Virtue Is Attractive: The Crossroads Walk

For the past 20 years, some wonderful young college students have been participating in “Crossroads Walk,” dedicating the 3 months of their summer vacation to trek each year across the nation on behalf of life.

The walk started in 1995 when 15 Franciscan University of Steubenville (OH) students took up then-Pope John Paul II’s challenge to you to spread the gospel of life. Those 15 students now number several hundred thousand and their 1 annual walk has grown into 3. Beginning in May and ending in August, participants trek from Seattle, San Francisco, and San Jose-Los Angeles, crossing 36 states before reaching their destination: Washington, DC. Each group covers anywhere from 10k-15k miles. Weekends feature the groups praying, providing counselling in front of abortion clinics, and speaking at local churches.


No doubt about it, Crossroads is a pro-life “civil rights” organization whose members seek to protect the civil right of the “right to life.”

Catch a glimpse of Crossroads Walk 2014:

Rooting their purpose in the Gospel of Life, Crossroads isn’t narrowly anti-abortion, good as that is, but pro-life—standing up for the value and dignity of each person without exception, from conception until natural death. The goal is simple: To convert people to the pro-life cause. To communicate that message, its t-shits are emblazoned with “Pro-Life” which can be read from one-quarter mile away.


And, their work doesn’t end when the walks conclude. Members have adopted Down syndrome babies, engaged in national pro-life efforts, and have engaged politically. Their efforts are having a global impact as Crossroads Walk has expanded internationally, conducting walks in Ireland, Australia, and Canada.

As school starts this fall, don’t be dissuaded by the media’s portrayal of young college students. The media isn’t covering those who participated in Crossroads Walk, have converted people to the Gospel of Life, and are raising the standard on campus for their peers.

It’s too bad these students aren’t being given attention by the media. After all, as Aristotle taught, virtue is very attractive and is the force bonding friends and, ultimately, a virtuous society, in filial love. This is authentic Catholic social justice aimed at true “hope and change.”

To learn about Crossroads, click on the following link:

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  1. “It’s too bad these students aren’t being given attention in the media.”

    I’m afraid if they we’re given attention in todays media that it would of been misrepresented. The final cut would likely portray a band of hate mongers bent on ruining the reproductive rights of countless innocent women.

    These men and women are heroes.
    If todays media passes them by then it’s for good reason.

    God bless these young disciples.

  2. I hope the group has learned a little bit about “evangelizing” lately. Several years ago a group came to the parish where my father was serving as deacon. They had a table in the foyer after Masses. I know they were probably exhausted from their journey but they just stood/sat at the table and then complained to me that no-one came over to see them. Having been involved in pro-life for decades myself, I tried to explain you have to get over by the doors and encounter people personally — meet them at the doors as they come out of Mass and the doors to the outside as they leave. Perhaps approach them as they socialize with each other in the narthex after Mass. I tried to demonstrate but I don’t think the lesson really took. I believe their lack of interaction stemmed from their youth and absence of public relations experience/training.

  3. If they are harrassed by police, they have a right to sue. They all own the public places, especially if they are walking, they cannot be accussed fo loitering. They need one dollar, the smallest amount of money to be legal, and they cannot be accused of anything. A pro-life demonstration in Belle Air, Md. ended with a lawsuit and the city paid for strip searching the teens involved. big bucks.
    Many people have a vacancy where pro-life ought to be. Some do not even know that a person begins with fertilization and the beginning of existence. The immediacy of the ensoulment at fertilization makes of the human being a child of God and a sovereign person with free will. The state gives the innocent person a tax bill and citizenship, but the sovereignty comes from a sovereign Creator.

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