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Father Pio Pace at Rorate Caeli gives us the back story on the appointment of Bishop Cupich to head the Archdiocese of Chicago:

It is very necessary to understand the full measure of the nomination of the extreme liberal bishop Blase Cupich to the see of Chicago, replacing Cardinal Francis George.

Cupich’s promotion to this particularly important position, that usually entails the elevation to the cardinalatial red, was a personal decision of Pope Francis himself. More precisely, the Pope imposed his candidate on Cardinal Ouellet and the Congregation for Bishops, under the desperate suggestion of the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò. We know well that those men who are particularly authoritarian, such as Francis, also are, in many cases, easily manipulated by those who learn how to read them. Moreover, it is enough to waggle before the eyes of the Pope the scarecrow called Cardinal Burke to lead him in one direction or another, because he has kept against the Prefect of the Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura an extremely strong rancor after the 2013 conclave, in which the American Cardinal was one of those who tried to thwart his path to the pontificate.
Nuncio Viganò also has lots of scores to settle. He was, at the Secretariat of State, one of the most influential members of the close entourage of Archbishop (later also Cardinal) Fernando Filoni, when Filoni was the all-powerful Sostituto at the 1st Section (General Affairs), before being named Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples. First named Secretary of the Governatorate of Vatican City State, Viganò was then made, to his great displeasure, Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, a high diplomatic post, and that is in itself far from being a place of exile. (We recall the “leak” of his letter addressed to Benedict XVI to denounce the “corruption” in the administration of the Vatican City State.) It is true that while the Nuncio to the United States, when retired, often enters the College of Papal Electors, that is not always the case. For Abp. Viganò, 73 years old, time is pressing, because there are almost no chances left for him to become the head of a Congregation. But to achieve a nomination such as that of Blase Joseph Cupich to Chicago makes one’s reputation.

Go here to read the rest.  The machinations behind papal appointments tend to be as appetizing as watching pigs being slaughtered or laws being made.  One thing can be safely assumed however.  This was not the appointment of the Bishop for North Lost in the Woods.  This was a major appointment and I think it is unimaginable that Pope Francis did not intend to send a strong and unmistakable message with this appointment, and it is a message directly contrary to that of John Paul II and Benedict XVI.  Back to the Past is the order of the day, forty-six years in the past.  PopeWatch submits that the best that orthodox Catholics can hope for from Pope Francis is that he will be another Paul VI, a man who unintentionally looses a wave of heterodoxy throughout the Church that will cripple and plague the Church for decades.


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  1. Cupich won’t be able to touch the SSPX chapel in nearby Oak Park but I wonder what he has in store for the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius. He most certainly is able to impose his will on them and I dread what that might entail. Then again, no offense to the Canons, they’re not strictly traditional anyway. That seems to be their claim to fame; the blending of the Novus Ordo with the Traditional Mass in their daily Mass offerings. Still, as much as I respect them, they’re not really a “traditional” parish, other than the fact that they do have a daily TLM and make every effort to pull off their daily Novus Ordos with solemnity. Maybe Cupich will attempt to force Fr. Phillips to cease and desist with the TLMs. I pray not because I think Fr. Phillips will have to obey. They are under the Diocesan rule.

  2. I found the ‘argument’ by Fr Pio to be a bit convoluted. I bear him no animosity etc. I just don’t believe he proved his point. That it was Pope Francis’ appointment, I don’t doubt. That Pope Francis foisted the appointment upon Cardinal Oulette etc-just doesn’t ring true to my ears. Cardinal Oulette obviously has Pope Francis’ confidence, I think that much is clear. And the involvement of the Apostolic nuncio? Of course he was involved, that is his ‘job’, but more than that? And how would he ‘succeed’ by this appointment?

    Other sources point to other churchmen in the appointment of soon to be Archbishop Cupich, and frankly, their involvement is not only pretty obvious but makes sense [whether one agrees with them or not]

  3. Cardinal-designate Cupich will face a ****storm if he interferes with the Canons Regular. I’m 468 miles from Chicago and I’ll get involved.

  4. @Penguins Fan: I too would get involved, if that would matter at all. Which it probably wouldn’t. And I suspect that Cupich really doesn’t care. We’ll see though. Maybe I’m wrong. Hope so.

  5. Cardinal-designate Cupich has no idea what he is in for if he tries his BS with some segments of the Chicago Archdiocese. The Archdiocese has huge celebrations for Our Lady of Guadalupe and not a few Polish parishes.

  6. Well, there may not be a lot I can do, but one thing I can control is my allocation of funds. I give $5.00 per week to my Novus Ordo parish, where the sermons are getting more pc and liberal by the week, and where Benedict XVI is never mentioned, but pope Frank is the most wonderfullest evuuur! My pastor knows that I support the TLM and attended it frequently at another parish until the pastor of that parish was transferred and the Mass was stopped. My pastor also knows that I give much, much more financially to the traditional outfits and orders such as the monks in Wyoming, Our Lady of Clear Creek Monastery, and several traditional orders of nuns. My pastor knows it, and he hates it, but there is nothing he can do about it!

  7. I totally agree with Penguin and others that Archbishop Cupich ( soon to wear the red hat) is in for a ‘run for his money’ with the Chicago Trads, seeing as though there are a fair amount of TLM’s in the Archdiocese of Chicago, if indeed he decides lower the gauntlet. For starters he will know beyond a shadow of a doubt, as we will make SURE he knows, why the collection plates become ever so anemic. Chicago Catholics are, by NO MEANS, without ‘true grit’. Let’s hope and pray (and pray for him we must) he has softened his progressive iron fist, so that we don’t have to help him soften it.

  8. James’ comment that he – gives much, much more financially to the traditional outfits – is a good illustration of Galatians 6:6

    “The one who is taught the word is to share all good things with the one who teaches him”

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