downhill from there. Over the next three years the simmer burst into a full boil as various luminaries of the John Birch Society such as millionaire oil man H.L. Hunt and the anti-communist fanatic Gen. Edwin Walker, a zealot so far to the right that he even believed Eisenhower was a communist, fanned the flames of anti-Kennedy hatred.

Go here to read the rest.  Ironically former general Edwin Walker himself was the subject of a failed assassination attempt by Oswald some months before Oswald’s successful attempt to murder Kennedy.  That escaped the notice of Ms. Parton, just as Oswald apparently escaped her notice.  Also eluding her attention was that large crowds turned out to give an enthusiastic reception to Kennedy in Dallas.  I am certain that there is some psychological explanation for why so many leftists, go here to read another example, blame “right wing hate” for Kennedy’s assassination, since it certainly has nothing to do with the actual historical record, and exists rather in the realms of paranoia, conspiracy theories and unhinged partisan hatred.


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  1. This time round, there’s no fear of a left wing assassin of the president – the communist now occupies the White House.

  2. Kennedy’s body wasn’t cold before ‘commentators’ employed in the lapdog media were pushing this thesis. You live in a bubble and nothing you say has to make much sense. Thomas Sowell has written on the attraction of rococo explanations for straightforward historical events to those engaged in self-aggrandizement; only an unsophisticated person would suppose that the responsible party was the man who pulled the trigger and no one else.

    Another vaguely amusing bit of business was here reference to Lyndon Johnson as a ‘native’ son of Dallas. Johnson was from the countryside proximate to Austin. He grew up in that area, got all his schooling in that area, and was elected to Congress from that area. He was a protege of Richard Kleberg (from around Corpus Christi). His wife was from the Texas-Louisiana border area. His consigliere Bobby Baker was from South Carolina. Others in his camarilla included John Connally (from the countryside around San Antonio), Walter Jenkins (Texas-Oklahoma border), Marvin Watson (countryside near Waco), and Jack Valenti (Houston), and Abe Fortas (Memphis and DC), and Bill Moyers (various places in Texas, with some time in Denton and Dallas). Ramsey Clark was from Dallas, but he was on his father’s patronage. The Johnson circle’s prominent members were notable for their lack of connections to Dallas. (Johnson’s rival Pappy O’Daniel was from Fort Worth, however).

  3. “Psychological reason” hits the nail on the head! Pearl Harbor, JFK (supposedly killed to escalate the Vietnam War in most tellings), 9/11, (and to a lesser extent) the Gulf of Tonkin, and the USS Maine all share a common appeal.

    In each of these cases, isolationism was dealt another blow, and in most of these, peace-time had suddenly ended after a period encompassing three decades or more. The advocates of peace and isolationism created narratives to maintain the idea that everything that happens to the US is its own fault, and there is never any reason to go to war

    Blaming foreign war crimes on your political rivals does a couple things: 1) you are still right about our ability to avoid war; 2) your opponents (who in the immediate wake of the events are always numerous) are disingenuous, stupid, or evil, thus you are superior to the average person; 3) the stakes of how right you are, and the mass murder your opponents will commit if given power, make it morally imperative to agree with you; but most importantly – 5) the world is safe. No one will ever come and bomb us for no reason. The world is ordered. We don’t have to live with chaos – all we ever have to do is vote right, and everything will be fine. These theories are comforting. If they do nothing else, they tell us that there is one boogeyman in the world: traditionally patriotic American. Avoid him, and everything will be fine.

  4. ” I am certain that there is some psychological explanation for why so many leftists . . . blame “right wing hate” for Kennedy’s assassination, since it certainly has nothing to do with the actual historical record, and exists rather in the realms of paranoia, conspiracy theories and unhinged partisan hatred.”

    There is. The desire for Kennedy’s death to mean something Meaningful. Enticing pull-quote (my emphasis):

    [W]hen the word spread on November 22 that President Kennedy had been shot, the immediate and understandable reaction was that the assassin must be a right-wing extremist —an anti-Communist, perhaps, or a white supremacist. Such speculation went out immediately over the national airwaves, and it seemed to make perfect sense, echoed by the likes of John Kenneth Galbraith and Chief Justice Earl Warren, who said that Kennedy
    had been martyred “as a result of the hatred and bitterness that has been injected into the life of our
    nation by bigots.”
    It therefore came as a shock when the police announced later the same day that a Communist had been arrested for the murder, and when the television networks began to run tapes taken a few months earlier showing the suspected assassin passing out leaflets in New Orleans in support of Fidel Castro. Nor was Lee Harvey Oswald just any leftist, playing games with radical ideas in order to shock friends and relatives. Instead, he was a dyed-
    in-the-wool Communist who had defected to the Soviet Union and married a Russian woman before returning to the U.S. the previous year. One of the first of an evolving breed, Oswald had lately rejected the Soviet Union in favor of third-world dictators like Mao, Ho, and Castro.
    Informed later that evening of Oswald’s arrest, Mrs. Kennedy lamented bitterly that her husband
    had apparently been shot by this warped and misguided Communist. To have been killed by such a person, she felt, would rob his death of all meaning. Far better, she said, if, like Lincoln, he had been martyred for civil rights and racial justice.

    You can even href=http://www.amazon.com/Camelot-Cultural-Revolution-Assassination-Liberalism/dp/1594037434>read the book.

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