13 Hours at Benghazi

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  1. Cowards in Washington is the understatement of the decade.

    Build monument in D.C. to depict these brave men at stand off. In your face Hillary!

  2. What’s Hilary going to say now?
    “What difference does it make?”

    She will rue the day she demonstrated her incompetence and ridiculous ideology with this remark.
    I wonder if her boss will stick to “It was a video.”

  3. How can Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton get away with complete impunity? Their inaction to defend our consulate borders on treasonous.

  4. Imagine having to stand down, under orders, while your friends and collegues are overrun….and no support is sent?

  5. These men’s character is shown in the facts that they went to aide those in need without orders & without support as well as their bravery in putting the truth in writing & then airing it on national tv. I am waiting for their characters to be assasinated by the liberal establishment. I am truly wondering how they were able to get that book published. I also hope nothing happens to the Fox News anchor leading the interview.

  6. Barbara Gordan.

    Your concerns are VALID in this day and age. Shame on Hilary Clinton and anyone who wishes for her to be the first woman President. Culture of personality will destroy this Nation if she
    is given the nod.

  7. there’s just so many scandals! So much going on that it will be hard to follow any one of the scandals to a just resolution

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