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Well, PopeWatch believes that the Ice Bucket challenge, to raise funds to fight ALS, phenomenon has indeed gone viral when he witnessed it occurring across the street from his office yesterday.  Now someone wants the Pope to get into the act.


Puerto Rico resident Juan Sepulveda Laracuente suffers from Lou Gehrig’s Disease (also known as ALS) and lacks mobility. The neuromuscular disease has paralyzed his vocal chords, and he’s connected to machines that keep him alive.

So with the help of a speech synthesizer he tells the audience on YouTube: “Tengo la terrible enfermedad de ALS, o mal de Lou Gehrig. Soy de Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico, y reto al Papa Francisco al ice-bucket challenge.”

It translates in English to: “I suffer from the terrible disease ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease. I’m from Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico, and I dare Pope Francis to take the ice-bucket challenge.”

Then you see his aid pull away his voice synthesizer and pour a small bucket of water on him, eliciting a grimace from his face as the cold water pours over him. The shock of the cold was enough stimuli to elicit the expression of a gasp on Juan Spulveda Laracuente‘s face. This brave man has already taken the challenge to the next level even if the Pope doesn’t participate.

Go here to read the rest.  Of course the Pope should not do this, as it is beneath the dignity of his office.  He should instead, send out Vatican press flack Father Lombardi to participate.  Pure cold water will be a refreshing change from dealing with the media!

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  1. I have heard that the money collected is to go for embryonic stem cell research which kills a living human being. It was immediately changed to adult stem cell research. In view of the fact that there is no opt out, the ice water or the money penalty, it is basically a goad and without substantiation of where the money will go. Hopefully the money will not go to Planned Parenthood, the great savior, not just the savior, but the great savior of women and men and of all human beings.

  2. This fad is only adolescent preening.

    Do you want to help ALS (or any of thousands of similar health efforts) research?

    Send them a check.

    Pope Francis cannot celebrate a Mass for every sick and dying person, either.

  3. I stick with my JP2 suggestion above as i try to donate to and support research that I believe will be morally responsible. I do the same with where I invest money, what candidate I support etc. As Mary mentioned, some institutions- whether researching ALS, heart or cancer, sometimes use donations to fund embryonic stem cell research.

  4. I agree that it’s adolescent preening, but hey, it’s all in good fun and for a good charity, right? Regarding the Pope being challenged, I’m not so sure that he wouldn’t actually participate and on video no less. In fact, I’d be surprised if he didn’t. What a photo op for him. The ultimate opportunity for him to show the world that the Pope is just like everyone else and is oh so loveable and h-u-m-b-l-e.

  5. Mary De Voe: I stand corrected.
    All of us can all pray for them. One of the Spiritual Works of Mercy: Pray for the living and the dead. And, it’s far more valuable than ice water or filthy lucre.

    The promises of Christ surpass all human desire.

  6. The American people, generous as they are, quickly pick up this or that charity especially if promoted with creativity. ALS is a horrific disease, but so are many others. Research for cure pertaining to them are often laudatory, but also entail some immoral methods, including that for ALS and Parkinson’s. Those who wish to donate have plenty of causes, and ALS is one of them, providing no immoral means are fed. The moral of the story is, do your homework, so as not to regret your action later.

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