Can She Afford to Pay For Her Own Birth Control Now?




Sandra Fluke, the Goddess of the entitlement mentality, is running for a state senate seat out in California.


Fluke donated $12,000 to her campaign and $4,826.27 in non-monetary contributions. While $16,826.27 may not sound like a lot, Fluke also loaned her campaign $100,000.

Where does a 2012 law school grad working as a social justice attorney get a loan that size? Her campaign never responded to a Washington Examiner inquiry, so we’re left to speculate.

Perhaps the loan was in part secured by the family of Fluke’s husband, Adam Mutterperl. In 2012, Fluke married Mutterperl, an amateur stand-up comic and son of big-time Democratic donor William Mutterperl.

Go here to read the rest.  Like most self-appointed tribunes of the poor and disadvantaged, Fluke is personally well heeled.  Why someone like her should have her contraception paid for by her employer is a mystery, although I am certain that Ms. Fluke would regard even raising the question as sexist, and no doubt also racist and homophobic.  Ms. Fluke is a perfect symbol for our deeply silly age.

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  1. They will “allow” women to have birth control and abortions now. they will give it to them with a beneficent smile.
    Later they will require birth control and abortion, no longer smiling, but sternly calling women into line, not for the good of the woman, or her child, but for the whole, the state.

  2. One picture is worth a million words. Has anyone seen a more vapid face on an individual? Hello, Is anyone home? Is there a twitter, a single brain cell in action? I guess HOPE and CHANGE did not work for Sandra Fluke.
    Hypocrisy? I think extortion is a better word.

  3. What else can we expect from good little leftists?

    The “education” system is churning out 10’s of millions of these people.

    If we don’t fix that, then we are sunk. It may be too late.

    The result of letting the fox guard the henhouse.

  4. Supposedly, Fluke is a working-class girl from a country village in western Pennsylvania. If my own experience in communities of that size is a guide, youngsters therein who gain admission to schools with a certain amount of cachet (or to any sort of research institution) tend to be faculty brats (if there is a college nearby) or doctor’s kids. Supposedly, Fluke’s papa is a machinist. There are no tertiary institutions within 30 miles of where she grew up and the nearest such would be a community college, a branch campus of Penn State, and a quondam Catholic college, all of which have fewer than 2,000 students. Not only is she not a faculty brat; she likely didn’t know anyone who was growing up. The intelligentsia at her high school (one wagers) consisted of Fluke and the local dentist’s kid.

    Pennsylvania has an ant heap of colleges and universities, public and private. Most youngsters who attend 4 year colleges in state and in Pennsylvania, about 78% do. I cannot imagine the concatenation of circumstances which persuaded la famille Fluke that it would be advisable for their daughter to attend Cornell University given that there are three public research institutions in state and (what is unusual) six private research institutions which do not likely have more rigorous admissions screens. Fluke is not in any ethnic or cultural category which makes her a Democratic-party client (quite the contrary); if she won enough of an academic scholarship to make Cornell economical, she’d have been unusual indeed in the countryside vaguely proximate to Altoona, Pa.

    She wastes her time at Cornell in the arts and sciences faculty garnering some synthetic degree, then lives in New York for six years working as a sort of uncertified social worker, then goes to law school. There are quite a number of law schools in New York, including two public institutions (one conveniently located). Instead, she attends an expensive private institution in Georgetown because she’d have standing to make a pest of herself there. Financed how? Who knows?

    One can imagine a husband chosen from a locus more distant from her upbringing than Adam Mutterpurl (who is apparantly ’employed’ as a comedian), just. (She could have married into the Kennedy claque). Still, you get the impression this whole bad comedy is derived from having more intelligence than she knew how to use, from having poor native judgment, from having a mother and father whose counsel would be most applicable in a world she did not wish to live in and had never been at home in, and from ignoring what good sense they had which would have been applicable (because young people who have more intelligence than sense do that).

    It looks like she’ll end up like the Obamas – with a simulacrum of an adult life rather than the real thing.

  5. “Fluke’s own family has donated $9,600 to her campaign (her mother gave one donation as Betty and one as Elizabeth).”

    Odd that her “working class family” could come up with $9600 bucks to blow on her campaign. If it isn’t really their money, and came from another source, well that is the type of campaign funding shenanigans that are going to cause Dinesh D’Souza to spend time in the near future at a Club Fed.

  6. I think the family tends to re-use names. There appear to be multiple people named “Richard Fluke” (grandfather and grandson, or uncle and nephew, or father and son, cannot tell) and multiple people named “Betty Fluke” (one mother-in-law to the other, I think) and also an “Elizabeth Fluke”. There is a lawyer in New York named “Elizabeth Fluke” the right age to be Sandra Fluke’s sister or a proximate cousin. The (not very reliable) “White Pages” data indicates there is an “Elizabeth Fluke” born ca. 1985 who has passed through that county in Pennsylvania, Boston, and New York. The lawyer in New York attended Boston University, per her LinkedIn profile.

