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What was formerly known as the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City continues to demonstrate that tolerance these days is most definitely a one way street:


A conservative Roman Catholic group severed its 20-year ties with the New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Thursday, a week after event organizers took the unprecedented step of allowing a gay group to march under its own banner in the procession.

The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights said it pulled out of the March 2015 event because the parade committee denied an anti-abortion group from marching with banners while bending its rules to allow the gay group to do so, League President Bill Donohue said in a statement.

“For the past two decades I have been the parade’s most vocal defender of its rules,” Donohue said. “Repeatedly, I have said that gays have no more been banned from marching than pro-life Catholics have.”

Organizers for the parade, which began in 1762, were not immediately available on Thursday to respond to Donohue’s comments.

The organizers have said the parade, the largest in the nation, is open to all marchers. But gay and anti-abortion groups had been prohibited from displaying their own banners, pins or other signs with their affiliations.


Go here to read the rest.  I am sure that Parade Grand Marshal Timothy Cardinal “Company Man” Dolan will deal with this with laughter and a quip from Pope Francis.  Pope Francis says that he wants shepherds that have the smell of the sheep about them.  In this case I rather suspect that the parade organizers and Company Man Dolan have precisely the same stink.


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  1. We can condemn Cdl. “Cheesehead” Dolan till the sheep come home, for his betrayal of Catholic morality, but remember, he would not be getting away with this perfidy unless the Father, who is in Vatican City, was ignoring this, or God forbid, approving of this.

  2. I am hoping and praying that all Catholics withdraw from the “Saint Patrick’s Day” parade. The gay parade in San Francisco is their goal. Andrew Cuomo can be their grand marshal, or maybe Nancy Pelosi.

  3. “The Church of Niceness” that has become the American Catholic Church has been doing this stuff since the 1960’s.

    But, I don’t know, St. Patrick’s Day has for some time, or at least it seems it has become just another “commercial holiday”, an excuse to get drunk and party. If all the day is now is an excuse for excess and decadence, then there is no reason to preclude anyone from marching in it is there?

  4. For the record, I am not saying I agree with this move by the “company man”, but as Catholics, and Christians, we have to admit, that a lot of the reason we have been losing this culture war is in fact our own fault to some degree.

  5. Hopefully other Catholic groups will follow the League’s example. Lay people do not have to follow their bishops into surrender.

  6. Apparently, (I’m waxing charitable here!) Cdl Egan (no Wait!) Dolan (or whatever faux Irish name) is unaware that for these people it’s never about honoring the Patron Saint, nor somebody’s ancestors/heritage, nor anything else so mundane.

    It is solely and totally about them. This narcissism is a main difference with the rest of us and the main reason that gays should not be permitted to parade themselves behind banners promoting filthy proclivities.

  7. The Catholic League and Bill Donahue would be marching if the Parade committee allowed a pro-life group to march carrying a pro-life banner. Seems that the Committee closed the door on any more groups marching. So, Donohue pulled out after that fact. What is very pathetic is that the Catholic League would have marched in the same parade with the LGBTs at all, no matter what good group may have also been marching. The parade should be boycotted by all the faithful … period. No pro-life group should march in a parade with sodomite banner carrying degenerates. Dolan is an utter disgrace. Just as he was at the Al Smith dinner with Obama and as he was with Cuomo.

  8. “But, I don’t know, St. Patrick’s Day has for some time, or at least it seems it has become just another “commercial holiday”, an excuse to get drunk and party. If all the day is now is an excuse for excess and decadence, then there is no reason to preclude anyone from marching in it is there?”

    You would think that would preclude the Cardinal from marching in it.

  9. It doesn’t take long to ruin something. The Archdiocese of New York was 15 years ago a vigorous critic of the prevailing culture. Then it was turned over to a church-o-crat who actually had done in his previous posting what most bishops are falsely accused of having done: put obstacles between sexually degenerate clergy and the administration of justice. Now its in the hands of this clown-car denizen.

    What was pleasant about Cdl. O’Conner’s stance on this issue was his steadfastness in informing this obnoxious lobby that there was an institution they were not going to co-opt.

    Edwin Faust has written that the post-Vatican Church is like ‘a mad mother who has abandoned her children’. That’s certainly the Church of Francis very succinctly described.

