Quotes Suitable For Framing: Theodore Roosevelt

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  1. Seems to me the degeneration theory is alive and well. Saint JP II rang the alarm from the watchtower over and over again. The war on the family.

    The new head of the family…the State.

    God help us.

  2. It is interesting to recall that Augustus’s pro-natalist legislation, particularly the lex Papia Poppæa, a law which curtailed the rights of the single (cœlebs) and the childless (orbi) to inherit or receive a legacy, was repealed by Constantine and his successors under pressure from Christians, who set a high value on virginity and widowhood.

  3. “It is interesting to recall that Augustus’s pro-natalist legislation,”

    Which was a flat failure. Augustus sought to preserve the Roman senate families that he knew and his legislation had no discernable impact on their flight into historical oblivion.

  4. The state may own the public schools and the municipal buildings, but the parents are the parents of the students and the citizens are the citizens of the people, people who constitute the state from the very first moment of existence. The state cannot own the family because the family owns the state. And likewise the state cannot own the person because the person owns the state.

  5. The Japanese ambassador’s aside, “Likee Speech?” has me still laughing. Somewhere, memory tells me I’ve heard that before. May I add another TR quotation? “It’s not having been in the dark house that matters but having come out”.

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