    Sandra and Elizabeth Fluke would appear to be about four years apart in age but received their law degrees the same time. Elizabeth Fluke is an associate at an 850-lawyer megafirm and evidently specializes in corporate law. Just out of puerile curiosity, I do wonder how much of Sandra Fluke’s recent odyssey has been driven by competition with proximate relatives.

    My suspicion would be that any straw donations are being funneled through 1st degree relatives. No, Eric Holders Department of Justice would never prosecute these people.

  7. Art Deco
    I rather fancy “intelligence” is, as B John Henry Newman suggests, “not so much one faculty, as a collection of similar or analogous faculties under one name, there being really as many faculties
    as there are distinct subject-matters.”
    “It is almost proverbial that a hard-headed mathematician may have no head at all for what is called historical evidence. Successful experimentalists need not have talent for legal research or pleading. A shrewd man of business may be a bad arguer in philosophical questions. Able statesmen and politicians have been before now eccentric or superstitious in their religious views.”

    And so, no doubt, it is with Ms Flu

  8. “Like most self-appointed tribunes of the poor and disadvantaged, Fluke is personally well heeled.”
    One wonders what Profession Sandra Fluke is in? Perhaps the oldest? But I doubt it. From my sinful time in the US Submarine Force some three decades ago, I learned that women in that profession give good honest measure for the money they receive, something of which Sandra Fluke is clearly incapable. Therefore, I will not insult such women by including Sandra Fluke in their company.

  9. She is an attorney Paul. Certainly not the oldest profession, but one which came into being probably soon after man discovered fire and had disputes about the day’s hunting haul over campfires.

  10. I’d take it up with the psychometricians, MPS. There is a distinction between intelligence and good judgment, without a doubt. I am sure there is a story there, and perhaps some family psychodrama. None of my business, I suppose, but I am still curious. About 8% of the tertiary enrollment in baccalaureate granting institutions is to be found in private research universities. Here we have this family of very ordinary means which has two daughters (sisters or cousins to each other) attending such institutions and sending them out-of-state to do so. I cannot figure why they would do that unless these girls got a monster financial aid deal (which would suggest that both were very unusual in their home town). One of this pair got a degree in communications (all three public universities in Pennsylvania have a program) and the other a degree in ‘policy analysis’ with a second major in ‘women’s studies’. The course list for the policy analysis program is here. It is light on statistics.

    You can certainly find components of this program at Penn State and Temple if not the University of Pittsburgh.

    Then one of them spends six years working at desultory human services jobs, they both go to law school in a buyer’s market for legal labor (and at the beginning of the recession), and they both attend the law faculties of private research universities (which requires relocating). Not the most practical approach to these matters.

    Sandra Fluke comes from a part of the world where the self is small and budget constraints matter. I cannot figure how she came by the attitudes she has….

  11. AD: I am going to borrow your term “family psychodrama” and use it in several applications by changing the first word. Lol. 😀

  12. Art Deco
    People do sometimes choose a university because they want to study under a particular professor or tutor
    In my day, the two great Grecians, Hugh Lloyd-Jones and Martin Lichfield-West made Oxford a magnet for those reading Classics (including me), as did Hugh Trevor-Roper and A J P Taylor for history and Isaiah Berlin for politics. Then there was A J Ayer, Miss Anscombe and Philippa Foote in philosophy, David Daube and Tony Honoré in Roman Law and so on.

  13. People do sometimes choose a university because they want to study under a particular professor or tutor

    There is no tutorial system in this country, you’re not likely to have heard of any of the faculty in your chosen department before enrolling, you often have not chosen a program at the time of your enrollment, and you’re never likely to take more than a few courses with your preferred professor(s) (in part because you’ll have a mess of distribution requirements to fulfill but also because they’re likely to teach only a few of the courses you’ll need). What you’re referring to might happen if you’re scoping graduate programs and very definitely when you are scoping for a dissertation advisor. Neither of these young women have ever entered an academic graduate program.

    Currently, the sticker price for the law schools they attended (ranked #13 and #16 out of 200 by U.S. News) is around $49,000 per annum. Full freight in-state tuition at the three public law schools in Pennsylvania (ranked #51, #61, and #81) is between $20,000 and $42,000 per annum. One of this pair appears to be intent on paying off the balance by making big bucks. She’s not running for a seat in the California legislature.

  14. I am going to borrow your term “family psychodrama”

    I stole it off Camille Paglia (who is not writing topical commentary anymore but I would wager has this dame’s number).

  15. There are a few subjects that I am afraid to comment on directly (in any fashion) because it makes me so angry I am afraid I could get arrested by what comes out of my mouth. This lying, decitful, self righteous, idiotic, fool of a woman is one of those topics. May God have mercy on her soul–may God help me to be able to pray sincerely for her soul.

  16. Ms. Fluke is 33 years old or so (born in 1981). One of these days, she may just decide she wants a baby. She’d better hurry, since fertility for a woman drops pretty quickly around age 35, and by age 40, the decline is quite apparent (
    Hmm, I think I saw something about IVF being the next thing insurance companies/employers will be required to pay for. I expect she will be in on that. IVF doesn’t work that well after age 35, though. Wonder whom she will sue?

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