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  1. I’m reminded of a grunge mass I attended in Seattle in 98′. The parishioners started to rush the alter and fling themselves off into the arms of a make shift mosh pit near the first row of pews. Father couldn’t contain himself. He jumped up and slammed into the groupies that followed the spirit band. It was so righteous…dude.

  2. Not a joking matter….our Church….our Mass is crumbling. Oh I know it won’t go all the way, but, it’s sorrowful!

  3. Comedy often covers great sorrow, Mary Anne. My kids would tell you that. I learned that laughter was quite necessary to deal with negativity. But, the sorrow is there. My posts show it.

    God be with you, dear, sincerely.

  4. In kidding about the “grunge” mass of 98′ or EOT parody, the sad fact is that clown masses and other abuses during Holy mass do take place as almost everyone is aware. On this exaltation of the Holy Cross my evening prayer will be in reparation for unholy and sacrilegious masses said in the past. Thanks Mary Ann Sheehy. Your right. Abuses are no laughing matter.

  5. Thanks…..it’s true.what you say about laughing to cover negativity…..I’ve done that myself in the past…….thanks for your kind words…..Karl and Phillip. The devil is having his day. Hope it doesn’t last long.
    It’s all eye on the tibers’ fault…..they shouldn’t write like that!

  6. I rage at what I see and have experienced in the Catholic Church because it stands in utter contradiction to how I was raised. If anyone cannot see the decline in both society and in the Church, they are blind to the obvious. The last thing I want to do, however, is to turn any soul away from the truth, who is Jesus Christ.

    He founded the Catholic Church leaving it in the care of Peter, not Karl.

  7. No, you do not turn anyone away, Karl. There is a whole generation and a half or more, who never had the treasures of the Roman Catholic Church, which is now eclipsed in darkness. How do I know that? A good source! Our Lady of Lasalette! She said that in the end days: “the true church will be eclipsed” by a counterfeit one. This message is not highly advertised, of course. Without the true church, the Truth, society
    Is falling, as you say. Blindness, yes. Sister Lucia of Fatima called it “diabolical disorientation”.your posts are always good. Thank you. We need to hold each other up, us “prophets of doom” (Pope Francis term). He
    Is our Pope, however, and we need to pray for him.

    There is a fringe of light showing from the darkness of the eclipse. The Holy Roman Catholic Church will rise
    Again. More glorious and bright. God promised!

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