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From the only reliable source of Catholic news on the net, Eye of the Tiber:

Irondale, AL–EWTN Global Catholic Network announced today that it has acquired the Vatican-based Holy See.

“EWTN has been a partner with the Holy See for many years, and I am very pleased and excited that this highly respected organization will become a part of the EWTN family of services,” said Network chairman Michael P. Warsaw. “Since its founding two-thousand years ago, the Vatican has proven itself to be a valuable source for all things Catholic.”

Under the terms of the agreement, no cash will be exchanged between the parties, and EWTN will assume control of all ongoing activities of the Vatican. Host of The World Over Raymond Arroyo is expected to be named new head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

“Among other impressive accomplishments, the Vatican is the world’s largest charitable organization in the world,” Arroyo said. “It was founded in 33 A.D. and it’s been expanding ever since. I truly believe that this union is a match made in Heaven.”

Though the Holy See has long been a player in religion, it has struggled of late with many financial issues. But many analysts are saying that with EWTN’s power and influence now backing the Holy See, it should really start becoming a real contender again.

Pope Francis when asked to comment, inquired, “Is Mother Angelica planning to retire?”


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  1. Thank God Mother Angelica was not one of those nuns who felt she had to be a priest in order to serve the Lord and his work and be “fulfilled”.

  2. Seriously, I believe this will work for the good of the church.
    Bill Sr.: “Thank God Mother Angelica was not one of those nuns who felt she had to be a priest in order to serve the Lord and his work and be “fulfilled”.
    In the Sacraments of the Holy Eucharist and Reconciliation, the ordained priest acts “in persona Christi”, in the person of Christ, in the same legal manner as a person who has power of attorney through the consent of the person whom he represents. The power of attorney to act for the person who has engaged him is given by the Holy Spirit in legal matters and in the Church Sacraments.
    Nowhere in secular or canon law is any person allowed to demand or un-authorizedly infringe on another Person’s right to appoint power of attorney to whomever the Person chooses.
    Jesus Christ appointed twelve Apostles to act “in persona Christi” and commanded His Apostles to go teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Lord. Whenever a lay person baptizes in emergency, that lay person baptizes through the power of attorney of his pastor, the priest ordained to act “in persona Christi”
    No woman has ever been authorized to act “in persona Christi”, not by Jesus Christ, nor by His Apostles, nor by Holy Mother Church.
    Any woman demanding authorization to act “in persona Christi” is misguided and having declined the discipline of Holy Mother Church, the woman dissents unto her own perdition, outside of the Church.

  3. P.S. Judas refused to act “in persona Christi” when Judas betrayed Christ and when he hanged himself. Judas refused to act as “alter Christi”, the privilege of the laity and the priesthood when not offering the Sacraments.
    The priesthood of the laity act through the priest who is acting “in persona Christ”. St. Augustine said that the people offer up their hearts to God with the priest. Otherwise, the priest and the laity act as “alter Christi” as other Christs.
    Jesus Christ is and was always in complete and perfect conformity to the will of His Father, to the will of Our Father, Who is in heaven.
    Every time persons say “Our Father” the devil, Lucifer, is damned to hell by his own dissent. “Our Father” reminds Satan that he is a creature totally dependent upon God for his existence. If one has ever seen the picture of St. Michael “Who is like unto God” piercing Lucifer, that is what the “Our Father” does to Satan every time. Our Lady promised that Satan will be returned to the chains of hell. Our Lady kept the will of “Our Father” Who is in heaven perfectly from the very first moment of her existence. God, “Our Father” Who is in heaven granted Mary the grace, to be the Immaculate Conception.

  4. In the world, but not of the world. That was understood by Mother Angelica, who has a keen sense of humor and founded a way to speak to the soul from her place in the southeast with love for Jesus. The phrase, splendor of Truth, used is apt. Wouldn’t it be great if the location of the deposit of the Faith were so religiously inclined to share the same?

    Please keep us between your gas bill and your electric bill so we can pay our bills … practical, realistic reminder of the way of the first ones sent out into the world by Christ, whose Father taught many ways to remember Him thankfully.

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