PopeWatch: No End

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  1. Buddha was a human being. So was Confucious. If Bhuddists are demanding an apology, they too, ought to present an apology to Pope Francisfor their negligence and tresspasses, for no human being is perfect except for Jesus Christ who took on our nature and retained his Divinity.

  2. The Pope ought to preach a sermon based on these words,” So shall you likewise perish.” instead of blubberin , “I’m sooo sorry!”

  3. I just read on Eponymous flower that Pope Francis has suspended all preistly ordinations in the Diocese of Ciudad del Este. It was the Paraguyan diocese that had the most vocations to the priesthood. Apparently, there was a priest in this diocese who fled the Diocese of Scranton after some abuse allegations.

    “It has been noted that the diocese of Ciudad del Este has the most vocations in Paraguay.According to the practice of the Holy See, the apostolic visits are usually reserved audits are often carried out in absolute discretion. But the case of Ciudad del Este was different. First of all because the conflict between its bishop and other members of the Paraguayan Bishops is public domain several years ago.”

    Pope Francis apologizes to Evangelicals, criticizes fracking and apparently hasn’t lifted a finger in aid to the Syriac and Chaldean Catholics. I am tired of this pontificate and I pray that Jorge Bergoglio resigns and returns to Buenos Aires – a place he should have never left.

  4. Perhaps, our Pope should apologize to the Muslim world
    for the defeat their brethren suffered in 732 A.D. when
    Charles, the hammer, saved Christendom by defeating
    the Muslim heretics during the Battle of Tours.

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