Hitler: Born Before His Time

 Three Laws of Transhumanism:

1) A transhumanist must safeguard one’s own existence above all else.

2) A transhumanist must strive to achieve omnipotence as expediently as possible—so long as one’s actions do not conflict with the First Law.

3) A transhumanist must safeguard value in the universe—so long as one’s actions do not conflict with the First and Second Laws.

Zoltan Istvan

Truly, this earth is a trophy cup for the industrious man. And this rightly so, in the service of natural selection. He who does not possess the force to secure his Lebensraum in this world, and, if necessary, to enlarge it, does not deserve to possess the necessities of life. He must step aside and allow stronger peoples to pass him by.

Adolph Hitler, December 18, 1940



Surveying our contemporary world, it is easy to reach the assumption that Adolph Hitler was simply born a century too early.  Many of the ideas he embraced have become completely mainstream, especially in Europe.  His view of eugenics for example, which he summarized in his look at Sparta in the book he wrote after Mein Kampf and which remained unpublished during his life:

Sparta must be regarded as the first Völkisch State. The exposure of the sick, weak, deformed children, in short, their destruction, was more decent and in truth a thousand times more humane than the wretched insanity of our day which preserves the most pathological subject, and indeed at any price, and yet takes the life of a hundred thousand healthy children in consequence of birth control or through abortions, in order subsequently to breed a race of degenerates burdened with illnesses.

After becoming dictator of Germany, Hitler implemented his beliefs in his T4 program which killed the mentally ill and all others who, through mental or physical defect, failed to measure up to Hitler’s master race dreams.  “Life unworthy of life”, the German phrase is “Lebensunwertes Leben”, was the verbiage that substituted for the simple term, murder, which accurately described the brutal reality.  Realizing that this policy would be controversial, Hitler did it as much in secret as possible, although critics, especially Bishop Von Galen, the aptly nicknamed Lion of Munster, did speak out.  Go here to read Von Galen’s take down of this murder of the innocents.

Now, Hitler’s policy is being given a trendy new repackaging in the erst-while Libertarian UK branch of Wired magazine, by “transhumanist”, and atheist, writer Zoltan Istvan:



The philosophical conundrum of controlling human procreation rests mostly on whether all human beings are actually responsible enough to be good parents and can provide properly for their offspring. Clearly, untold numbers of children — for example, those millions that are slaves in the illegal human trafficking industry — are born to unfit parents.

In an attempt to solve this problem and give hundreds of millions of future kids a better life, I cautiously endorse the idea of licensing parents, a process that would be little different than getting a driver’s licence. Parents who pass a series of basic tests qualify and get the green light to get pregnant and raise children. Those applicants who are deemed unworthy — perhaps because they are homeless, or have drug problems, or are violent criminals, or have no resources to raise a child properly and keep it from going hungry — would not be allowed until they could demonstrate they were suitable parents.

Go here to read the rest.  Nanny State will decide who can or can’t be parents, and it will be done all for the good of the children.  China’s experience with their one child policy of course demonstrates where this policy would quickly lead:  the death of freedom, forced abortion and infanticide.  Somewhere in Hell I suspect that Hitler appreciates the irony of all this.

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  1. I recommend the licensing of pundits who call for the destruction of life–regardless of how thinly veiled is the process they recommend.
    With the Godless, goodness is always the disguise for their evil.

  2. Zoltan Istvan is in the LinkedIn job search database. He writes for the Huffington Post and Psychology Today. His views are quite mainstream in today’s modernist society of genital titillation without personal responsibility. 🙁

  3. The notion of “Lebensunwertes Leben” was adopted by the Nazis from a book of that name by the jurist Karl Binding and the psychiatrist Alfred Hoche, published in 1920.

    Binding is remembered today for his work on Burgundian-Roman law in the 5th and 6th centuries. He is the author of “Das burgundisch-romanische Königreich (von 443–532)” which remains the last word on the subject, so far as the manuscript evidence goes. What he did get from his reading of the Barbarian laws was a notion of retributive justice and of crime as an offence against the victim or his kindred, rather than the Roman notion of an offence against the public order of the state.

    As for Hoche, his wife was Jewish and he lost his professorship at Freiburg, when the Nazis came to power.

    Their views on suicide and euthanasia were quite in keeping with the intellectual and moral tone of Weimar Germany. Alfred Jost had started the discussion in his monograph “Das Recht auf den Tod” published in 1895, arguing for a “scientific ethics,” rather than one based on “outmoded theological ideas.”

