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Janet Harris, writing in The Washington Post, wishes pro-aborts would stop calling abortions a “difficult decision”:



Contrary to numerous movies and “very special” television episodes portraying abortion as an agonizing, complex decision (“Obvious Child” notwithstanding), for many it is a simple choice and often the only practical option. A 2012 study published in the journal Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health found that the vast majority of women seeking an abortion — 87 percent — had high confidence in their decisions. This level of conviction contrasts with the notion that millions of women vacillate over whether to have an abortion.


The circumstances matter, of course. Planned or wanted pregnancies involving fetal anomalies, or in which the health of the mother is in question, may require heart-wrenching decisions. But these situations are quite rare. A Guttmacher Institute survey of women in the United States seeking abortions found that 3 percent said the main reason was a fetal health problem, and 4 percent cited a problem with their own health. The percentage of women seeking an abortion because they were victims of rape or incest was less than 1.5 percent.

The far more common situation, accounting for 51 percent of all pregnancies among American women, is an unintended pregnancy, either mistimed (31 percent) or unwanted (20 percent). A 2008 study found that 40 percent of unintended pregnancies, excluding miscarriages, ended in abortion. It is in these cases that the portrayal of hand-wringing and soul-searching is more likely to be at odds with the day-to-day reality.


Go here to read the rest.  This is part of an effort by some pro-aborts to slap a happy face on abortion.  Sensing that they are losing the moral argument, some pro-aborts wish to paint abortion as a positive good, rather like the pro-slavery advocates in the decades immediately prior to the Civil War who largely stopped conceding that slavery was evil and started pretending that it was a positive good.  I doubt if this tactic will be successful.  The feel-good romantic comedy abortion flick Obvious Child tanked at the box office this summer.  There is only so much lipstick that can be put on a pig before reality intrudes.  Even most pro-aborts, although many pretend otherwise, know the reality of abortion:  the ending of a human life.




Michael Moriarty as SS Sturmbannfuhrer (Major) Erik Dorf, in the riveting miniseries Holocaust (1978), attempts at 5:26 in the video above to convince the incredulous SS Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler that rather than concealing the crimes of the Holocaust the SS should stand behind them and convince the world that the genocide of the Jews and others deemed “undesirable” by the “master race” was right and just.  He anounces to the astounded SS officers, Dorff being an attorney in civilian life, that “A case can be made for Auschwitz!”  He is speaking to mass murderers and monsters, but even they are repulsed by what he says.  They understand deep down that they have been involved in an unspeakable crime for which no excuse, no argument can possibly be made.


Pro-aborts periodically attempt to pretend that abortion is a good and there is no downside to killing a defenseless, completely innocent, human being.  They do their best to eliminate from themselves any qualms about their actions.  However, reality is against them, and it is that reality which ultimately will doom their cause.

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  1. If the same attitude about abortions and the same laws allowing them existed in the 1920’s, would we have had the selfless heroic men willing to risk their lives to defend freedom from the tyrants in Germany and Japan?

    I doubt it.

    This false notion of reproductive health and abortions being one in the same is a dishonor to young women and the cancer that is eating away our National soul.

    God helped our efforts to win the second world war. Are we worthy to call upon His help now? After all the Third World War started in 1973. Over 58 million dead thus far…………..

  2. The destiny of the unborn, our constitutional posterity, is being obliterated by Roe v. Wade.
    Philip: “If the same attitude about abortions and the same laws allowing them existed in the 1920′s, would we have had the selfless heroic men willing to risk their lives to defend freedom from the tyrants in Germany and Japan?”
    Absolutely not. The children crossing the borders illegally, now, will be drafted to fight our wars for us since we have no chldren of our own.

  3. Mary DeVoe.

    These children you speak of. Are they the same ones who be miraculously given a vote in the 2016 presidential election? By then the current dictator in the White House will have given his thousandth executive order to do just that…no age requirements, no resident status needed. How nice.

  4. I think it’s very important to keep in mind that the Guttmacher Institute is a
    semi-autonomous subdivision of Planned Parenthood. I’d look at their findings
    with a bit of skepticism…

  5. Janet Harris is a fool and the Washington Post is still a left wing scandal sheet despite being told by the Grahams to Jeff Bezos.

  6. When I was very young I heard a recording of a southern comedian named Brother Dave Gardner. Part of what he said stuck with me: ” “If you look at it in the right light—there is no darkness”

  7. Re the reliability of the Guttmacher Institute: if the Institute had an interest in “cooking the books”, so to speak, when it comes to abortion statistics, its interest would probably be in the direction of inflating the numbers/percentages of abortions done for the “hard” reasons (rape/incest, life-threatening medical conditions of mother or child) and shrinking the proportion of those done for the “softer” reasons of economics or convienience. So their admission that the great majority of abortions are done for “soft” reasons is, in my view, credible.

  8. Cannibalism is cannibalism. Cannibalism is the destruction of another human being for one’s convenience. Some aborted babies are being eaten in China…cannibalism. A dead baby should never go to waste.

  9. Related to the disgusting lies spun by the film “Obvious Child” and its proponents in the Insane Left, are some statistics I carry around, with the St.-Benedict-Cross Prayer, in my wallet: According to CNS news (3/4/14), the state of Georgia reported for its most recent year available (2010) that 53.6% of abortions in GA were black/African-American (“b/AA”) children (total “reported” numbers were 31244, of which 16738 were b/AA). In NYC, the most recent year reported, (““Summary of Vital Statistics 2012,” The City of New York), it was similar: 73815 total reported abortions, of which 31328 were b/AA (about 42%); by comparison, there were only 24758 b/AA live births, in 2012 in NYC (http://newsone.com/2919457/dept-of-health-nyc-black-women-abortions).

    As many of us watch the burning cauldron in Ferguson, MO, is there not another reason for the sense of worthlessness and hopelessness of so many young black people, especially men: they know they could just as likely as not ever drawn breath in this kind of nihilistic environment. But no one wants to make that connection,.. no, no, no.

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