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Christianity is not the creed of Asia and Africa at this moment solely because the seventh century Christians of Asia and Africa had trained themselves not to fight, whereas the Moslems were trained to fight. Christianity was saved in Europe solely because the peoples of Europe fought. If the peoples of Europe in the seventh and eighth centuries, on up to and including the seventeenth century, had not possessed a military equality with, and gradually a growing superiority over the Mohammedans who invaded Europe, Europe would at this moment be Mohammedan and the Christian religion would be exterminated.

Theodore Roosevelt

May the soul of journalist James Foley, a Catholic, beheaded by the terrorists of ISIS, rest in peace.  May he now be enjoying the Beatific Vision.  May those responsible for his foul murder receive justice to the full for this deed in this world and the next.

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  1. Words fail to describe how I feel. I pray to the Lord Jesus that in His mercy James Foley is in His bosom right now, and I pray to God the Father that in His justice these Islamic fanatics answer for what they have done. Lord help us all!

  2. that photo makes me so mad. there the big tough guy hiding behind a mask stands over a person held bound. how brave is that to cut off the head of a person held down. how brave is that to not show your face to the world. cowards. sneak attacks. treachery. I can’t see how so many young americans and europeans see the jihad as some type of ideal.

  3. You are not hearing/seeing Muslims condemning these acts.

    However, I converse daily with an older (almost as old as me) Muslim gent (from India) that sells newspapers at the LIRR Sta. He insists that these people are not practicing Islam. He states that only God has power to take a human life. And that God, not man, will punish if that is proper. He did say in a national war, killing is licit. OTOH, he could be saying such stuff only to calm us infidels until the whistle goes off . . .

  4. Where’s the outrage from leaders of “moderate Muslim communities?” None.
    None. Because if any of them expresses outrage, he, too will be killed.
    What a pathetic, evil religion!

    Eternal rest grant unto James, oh Lord. And may the perpetual Light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen.

  5. At our rural mission church on the Feast of Mary, Queen of Heaven the rosary was offered for the soul of James Foley and for his parents in their grief. It was fitting in that he credited his release from his first captivity in Libya to the Blessed Mother and the recitation of the rosary while imprisoned. James Foley’s martyrdom has finally awakened this country and Europe to the serious threat of this evil heretical army known as ISIS/ISIL. More rosaries, more Holy Hours, more penance are needed to quell this black plague. St. Michael the Archangel…….

  6. Yes yes more prayers. more repentence.. more effort to be true Christians. I know that I am a sinner and my own lack of discipline and discipleship is part of the wave of a lack of discipline and order and willfulness that submerges the world.
    I am glad you parish did that Cam.
    I haven’t heard a word from the altar or in the bulletins about James Foley or all the other thousands of Christian martyrs of this very young century. I have heard about “unrest in the middle east”
    St James (maybe James Foley was named after him) said to draw near to God. He said not to be double minded. All these martyrs are doing their best to draw close to God. The whole darkness/light clash is right out in the open and we have no excuse for remaining double-minded. There is clarity, the martyrs are shining lights. We not only pray for James Foley we ask him to pray for us.

  7. Santiago Matamoros, ora por nosotros!

    Saint James is the Patron Saint of Spain.

    Durante La Reconquista, dos gritos(?) de guerra estaban “Santiago y Cierra!” y “Santiago y Adelante!” Not sure my Spanish is correct. It’s 45 years . . .

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