  4. Michael Paterson-Seymour: “As for Hoche, his wife was Jewish and he lost his professorship at Freiburg, when the Nazis came to power.”
    For the Nazis, teaching could only come from someone who was not a Jew. Nuclear fission was discovered by Lisa Mitner, a Jewess. Lisa Mitner fled Germany for her life. Her nephew helped the United States develop the atom bomb, which was scheduled to be dropped on Hitler if he did not surrender. too bad adolph.
    Infestations of ignorance, like the Emperor’s New Clothes, are being promoted by communists and “transhumanist”, and atheist, writer Zoltan Istvan. Demonic infestations put forth as our destiny without God must be exorcised. Thank you The American Catholic.

  5. Thank you, Mary De Voe, for remembering: “Nuclear fission was discovered by Lisa Mitner, a Jewess.”
    Because of a Jewish woman (and of course her successors in science and engineering), nuclear energy provides 20% of the electricity you receive and 64% of emission-free generation in the United States.
    What have atheists done to contribute to the human race as from murdering tens if not hundreds of millions under Stalin, Mao and other atheist leaders in the 20th century? Were it not for Jews and Christians, we would be living in poverty and slavery exactly as Muslim jihadists wish us to live, generating our energy from biomass burning (i.e., burning wood, straw and hay) whose pollution kills 2 million annually around the world (and that may be a conservative estimate).
    A Jewess discovered how to reproduce the fires of creation. Imagine that! And we refuse to take advantage in providing safe, clean, economically power because the greenie-weenie, eco-wacko, liberal, progressive leftists – the overwhelming majority of whom are pagan or atheists – are afraid.

  6. “Surveying our contemporary world, it is easy to reach the assumption that Adolph Hitler was simply born a century too early. Many of the ideas he embraced have become completely mainstream, especially in Europe.”

    Of course they were by no means far from the mainstream in his day, too, both in Europe and the USA. Even in Lord of the Rings, the decline of Gondor was caused by the Numenoreans intermarrying with “lesser breeds of men”.

  7. Let us pray that not even Hitler is in hell. Supernatural charity, the minimum of love for neighbor, requires us to wish no one to go to hell. If we wish mercy for ourselves, we must wish it for all sinners.

  8. jeromeleo: Let us pray no soul goes to eternal damnation simply because Our Lord died for him. God the Father created him and his soul and therefore, he belongs to God in ownership and in the freedom into which he is created.
    We do not know and cannot say about A. Hitler’s whereabouts. Hitler may have made an act of contrition before death took him. “There are many rooms in my Father’s house.”

  9. Howard: Hitler got his “Lebensunwertes Leben” from Margaret Sanger and Sanger’s “useless eaters” and “human weeds”. Sanger’s love of neighbor makes her qualify for “Good Samaritan of the Week.”
    Planned Parenthood has not budged from Sanger’s hatred of any person she does not approve. Planned Parenthood, the behemoth spawned by Sanger has encirlced the world through the United Nations. Abraham Lincoln said that “one person cannot own another person.” So, Planned Parenthood denied personhood, sovereign personhood, to the newly begotten. Since sovereignty and personhood come from God, Planned Parenthood, now, owns God and is telling God how to be God.

  10. I am taken aback that you would use this article as a context to postulate the “virtues of Nuclear Fission” and decry the efforts of people working to restore the natural order,
    The greatest catastrophes of human history have all come from this arrogant abuse of science for dominion over god.
    It is the apple from the serpent if anything qualifies.
    There is no greater force to bring hell to earth for all mankind to suffer indefinitely under.

  11. Dear Mighty Atom,
    There is no resource capable of bringing greater prosperity and wealth to mankind than heavy metal fission, and it is for that very reason that liberal progressive Democrats by and large oppose it, for to enable the common man to prosper would remove power from would be tyrants like Andy Cuomo and Barack Hussein Obama. Of course, the alternative is dumping 39 million tons of toxic coal plant refuse to the Cape Fear River – a release that contains MORE radioactivity in the form of uranium, radium and thorium that occurs naturally in coal, the burning of which supplies 50% of the electricity that you use to type your little obnoxious anti-nuclear nonsense on the internet. I have zero tolerance for liberals, progressives, Democrats, secularists, atheists or anti-nuclear zealots. We supply safe, clean, pollution free electricity 24 / 7 at a capacity factor 90 plus percent which no other form of energy can possibly equal. For that reasons today’s little Hitlers oppose it. You obviously advocate for their ascendency.

