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Msgr. Charles Pope wrote a fantastic post the other day calling for an end to the St. Patrick’s Day parade and Al Smith dinner. I’d like to link to the post at the Archdiocese of Washington website, but I cannot. Why? Because the post has been pulled by the ADW blog. That’s right, our morally courageous leaders have once again faced the possibility that someone might question our cooperation with evil, and instead of allowing the exchange of ideas, they simply shut off dissent.

The post, in its entirety, can be found at the Rorate Caeli blog. This comment from Msgr. Pope confirms that the the missing post was not some accidental thing.

Bless you all for your prayers and encouragement. I hope you will understand if I cannot continue to post your comments on the parade article here. I will read them but cannot post them, I will send you an e-mail gratitude.

I ask your charity and understanding for the Archdiocese of Washington which has always generously sponsored this blog and been supportive of our conversations.

I also hope you will understand if I cannot explain why it was removed.

I am a loyal son of the Church and I love my Archdiocese.

I am a parishioner in the Archdiocese of Washington, and I must say that Cardinal Wuerl and his ilk are not fit shepherds of our Church. It is clear that the American Bishops have chosen sides in the culture wars – it is their own side. Well, the next time the Cardinal’s sonorous voice implores me to give a little more next February at the next appeal, don’t be surprised if my wallet should disappear as quickly as Msgr. Pope’s blogpost.

And speaking of gutless cowards, though I have not always been a fan of Michael Vorris, it is difficult to dispute what he has said about EWTN.

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  1. I do not for the life of me see why Mgr Charles Pope should not be allowed to express what views he pleases, so long as he includes the usual disclaimer that they do not represent the views of the Archdiocese.

    Likewise, “sources close to the Archbishop” (which everyone knows means the Archbishop himself) should be free to refute them.

  2. “Why? Because the post has been pulled by the ADW blog.”

    In the age of the internet such attempts at thought control are not only futile but reflect upon the intelligence of the perpetrators. This combination of pettiness and wrong headedness really does sum up the Church bureaucrats in this country who do their worst to undermine what the Church teaches every chance they get.

  3. How difficult this must be for the Son of God and His Blessed Mother and Holy Father. Those that He ha called to lead His Church are leading the flock away. I have reflected lately on the sufferings of Christ. No doubt as has He was being flogged, jeered at and carried the Cross to Calvary where He was crucified, all of the sins that we commit today, He was seeing as He was put to death. Now to see the prelates of His Church today must certainly be heartbreaking.

  4. We Irish heartily agree with Msgr. Charles Pope. As youngsters, we enjoyed the parade but now it has become a hostile environment at the hands of an Atheistic State unable to discern right from wrong. As to the Al Smith Dinner, there’s a saying to the effect that – when dinning with the Devil, use a long spoon.

  5. As one comment put it, make them pay with your wallet’s silence. An additional recommendation is to find the good bishops (just like you would a good mutual fund) and support them. Nobody can stop your support of another diocese. Stop putting money down the rabbits hole.

  6. This is just the beginning. We are going to see much, much more of this type thing in the future. This is exactly what Pope Francis wants, as he has made abundantly clear. Dolan is merely following Francis’ lead. Just look at the appointments Francis is making to the position of Bishop. We are in deep, deep trouble and it starts at the top.

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