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Reagan saluting

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We did not pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.

                                         Ronald Reagan








Coffee Cup Salute

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  1. Mr. Reagan was born in 1911 to a mother and father who were married from 1904 until the latter’s death in 1941, who lived in small midwestern towns the whole time, who lived for the most part on sales commissions and proprietor’s income, and of whom the mother was a pillar of one of the local protestant congregations. He lived all of his formative years in the sort of milieux where people adhered to a certain formality and had a regard for appearances and ‘the decent drapery of life’ and spent years in the Army Reserve. BO was born in 1961 consequent to a shag session of two people who demonstrated all their lives a talent for being self-centered. He spent the bulk of his upbringing in Honolulu, a town which was nothing if not informal. His time spent in the military approximated that of Madonna.

  2. Exactly why do Presidents return the Marines’ salutes? It’s quite recent, I suspect it started with Pres. Reagan. I couldn’t find any vids of previous presidents boarding AF1 but it would be interesting to check old newsreel/broadcast footage to see if Eisenhower, JFK, Nixon, &c saluted.

    As for Obama saluting with a coffee cup — please, there are plenty of other reasons to dislike him.

  3. It shows a self-absorption Thomas unworthy of his office. He is a small, petty man and this is a symbol of it. Reagan always returned salutes which makes sense due to the President being commander-in-chief. Earlier Presidents did also, including George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

  4. “Reagan always returned salutes which makes sense due to the President being commander-in-chief “…of the Armed Forces making the Commander-in-Chief an officer in the armed forces. and Obama needs to discipline himself in the salute to the American Flag or get out of the American White House.

  5. A salute is a courtesy,

    Yes, the president in civilian clothes (like any one) may return a salute, on the general proposition that courtesies should be returned. But if you return it one should do so with courtesy.

    A marine who saluted like that would be doing push-ups until a year after his enlistment expired.

  6. There are tens of millions of Americans that are baser: each fleck of human flotsam that voted for the no-account, Alinsky-ite racial racketeer.

    They haven’t a clue but they are getting what they deserve.

  7. In the British armed services, one does not salute when not in full uniform. That includes officers in mess-dress (i.e. without headgear)

    The only time we see the sovereign returning a salute is at Trooping the Colour – the only occasion when HM wears military uniform.

  8. T Shaw asked “HM Who?”

    Her Majesty the Queen, referring back to the sovereign in the first part of the sentence.

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