Worse Than a Black Mass?

For those who kneel beside us
At altars not Thine own,
Who lack the lights that guide us,
Lord, let their faith atone!

Rudyard Kipling, Hymn Before Action


Father Paul Nicholson engages in some silliness on stilts:


The imagery that is being circulated of the confrontation with the diabolical at the black mass in Oklahoma city is truly moving. But there is something worse than a black mass. It is the abuse of God’s Mercy.

I have seen the images of the Society of +Marcel Lefevbre in a full demonstration against the black mass that took place on September 21, 2014. They look every bit Catholic … yet they are not submissive to the Vicar of Christ. They are Catholic protestants.
And while they decry the attack on Christ in the black mass, do they not realize that they are compounding the wound in the Heart of Christ, by attacking the Body of Christ? How can any Catholic not feel indignant as he sees this tragedy in front of him.

Go here to read the rest.  I will do Father Nicholson the courtesy of assuming he hasn’t thought this through.  Schismatic Catholics are worse than Satanists?  I have plenty of relatives and friends Father who are non-Catholic Christians.  When they go to their services are they worse than Satanists?  How about Jews, Muslims, Hindus, etc, are they worse than those who worship Lucifer?  Let me be quite clear that I have no sympathy for the Society of Saint Pius X.  The fight for orthodoxy is within the Church and those who separate themselves from the Church have abandoned that fight.  But to call such people worse than Satanists says infinitely more about the person making the charge than the members of the Society.

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  1. Fr. Nicholson. Another Company man…..on stilts wearing a clown mask.

    I have participated in public pray crusades in front of theaters and P.P..
    One of the inspiring facets of these rallies is the ecumenical gathering.
    While we prayed the Holy Rosary the protestants never balked. They remained committed to the cause at hand. To make reparations for the blasphemy being thrown at Our Lord Jesus Christ.
    At one rally, in Madison WI., the total of protestant faithful out numbered the Catholics by 5 to 1.

    The battlegrounds are growing.

    The Church Militant is not a cowardly militia, rather a force that can never be defeated. This confidence should be evident in the public square. Unfortunately it isn’t.

  2. So how can an abuse of God’s mercy be worse that a black mass? From Fr. Nicholson’s article: “By resisting the call of grace to be converted and return to the Church, to remain intransigent, and stubborn to the workings of grace, the Society of +Marcel attack the Mercy of God!”

    But doesn’t the Satanist “resist the call of grace to be converted, to remain intransigent, and stubborn to the workings of grace, and so attacks the Mercy of God” in a particularly virulent manner? Aside from the issue of proportionality between a traditionalist schismatic Catholic and a Satanist, this looks like circular logic.

    Even worse, it goes against the Gospel – see Mark 9:40. “But Jesus said, “Do not hinder him, for there is no one who will perform a miracle in My name, and be able soon afterward to speak evil of Me. For he who is not against us is for us. For whoever gives you a cup of water to drink because of your name as followers of Christ, truly I say to you, he will not lose his reward.”

    I note that most of Fr. Nicholson’s faithful readers are taking him to task on this topic in his comments section.

  3. Donald,

    You are more than generous and merciful in calling this ‘silliness’. We can/should expect far more ‘well-reasoned’ and ‘moderate’ blogs or posts from Catholic priests. Priests are ‘ministers of reconciliation and communion’. This does not mean they cannot or should not give ‘the hard saying’, ‘the prophetic critique’ when it is needed and called for, but as ‘ministers of reconciliation and communion’ they are called to ‘speak the truth with love’-little of which that I see in this segment of his rant. He is called to seek the ‘communion of the Church centered in the Eucharist’ at all times. His ‘garbage’ in the above statement falls far from that.

    What is more amazing, is he writes this precisely when two different moments and events in the Church are going on. First, the Church in America is facing a new challenge from-Satanists (no matter how soft they pedal their product). We saw it in Boston and now in Kansas. This is not a phenomenon that is going away.

    The second, moment and event is the resuming (hopefully) of talks between Bishop Fellay, the Society of Pius X and Cardinal Mueller and the Congregation for the Faith. The fact that they met and are talking is a good sign, if not all that we desire etc.

    To liken brothers and sisters in Christ, even if they are not in complete and total communion with the Church [this could apply to other groupings which call themselves Catholic, never mind the various Orthodox and Protestant bodies. All who are baptized are brothers and sisters in the Lord, but in varying degrees do not share in full communion] with Satanists is not simply beyond the pale. It is absolutely contradictory to the Second Vatican Council which I presume father, believes he is protecting.

    Enough of the emotional thinking, the emotional vomit, father.

  4. I applaud them for standing up for their beliefs. I was there and saw only a great group of Christians protesting against evil. Several Evangelicals were present as well Are we going to condemn them as well?
    Is time to stop the name calling and unite in the fight and abandon the timidity and conciliatory policies espoused by the Hierarchy,time to speak from the pulpit and denounce the threats to our religion.

  5. Father Paul Nicholson is in error. The Society of Saint Pius X is NOT in schism. This is from Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos. Father Paul Nicholson no longer accepts comments on his blog about this post. I wonder why?

    The SSPX is in an “irregular status”. They don’t like Vatican II – at all. Well, I don’t like some of it, either (Muslims worship the same God? Really?)

    The SSPX claims that the Novus Ordo Mass is invalid. I disagree with the SSPX. This does not make them heretical or schismatic. Protestants are heretics (even though I have know Protestants who are wonderful Christians). Orthodox are in schism (even though my Orthodox neighbors are wonderful Christians).

    As for obedience to the Pope – I recall St. Catherine of Siena’s letter to the Pope of her time.

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