Crux with John L. Allen Jr., A New Catholic Website Published by The Boston Globe

John L Allen Associate Editor of Crux MagazineJohn L. Allen Jr.’s name came up during an introductory meeting between the new owner of The Boston Globe, John W. Henry, and the editor of the same daily, Brian McGrory.  It was an auspicious meeting because it was taking place one day after the Boston Red Sox winning the 2013 World Series, which Henry also owns.

Taking note of the popularity of the new Pope and wanting to capitalize on it, Allen’s name was floated to anchor this new online Catholic magazine named Crux.  Crux would be an addition to the online publishing niches that the Globe operates.  Considering the large Catholic population of the Boston area and the appeal of Pope Francis, it was a natural fit.

Henry was a self made man in financial trading and also successful in breaking the ‘Curse of the Bambino‘ by winning the 2004 World Series.  Looking back at Henry’s track record, it can be said that he took bold ventures in unfamiliar territory and did well.

Crux Inaugural Edition Tall PicBack to the meeting, Henry was an acquaintance of Allen and suggested to McGrory that Allen would be a catch for Crux.  A similar meeting ensued between McGrory and Allen.  Eventually a plan was hatched, writers added, a name chosen, and a URL purchased.

John Allen is a known commodity in the online world of the Catholic Church as well-balanced and fair.  One peer once said that it was ‘maddening’ to read his reports and not find a personal opinion.  This quote exemplifies his writing style and also explains the respect he has garnered from all sides of the Catholic peanut gallery.

Along with John Allen serving as the associate editor, Crux added Teresa Hanifan as their editor, Margery Eagan as their spirituality columnist, with Michael O’Loughlin as their national reporter, and Inés San Martin as their Vatican correspondent.

A year later, Crux launched today.  Let’s all welcome Crux to what we online writers rhetorically refer to as Saint Blogs Parish and take a look at the newest member of the online world of the Catholic Church.




To visit Crux click here.

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  1. A Catholic website published by the apostates at the Boston Globe with the heretic Margery Egan as the spiritual columnist. Always beware when the world speaks well of you.

  2. The claim that The a Word of God is merely a matter of opinion, would be an opinion, not a statement of fact. There Is only One Christ, there are not various denominations of The Word of God.

  3. I always marvel when people claim Allen is fair. He worked for an anti Catholic paper for years. He took a pay check from them. That is cooperating with their agenda.

    He now works for another liberal group.

    He is a liberal. The Crux site is already showing its liberal bias. That is not fair. That is not unbiased.

  4. I’m waiting and hoping to find the balance you claim.. Is there really balance possible when addressing the Truth and teachings of the Church? Maybe we should just say what it is
    Opinion and discussion between the Faithful and Unfaithful.

  5. I read one article John about the questions that have not been asked to Pope Francis. Well written. In general, balanced. However, there was another article by somebody else regarding the LCWR intervention by the Vatican that was completely biased. It reduced the problem to a simplistic liberal vs conservative view, where Cardinal Muller was portrait as an irrational bigot. This article completely ignored the fundamental problem about the LCWR not following (defying) catholic teachings. It reminded me very much the NCREPORTER…

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