Joe Biden: Equal Opportunity Foot in Mouth

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  1. And by the way, to see your charitable LWCR-type religious organization contributions at work, a must-see is the “official documentary” of the Nuns on the Run [from God]” at their official web-site:

    Especially be sure to view the documentary film excerpt at the bottom right of this page, entitled “Nuns on the Bus: A Documentary Film” by Melissa Regan. As always, prepare as you would for biometric medical testing: do not eat or drink (except water) for at least 12 hours prior to viewing.

  2. Some even more stupider (offensive not farcical) demokrat stuff: one feminist tweeted that heterosexual marriage is worse for women than the burkha (she didn’t weigh-in on female genital mutilation or stoning adulterous women); and another so-called dem statesperson, Elizabeth Warren, supposedly stated that what Israel is doing is worse than what the Hitler did to the Jews (she stated no opinion about Auschwitz) .
    The media (outside FOXNEWS) is solely an arm of the left wing propaganda apparatus.

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