  10. Yes, many people drink too much at the parade. Bars are open no doubt up and down 5th Avenue. But, still there are families enjoying the parade and they are not drinking. It isn’t Mardi Gras. Some commentors make it look like it’s a drunk fest. This is a gross exaggeration I think. Still, I do not think Saint Patrick is pleased with the lack of piety.

  11. From Nobel Laureate Francois Mauriac;
    “We can not approve or practice publicly in the name of Caesar what the Lord condemns, disapproves, or curses, whether it be failure to honor our word, exploitation of the poor, police torture, or regimes of terror.”

    By stepping down as Grand Marshal Cdl. Dolan would give life to the Gay establishment. He could speak the truth of sin in actions that fail to strengthen the collective body of Christ. He could note that this days parade is named after a follower and active participant in strengthening the body of Christ. He could embrace the gay community by assuring them an eternal embrace when they die. For when they hear the truth come from the Cardinal’s lips they will have been better prepared to embrace Christ, then by leading them in a false death march. He, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, could give witness to millions by embracing the message; “sin no more.”
    Acts of the Apostles we’re worthy to be included into Holy inspired Text.
    My question to Cardinal Dolan is this.
    Are your actions worthy of your ordained office?

    St. Patrick’s Day could become more than an excuse to taste the Jameson.

    It could be a day to celebrate the individual receiving aid to conquer it’s vices. Invoking say…..Saint Patrick?!

  12. I agree with Kelso “The Catholic League and Bill Donahue would be marching if the Parade committee allowed a pro-life group to march carrying a pro-life banner.” This is not right – what is Donahue thinking!? Can’t people think through things any more?!
    Oh my God help us- I remember when I first heard “disordered” and it was applied to SSA- but now I see that “disorder” applies to our Church and world leaders.

  13. Anzlyne wrote, ““The Catholic League and Bill Donahue would be marching if the Parade committee allowed a pro-life group to march carrying a pro-life banner.” This is not right – what is Donahue thinking!? Can’t people think through things any more?!”

    But is that right? Should Catholic Trades Unionists refuse to take part in a May Day demonstration because Communist groups, carrying their banners, also take part? Should Catholics not take part in the Fête de la Libération because Communist groups do so?

    For as long as I can remember (and that goes back to the 1950s) Catholics,Communists and Anarchists have taken part in peace marches, anti-apatheid demonstrations and a myriad others.

  14. In answer to Michael’s question, Catholic union members might be well advised to avoid a May Day parade. They could start and lead a robust movement to honor St. Joseph the Worker. May Day divides people along class lines. Catholic union members should be about encouraging prayer for all, and working for unity of all in Christ.

  15. I am not a beer drinker so my “boycott” would not have much effect but I understand the parade committee felt the effects of Guinness and Sam Adams pulling out their support for the parade unless LGBT groups be included. Shouldn’t we show our disgust with these beer manufactures? I say speak with your money and support other makers of beer.

  16. How many others are tired of the annual nonsense that goes on around St. Patrick’s Day? It is an American excuse to go and get drunk, thanks to the big breweries.

  17. Just watch out who you are calling a “Cheesehead”. I am a very proud traditional “Cheesehead” Catholic. The Cardinal is not a leader. The parade is a disgrace to St. Patrick. We have no leadership except for a few Bishops and Cardinals who don’t seem to get any coverage.

  18. We have no leadership except for a few Bishops and Cardinals who don’t seem to get any coverage.

    Cdl. Burke appears to have been put on ice. You never hear about the Eastern-rite bishops unless you subscribe to diocesan publications. Bp. Bruskewitz’ successor in Lincoln has the right history and association, FWIW.

  19. When are we going to take the “Saint” out of St. Patrick’s Day, the way we have on Valentine’s Day? Any bets on how long it will be before that happens?

  20. It’s too bad that there can’t be arranged a second, alternative Saint Patrick’s Day parade to follow the official one (in which the group carrying their banners and thus making their participation all about them, are marching.) The second, unofficial, grass-roots parade would be open to groups and individuals interested in marching, not to draw attention to themselves or to their own personal causes, but to honor and celebrate the great Apostle of Ireland and their own faithful witness to the Catholic Faith. Period.

    And anyone or any group who wants to pull out of the official parade in protest, would be welcome to join the alternative parade. No banners or signs, please.

