Evil as Bad Performance Art

To Nero, Emperor of Rome, Master of the World, Divine Pontiff.

I know that my death will be a disappointment to you, since you wished to render me this service yourself. To be born in your reign is a miscalculation; but to die in it is a joy. I can forgive you for murdering your wife and your mother, for burning our beloved Rome, for befouling our fair country with the stench of your crimes. But one thing I cannot forgive – the boredom of having to listen to your verses, your second-rate songs, your mediocre performances. Adhere to your special gifts, Nero – murder and arson, betrayal and terror. Mutilate your subjects if you must; but with my last breath I beg you – do not mutilate the arts. Fare well, but compose no more music. Brutalize the people, but do not bore them, as you have bored to death your friend,

the late Gaius Petronius

Fictional letter from Gaius Petronius to Nero in the novel Quo Vadis



Bad enough that someone has slain an innocent, but making a bad poem out of it?  At least the Nazis did not attempt to make swing tunes celebrating the glories of their extermination camps.  Ben Johnson of Lifesite News gives us the details behind the above video:



To take the second question first, The Huffington Post is promoting a video featuring Scottish “poet” Leyla Josephine, celebrating her decision to abort her daughter. The video, “I Think She Was a She,” was uploaded to YouTube a month ago.

In the video Josephine, decked out in military camouflage, justifies herself in part by saying that she would have been willing to serve as a sacrifice to abortion just as she offered her daughter to the idol of “choice.”

“I would’ve supported her right to choose – to choose a life for herself, a path for herself. I would’ve died for that right like she died for mine,” she said.

In the next rhyming line, she addresses her unborn daughter: “I’m sorry, but you came at the wrong time.”

“I am not ashamed. I am not ashamed. I am not ashamed,” she continues – a phrase she repeats a total of six times. She repeats the phrase “This is my body” three times. (She also takes the Lord’s name in vain once.)

Go here to read the rest. The words of baptism contain this section:

V. Do you reject Satan?
R. I do.

V. And all his works?
R. I do.

V. And all his empty promises?
R. I do.

I can think of few things which underline the emptiness of evil more than this talentless poet babbling about how she would have died for the “right to choose” of the daughter she just murdered.  As virtue is its own reward, vice is its own punishment, and not just in the next world.  Instead of a daughter to love and cherish for her entire life, Josephine the bad poet has this idiotic video to celebrate how she took the life of someone who should have been more precious to her than her own life.  Sin is always an empty promise.


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  1. Halloween is early this year aye.
    Spooks and hobgoblin’s witches and demons try their best to reward themselves with virtue but cometh only stench sorrow and vomit.

    This is a sign of THE times.

    Call it Killer Pride! Gay pride is nothing when in its shadows springs forward the true foulness of Killer Pride! How sweet oh progressive woman. They may wish to soil themselves in feces and parade in this years New York St. Patty’s as Oh Happy Murderer’s.

    This is YOUR future oh slimy feminist.
    Wrap yourself in feces and sing your swan song!

  2. The standard fig leaf refrain from pro-abortion sickos especially those who drape themselves in Catholic mantle, is that no one is actually pro-abortion.

    Memorializing the abortion of your own child by verse, while worshipping at the altar of personal convenience, is in fact a stance that is nothing if not stridently and undeniably pro-abortion.

  3. ““I would’ve supported her right to choose – to choose a life for herself, a path for herself. I would’ve died for that right like she died for mine,” she said.”

    The soul of the child chose life for herself or she would have become a miscarriage. Leyla Josephine has been seduced by the Great Liar.
    “I would’ve died for that right like she died for mine,” she said.”” NO, the child was murdered. Did anyone ask the child if she wanted to die for her mother’s right to choose? …when she was emancipated with informed consent? Informed consent denied makes a slave of a human being. One person cannot own another person…Abraham Lincoln.

  4. “The essence of the Sacrament of Matrimony, a covenant with God, is to emulate the Creator through the gift of procreation. A man’s word is clothed in flesh by his helpmate.” pasted as well at Tactics.

