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  1. I suppose my own reaction to the pope is just as wrong as M Shea’s – mine is certainly as visceral. It is not reasoned and I always have to remind myself of charity.
    I know I am angry about the weasels in the church who will not stand up for Church teaching. So many of us poor naive Faithful believed that teaching with all our hearts, suffered social and familial consequences because of that belief.
    And now the pope and many bishops seem to be saying – “silly child- we never really meant that!” “We have to fudge the lines here – we can’t stand against the tides of public opinion for Heaven’s sake! We have to think for our own sake.”
    My sense of betrayal gets deeper daily.
    God bless Cardinal Burke. I wonder how B16 feels now.

  2. I have nothing but love for Francis also. That’s all I can have. No respect for the philosophical depth like JP II or the theological erudition and profound love of the Liturgy like B XVI. Not even the respect I might have for someone who can express himself in terms that aren’t loaded with ambiguity or outright nonsense.

    I love Francis because he is the successor of Peter. I love him because the Holy Spirit is working through him even if it seems to be in spite of him. I love him because he is a man, and thus immensely prone to fallibility in matters not of Faith and Morals and certainly not in matters of prudential judgment. I can love him even if he is horrifically wrong in these prudential matters which he shows himself so capable of being. I love him because he is God’s creation and needs my prayers for his true good. And only that.

  3. “I have nothing but love for Francis also.”

    He is a wonderful priest. But that doesn’t mean he can’t also be a lousy pope.

  4. +2 Anzlyne

    Cardinal Burke, as was Bishop Bruskewicz, and before them the late Cardinal Wyzynski (sic) and Pope Pius XII (a true hero of the Church and of WWII) were churchmen who I look up to (either them or their memory). Brave men all, who do/did not back down from Church teaching.

    We will survive this pontificate. We will survive Kasper the Friendly Cardinal traversing the Western World seeking to wreck Catholic teaching on marriage. Most of all, Pope Francis dares not reverse Summorum Pontificum, at least not openly.

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