  12. One other thing, Mighty Atom: even including TMI (which neither killed nor injured anyone), Chernobyl and Fukushima (which killed < a dozen people outright and none from radiation), nuclear is the SAFEST form of energy. Read here:
    Your statement "There is no greater force to bring hell to earth for all mankind to suffer indefinitely under" is typical ignorant sensationalist hysteria mongering.
    Get the FACTS.

  13. I am no Zealot.

    Brought about by hubris and an act of god; the disasters at Fukishima can’t be claimed to be over.

    No one will be able to summarise the effect of this ongoing and still unfolding event for a period longer than the dawn of civilization until now.

    Nor are the cancers from all manner of nuclear testing and manipulation in previous decades abating.

    Im sure you have much more to say; however, your haughty bloviation can’t cover the obvious.

    I don’t need to look any further than your stated “zero tolerance” to see who you advocate for.

  14. Mighty Atom,
    No one is building the BWR 4 reactors with Mark I containments any longer that were used at Fukushima units 1 through 4. Furthermore, the disaster was caused by placing the emergency diesel generators below the tsunami flood line. TEPCO was informed back in the 1980s about this possibility and chose to ignore what the rest of the industry in the West did not ignore. So when the earthquake happened, the plants were shutdown with electrical power to the governors of the Reactor Core Isolation Cooling turbine-pumps being supplied by emergency diesel generators. When the tsunami hit, the diesel intakes were flooded and the diesels trip off line. The governors of the RCIC turbine-pumps went on backup batteries which lasted only 7 hours. When they were lost, the governors to the turbines of the RCIC pumps shut. That stopped core cooling. The cores overheated and a chemical reaction between the zirconium on the fuel rods and the water occurred at 2200 F. This resulted in the release of hydrogen which detonated. In spite of ALL of this, less than a dozen people died, and these died from construction accidents during attempted recovery operations and NOT from radiation. No one in the public was affected by radiation release. Additionally, the radioactivity that was leaked decayed away or was diluted to insignificance in the ocean. (On a side note, nearby dam collapses killed 1800 people and the explosions of petrochemical tanks in the Chiba Prefecture released carcinogenic toxins that will never ever decay away, but you ignore all that because it doesn’t fit your carefully crafted script of nuclear hysteria mongering.)
    All this said, the newer reactor designs – Westinghouse AP-1000, GE-Hitachi’s ESBWR, B&W mPower, NuScale, Areva’s EPR, etc – completely obviate the very possibility of this type of accident. And existing nuclear power plants in the United States and Canada have had to implement a whole series of extra safety precautions because of hysteria mongering by people like you:
    And even given this accident, as can be seen from the web links I provided above, the mortality rate of nuclear energy is less than solar and wind, much less than oil and gas, and very much less than that of coal. These are indisputable facts and not bloviation, a tactic always and everywhere used by anti-nuclear zealots. But guess what? Except for Enoch, Elijah and the Blessed Virgin Mary, NO ONE gets off the planet alive.
    I have gone out of my way to give you the facts in science and engineering whereas you provide vague sensationalist rhetoric. I have worked in nuclear energy for 38 years. In my youth I spent years in a 365 foot long metal tube some 33 feet in diameter at hundreds of feet beneath the water in close proximity to 156 MWth of nuclear energy. I have stood over spent fuel pools, worked on transducers attached to steam generators and reactor coolant piping, stood atop a reactor pressure vessel performing control rod drive mechanism maintenance, entered areas containing radioactive material, and performed worked in radioactive atmospheres. I still live, breathe, walk and work for a living. I help provide the electricity that anti-nukes use to bloviate. What use do they perform?

  15. Hi, Mighty Atom!
    Here are the people who use the mighty atom to protect you from little Hitlers:
    Having seen in what I once participated (assuming you bother to watch this short video), you may now comprehend my absolute disdain and contempt for anti-nuclearism.
    Have a nuclear day (from which comes 20% of the electricity you use to energize your computer to read this message and respond)!

  16. Paul: Great Video! Were I fifty years younger, I’d want to join up. Now Mighty Atom: Beware falling into the errors of the Luddites. One might validly include the Luddites into the general category of Utopians, including Hitler, Marx, Lenin, and the majority of progressive democrats who seek to control and to stifle mankind’s enjoyment of the Good Earth into which we are invited to “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it’. Utopians seek to ban, control, curtail, license and limit our access to, enjoyment of, and unfettered use of the wonderful products of our God-given intelligence.