  5. That woman is no different than her Canaanite forbearers who sacrificed their children to Molech. They are as evil as their diametric opposites: the Islamic terrorists. Sadly there is only one way to stop both these people and I wish that were not the case. They neither know nor respect any other language. Then people wonder why God commanded the Children of Israel what He told them to do. I do NOT want that solution, and I do NOT advocate that solution, and that solution would surely grieve the heart of Jesus for God said in Ezekiel 18 that He takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked. But neither liberals nor Islamists will apparently allow any other solution. Like the Seleucids before them, they are intent on wiping us out along with their own children, whether it’s by liberal abortion or by Islamic suicide bombers. Pray that God’s mercy may reigns over us before God’s justice rains down upon us. And remember that God’s mercy for unborn babies may mean God’s justice for us.

  6. “Sadly there is only one way to stop both these people…”
    Well, we could always try to convert them. And try, and try. I know the odds are long, but still…

  7. “I can think of few things which underline the emptiness of evil more than this talentless poet babbling about how she would have died for the “right to choose” of the daughter she just murdered.”
    It is possible that she did die for the right to choose, and sadly won’t know it to be true until she meets her Maker. The word ‘repent’ comes to mind here.

  8. TomD.

    Your right. Without repentance we just DID witness her own death.

    Now it’s our duty to pray for her soul.
    That she comes to the light of repentance before her last breath.

    Surely she knew “Thou shall not kill.”
    But wait. It’s not P.C. to place the 10 commandments in public places.

    Wow. Souls are falling into hell, like snowflakes falling from the sky.

  9. I can’t bring myself to watch this video, so I can’t speak with any real insight about it…but I recently read an article (it could have been on this site) that the “pro-choice” crowd was becoming more overtly pro-abortion. I’d hate to see people continue down this path, but public candor may help to shock society back on course.

  10. I’ve hear other abortion apologists say the same thing about their own mothers’ ‘right to choose’.
    How very brave of them.

  11. So why don’t these courageous baby murderesses kill themselves now? It’s only abortion albeit 20 or 30 years after the fact. Godless putrid liberal progressive Democrats.

  12. “So why don’t these courageous baby murderesses kill themselves now?”
    Paul, you and I both know they are working on it. They just want it quick and painless, medically and legally approved. Just like the progressive parts of Europe.

    Have you ever read Mgr. Robert Hugh Benson’s 1907 novel Lord of the World?

  13. Could it be, that as Satan’s time is shortening he is desperately scrambling for souls like Josephine to be his spokespersons? Seriously.
    It’s as if he is recruiting a brazen army and their public “service” announcements are becoming more and more public. Black mass in the news as another example.

    Showdown on horizon?
    If more and more Josephine gong show rejects show up touting their “talents” then maybe old screwtape is running out of time.

  14. The thing reeks of shame and denial. Were there a hint of literary skill, one would suspect satire by means of the unreliable narrator, in the manner, say, of Browning’s dramatic monologues.

  15. This is how we stop the devil:
    “V. Do you reject Satan?
    R. I do.
    V. And all his works?
    R. I do.
    V. And all his empty promises?
    R. I do.”

    Philip: “Black mass in the news as another example.”
    Satanic ritual is a tool, a weapon, to levy against believers in our Creator, and our unalienable human rights; to gain power, to owning another human being, slavery, slavery to the devil to whom the Satanist will not grant his allegiance nor his sacrifice, but our lives and our sacrifice.
    While the government attempts to write law against “hate speech”, the black mass is total evil, devoid of any love. The black mass is total evil, absolute hatred.

    The essence of God is existence. The essence of the devil is annihilation. “We, the people”, who exist, would like to go on existing in love and peace. Hatred and annihilation are diametrically opposed to love and peace. Absolute evil is the antithesis of love and peace.
    The Lord of Chaos is absent in any law and order. Therefore, the black mass is unconstitutional and may not be allowed under freedom of religion.
    The Declaration of Independence says that we must rely upon Divine Providence.
    The Satan worshippers have invited the Lord of Chaos and when the devil comes they have the supreme ignorance to blame God.
    See more: rosaryvictory.blogspot.com

  16. Hi Mary De Voe.
    Punny comment “…bringing up the rear.”

    The Holy Rosary indeed. The enemy can not win. They fear Our Lady and those who daily devote themselves to her chain of victory.
    Thank you for the link.

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