Who Still Supports Obama?

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  1. Barack Obama’s approval rating slid into dangerous territory this week

    Well, considering that approval ratings don’t threaten him from remaining in office for the remainder of his term, I wouldn’t call his position dangerous. The main points of his reign of terror are already in place.

  2. If he has a completely Republican congress he will be even more of a lame duck than he already is. Additionally I suspect he is concerned about his legacy, all Presidents are, and that can’t help but be impaired with his adversaries in control of Congress for his last two years.

  3. Millions of resentful/envious and ignorant/unintelligent people still support O. I call them (dangerous) Obama-worshipping imbeciles.

    It seems they think the following (partial list) fiascos are good things:
    US median income at $51,939, inflation adjusted, still 8% below the pre-recession measure.
    The World is a More Dangerous Place.
    Scandals: IRS, VA, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, etc.
    Serial Drone Killings.
    You Didn’t Build That.
    You Can Keep Your Health Insurance!
    Disintegration of Education.
    Six Years of Record High Gasoline/Heating Oil Prices.
    War on Coal with No Economically Viable Substitute.
    Death of the Middle Class.
    Decreasing home ownership rate.
    Real Rents Up 15% While Real Median Incomes Declining.
    Declining Labor Force Participation Rates – 62.8% is lowest in 36 years.
    Record 92,120,000 Americans (ages 16 and up) are out of the labor force.
    Malignant National Debt.
    QE’s and Stimuli Enriched Wall Street Left Out Main Street.
    Increased Poverty Levels.
    Don’t tell this to the New York Times!

  4. It’s actually amazing what the man gets away with: the IRS scandal and the stupefying mendacity surrounding Benghazi for starters. You recall that 16 months after the Watergate burglary, Richard Nixon’s attorney-general tendered his resignation and his deputy attorney-general was dismissed for insubordination due to intramural conflicts over compliance with subpoenas; the President’s erstwhile legal counsel had already dropped all the dimes on him on national television in front of a special congressional inquiry. By the end of 1973, Ron Nessen, then a reporter for NBC News, had offered this prediction for the coming year: “there’s a Ford in your future”; the House Judiciary Committee opened impeachment proceedings six weeks after that. Well, we’re 16 months after Lois Lerner’s planted questions and we’re not to first base on this due to spoilation of evidence. So, who are the equivalents in the Obama Administration of John Dean, Elliott Richardson, and William Ruckelshaus? The answer is that there is no such person because of the decay in the quality of people who inhabit discretionary positions in the federal government.

    As for BO’s legacy, you can sell hooey for decades. Still, I tend to doubt Obama’s in for a retrospective rehabilitation. Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan have all received one in and among different constituencies (academic, journalistic, man-in-the-street, or some combination thereof). Lyndon Johnson has not.

  5. Who still supports Obama? The radical ideologues and the ignorant. I’m not sure which of the two dominate but I’d guess the ignorant.

  6. Sirach 10:1-5
    1 A wise magistrate will educate his people,
    and the rule of an understanding man will be well ordered.
    2 Like the magistrate of the people, so are his officials;
    and like the ruler of the city, so are all its inhabitants.
    3 An undisciplined king will ruin his people,
    but a city will grow through the understanding of its rulers.
    4 The government of the earth is in the hands of the Lord,
    and over it he will raise up the right man for the time.
    5 The success of a man is in the hands of the Lord,
    and he confers his honor upon the person of the scribe

  7. T. Shaw

    One more?
    The inability for tax breaks to American Corporations that could of kept them from establishing their home office off shore. Oh no. Not Obama’s fault.
    He gracious to big business.

  8. Or, add this, T Shaw?
    “Obama in his remarks [Wed 9/24/14, UN address] offered praise to controversial cleric Sheikh Abdallah Bin Bayyah and referred to him as a moderate Muslim leader who can help combat the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’s (ISIL or ISIS) radical ideology.

    However, Bin Bayyah himself has long been engulfed in controversy for many of his views, including the reported backing of a 2004 fatwa that advocated violent resistance against Americans fighting in Iraq.

    This is not the first time that the Obama administration has extolled Bin Bayyah, who also has served as the vice president of a Muslim scholars group founded by a radical Muslim Brotherhood leader who has called “for the death of Jews and Americans,” according to Fox News and other reports.
    (courtesy, Washington Free Beacon, “Obama Praises Muslim Cleric Who Backed Fatwa on Killing US Soldiers,” Adam Kredo, 9/24/14)
    There is no way that he does NOT know that Bin Bayyah has urged the death of US soldiers, in particular by Bin Bayyah’s issuance of Koranic fatwa vs US military personnel. This man must be impeached.

  9. Thanks, Philip and Steve Phoenix!

    He’s hugely been gracious to Wall Street, notably Goldman Sachs.

    We are all racists, don’t you know?

    When the zombie apocalypse hits, I will feel grave sympathy for the brain-eating beasties! They’ll starve trying to find brains among Obama worshipping imbeciles. At minimum they’ll get nauseated.

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