  17. Thank you, William. God has given us enough thorium and uranium to sustain an individual energy consumption level at that of the average American for the 7 billion people who inhabit this planet for millennia on end. We do NOT have an energy crisis. We have a crisis of greed for money and addiction to dirty polluting fossil fuel because of that greed for money. Here is an article by Nathan Myhrvold at MIT Technology Review. The Mighty Atom should read it and come to realize that God has provided in the smallest of things – the atom – the greatest of power. But that is just like God. What is small is great and what is large and impressive is nothing.
    Irrational Fears by Nathan Myhrvold at MIT Technology Review

  18. Paul, are you sure that nuclear is only 20%. Count the sun’s core (fusion) for solar, wind, and most hydro, and the earth’s core (decay) causing plate tectonics for a sizable fraction of coal, petroleum, and natural gas, and the number might be closer to 90%. Most of the remaining 10% is lunar tidal friction’s likely addition to plate tectonics, if that.

  19. You are welcome, Paul. Thank you also for your observation -– “the atom – the greatest of power. But that is just like God. What is small is great and what is large and impressive is nothing.”
    It reminds us that God has a sense of humor. He gives the greatest things in the smallest packages. Even our sexuality, the means of propagation and the joy of marital union, He efficiently designs with the dual purpose of plumbing.

  20. Tom D is correct – darn, I hate it when I am wrong!!! 😉
    Nuclear Fission Confirmed as Source of More than Half of Earth’s Heat
    Okla Natural Reactor 1.7 Billion Years Ago
    Assuming that all the elements heavier than helium were produced in super novae, the atoms of our bodies are literally made from star dust produced in the most intense nuclear furnaces imaginable. “From dust thou art and unto dust shalt thou return.”
    While I have often said, “A little nukie never hurt anyone,” it appears that in God’s view of things a whole lot of nukie is good for everyone!

  21. Ha ha ha!! Paul, best laugh I’ve had all day. That betters the old engineering joke about couples and moments. One of the side benefits of a conservative outlook is the many opportunities for humor and a good laugh.

  22. Paul, I have a question about Fukushima that I have yet to get an answer on. Perhaps you know.

    As I understand it, one of the supposed pluses in the Fukushima design was the placement of the spent fuel rod pools inside the reactor containment structure, basically above the reactors themselves. Most other reactor sites have been criticized for having large pools outside the containment buildings.
    However, the geometry of the pools at Fukushima may have been a problem. The pools were, as I recall, rather tall and narrow, but widening toward the top. It would seem that the chance of spent rods being jarred loose and falling on top of each other during an earthquake would have been greater in such a pool than in the larger acreage, flatter, and more criticized pools we have.
    I recall reports that one problem at Fukushima was that the coolant in the pools was boiling off. Do you know if the rods shifted in the quake? Was there a criticality incident in the pools? As I wrote, I’ve seen little to suggest this, but it is an intriguing line of thought. Do you know?

  23. Hi, Tom D.,
    BWR 4 Mark I containments are NOT like the Westinghouse PWR containments. The spent fuel pools in Mark I containments are elevated in a Reactor Building and primary containment encases only the Reactor Pressure Vessel and associated components.
    The reason for this design is to facilitate refueling. The below grade design of PWRs is superior. Additionally, the location of BWR pools does nothing to enhance their integrity above that which is used for PWRs.
    That said, no criticality incident in the spent fuel pools at Fukushima occurred. From the US Nuclear Energy Institute:
    In the early days of the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi accident, there was speculation that used fuel storage pools at the site had been seriously damaged or that the water had drained out of some of them. Later observations and data showed the speculation to be incorrect. Still, the misperception led to discussion in Congress of accelerating the transfer of used fuel rods at U.S. nuclear energy facilities from pools to storage containers.
    The independent NRC says that pools and containers are equally safe methods for storing used fuel and that both protect public health and the environment. The agency says “there is no pressing safety or security reason to mandate earlier transfer of fuel from pool to [storage containers].”
    I now have to go to mid-week Mass. I am on the left coast working for a neutrons ‘R us employer. We are designing a passively safe system that is completely impervious to TMI, Chernobyl and Fukushima type accidents. Gotta go. Hail Mary, full of grace…….

  24. Paul: Thank you!

    William, you wrote: “It reminds us that God has a sense of humor. He gives the greatest things in the smallest packages. Even our sexuality, the means of propagation and the joy of marital union, He efficiently designs with the dual purpose of plumbing.”
    I dunno, I look at how things can go wrong with the prostate and I have to conclude that we could have done with a little less humor in that department., although there is one exception: http://www.snopes.com/humor/mediagoofs/prostate.asp

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