  21. The question for Catholics is quite simple. Do we want a large, flabby and “tolerant” Church that turns a blind eye towards violations of Catholic teachings or a lean and mean Church that stands up for what it believes in and refuses to acquiesce to the whims of the day? The answer to such a question lies in our examination of Jesus, the Apostales, and the Saints, all of whom gave their lives to and for the truth. The Church will rue the day it decided to favor the former rather than the latter. The true believers will flee and the Church will overflow with those who do not accept Catholic teaching. They will remake the Church in their own image. That is actually occurring as we speak. Birth pains my friends….birth pains.

  22. Somebody is playing with the Lake of Fire. Somebody high up in Church hierarchy is toying with a very unpleasant place.
    May the Lord God give Cardinal Dolan the graces to realize his pernicious errors, and repent and turn back to the Lord Jesus.

  23. I taught at an all-boys Catholic high school in Manhattan 30 years ago. Since the school was near the parade route, we HAD to give the students the day off on the parade’s scheduled day. Even in the early 1980s, we deemed it too offensive, with all the drinking, to subject our teens to such a display. Perhaps it’s just as well that the school closed years ago–no chance of the kids being confused by lost sheep and a stumbling shepherd.

  24. That’s the problem the “company man” didn’t get that title for nothing. He knows exactly what he is doing and while he proclaims to be interested in them he is no better than a politician. Always in or needs to be in the ‘lime light’. He supports and condones this mockery of the faith to coddle to their demands. He is caught up in his own arrogance and pride that he is blinded as to how far he has strayed from God and His truth. In the mean time he has caused many to stray and for this he will have to face God’s justice because of his position and authority. But on a bright note he has caused others like yourselves to see the errors and pray. We all must pray for “company man’s” soul. He’s fortunate that I’m not the pope as I would recalled him to Rome on St Patrick’s Day and then stripped him of his authority and permanently removed all faculties except that of a deacon. An then appoint and assign his replacement at the same time. He is tempting the Lord God and in his arrogance has convinced himself he is doing good.

  25. In America several Catholic holy days have been taken over and secularized: All Saints has been taken over by Halloween, celebrating all sorts of oddities, Saint Valentines day has been reduced to Valentines Day celebrating romantic love, and Saint Patrick’s Day has become a ‘celebration of spring’. Of course the biggest secularization has been Christmas now reduced to “the Holidays’ which begins in earnest well before Halloween with a growing ‘mini-me’ version in July.

    Time for us to take back our holy days-and our parade!

  26. Botolph wrote, “Time for us to take back our holy days-and our parade!”
    For as long as I can remember – and that is getting on for 70 years – French Catholics have been lamenting the fact that Corpus Christi is transferred to the following Sunday.
    I ask them why, if people feel so strongly about it, the bishops do not move it back to the Thursday.
    “Ah! But the government would not permit. They told the bishops that they could have only one holiday that always falls on a Thursday. With a holiday on a Thursday, people « Faire le pont » [make the bridge] and take a long weekend. The bishops, alas, they had to choose between Ascension Day and le Fête-Dieu [the Feast of God, as they call Corpus Christi]”
    “But just because the government will not make it a public holiday, is that any reason why it should not be a holiday of obligation?”
    « Impossible! Quel idée ! » &c, &c.

  27. botolph, We, the people, can’t take anything back unless we have a pope and clergy who would support us. Most of the present day church leaders are spineless. Don’t forget, the goal of Vatican II was to bring the church into the modern world. And the church has done a great job doing that. Cardinal “Giggles” Dolan is an example of that. Don’t you see have traditional Catholics are treated by the Church?

  28. Art Deco, there is a movement by the pope to remove any ideas of the Traditional Church. I guess the church doesn’t want full churches on Sundays, or full convents and seminaries and full Catholic schools. The modernists keep plugging along, thinking that VII was a success.

  29. It is up to the laity to take back our public square, defend our freedom of religion, inspire good priests and bishops. It is up to the laity, the taxpayers to insist that the public square belongs to each and every citizen in joint and common tenancy, to demand the Eucharistic processions, the public rosary, the peaceable assembly called for in our First Amendment.
    The hierarchy must defend doctrine. The politicians must defend the common good and the general welfare.
    The Great Liar has taken the Truth and subverted the truth for his own gain and our loss, giving man half truths, compassion for the woman, ignoring the human being, euthanasia, pornography, revolt against God. If “We, the People” want God we better stick it to the devil.
    God is waiting.

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